KERBSIDE COLLECTION: Fleet StreakRating: ★★★★★ The second of two jointly-released singles announcing Volume 3 of the all-original contemporary funk LP series The Originals by German label Golden Rules is Fleet Streak by Australian funk outfit Kerbside Collection. And it’s a beast. You have to wonder if the label pitted the Oz crew against Great Revivers when acquiring these tracks. Did they ring Great Revivers up and tell them they were going to have to up the ante because Kerbside Collection were brewing a monster? Did they then ring Kerbside Collection up and tell them the same thing was going on at the other end? It could explain this one’s prodigiously clattery drum break and a guitar motif that vaguely recalls the much-sampled instrumental hook on Enoch Light’s Hijack. Either way, they’ve created both an instrumental dancefloor hit and something eminently sample-worthy itself.
(Out now on Golden Rules)