Calling yourselves ‘Itchy Bastards’ has an air of masochism about it doesn’t it? Who in their right minds would open themselves up to endless haemorrhoid and crabs gags – unless they were getting off on it? There you are laughing it up about how ‘on the hole’ you’d never stoop to humour that low or sniggering about how you ain’t telling no ‘lice’ when you say that their Keep Movin’ On EP justifies the ‘funk’ part of the ghetto funk tag in a way few others manage (which it does) and there they are deriving all kinds of dubious pleasure from your words. Well, I won’t sink to it I tell you! Especially not when the name of their EP offers plenty of humour-mileage itself by encapsulating the guiding principle of everyone’s favourite eighties canine itinerant the Littlest Hobo…hmm. Yeah alright – piles and pubic bugs are funnier. Incidentally, this’ll have you out your seat like you’ve got them – especially the Stovall Sisters-rinsing Hang On – check below. Snippets of all four tracks on Juno player below that.
(Out now on Funk Blasters)