The Gambler EP BUdapest BurlesqueWhat have we here then? Ah yes – Budapest Burlesque – not (in this instance at least) a chorus line of hotties clad in the skimpy lace panties and titty tassels but rather DJ Jutasi and Clarinet player Babi. While I appreciate that in one sense this may be a little disappointing, don’t despair completely since in another, particularly if you like electro swing, this may well have you stripping to said vestments and performing an impromptu Charleston before turning your arse to the audience and cheekily peering over your own shoulder, finger pressed to lips as if to say, “Naughty!” Essentially two cuts, provided in extended, radio and instro versions, The Gambler wagers that throwing some nasty synth wobble into the jazz-age stomp mix will have them singing and swinging – with some justification on both cuts.
(Out now on Mana Mana Records)