BEN & LEX feat. THE PHARCYDE: Bang Like This (2014)

Bang Like This Ben Lex ImaniPrevious shared adventures between ghetto funk producers and decent rappers have included Second Hand Audio teaming up with J5’s Akil and UD’s Dizzy Dustin and Featurecast working with Pugs Atomz but it’s to Exeter-based Ben & Lex that the prize goes for biggest collaboration yet as they hook-up with The Pharcyde. Well, one of the original four members anyway – Imani – or ‘Uncle’ Imani as he seems to be travelling here. An impressive coup, I think you’ll agree. The ‘Horns mix’ of Bang Like This is the most conventionally ‘hip-hop’ in nature, the original mix brings the ghetto funk warp and grind and then there’s Howla’s remix. If the original mix is more your Black & Decker power drill, Howla’s mix is your Black & Decker drill on hammer action.
(Out 5 May on Ghetto Funk)