ADIDAS Skateboarding: Autumn 2009 shoes

It’s autumn – and here’s four reasons not to kick up leaves with what you’ve been wearing on your feet all summer. The Superstar is the new Gonz and there’s another two Campus styles over on the Adidas skate page. Just one question. Why won’t they do a cup sole Campus in the black and white?

6 Responses to ADIDAS Skateboarding: Autumn 2009 shoes

  1. Tyler says:

    I just can’t get down with Adidas to be honest. I feel like they’ve been making the same shoes for twenty years and just changing the colors on them. I understand the meaning of a classic, and I know that Adidas has a classic look — but give me SOMETHING different. Something a little more outside of the box.

    I’ve been crushing on some Vans Half-Cabs, and I don’t usually like mid-height kicks lately but I think they’re going to get the purchase next week.

  2. tlansdowne says:

    check that about the vans. but then again re. the adis..if it ain’t broke…

  3. Adidas is sucks, New Balance is the best

  4. I am a fourth year of wear Adidas shoes. In their comfortable ride and just walk down the street.

  5. Prom Dresses says:

    Adidas no Nike yes, Nike fans forever