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DOOLEY-O: Stick Yourself b/w Death Blow (Vinyl 7″)

DOOLEY-O: Stick Yourself b/w Death BlowRating: ★★★★★ Calling all emcees, unless you’re fighter or a damn good ducker, it’s time to stand aside for veteran mic master Dooley-O is back and on two monstrous beats from Bankrupt Europeans to boot. Side One is Stick Yourself – on which King Dooley invites all pretenders to, er, ‘stick themselves’ if they can’t compete with rhymes such as, “I was born with a spray can and a

LUCHITO: Dap Walk b/w NESTOR ALVAREZ: El Barrio (Vinyl 7″)

It might be the middle of the winter but it’s Latin funk o’clock at the record label that never sleeps (a.k.a Original Gravity) who are all ready to ensure you cop some tropical retro heat on a new 45 featuring Luchito’s funky sal-soul-style cover of Ernie And The Top Notes’ Nawlins funk classic Dap Walk by way of an A-side. Dope as this is, it’s run close by the flip – Nestor Alvarez’ minimal

X-RAY TED: Somebody Told Me

X-RAY TED:  Somebody Told MeX-Ray Ted’s got a new single out – Somebody Told Me.
Oh really? What’s it called?
Somebody Told Me.
Yeah, you said, but what’s it called?
Somebody Told Me!
Hours of fun. Anyway – X-Ray Ted really does have a new single out and it is called, Somebody

GIANNI ODDI: Dreamin’/ Geronimo (Vinyl 12″)

GIANNI ODDI: Dreamin'/ GeronimoFancy a bit of sleazy 70s soundtrack funk? Of course you do – so say hello to this Four Flies Records 12″ which cherry picks two of Gianni Oddi’s sleaziest for this 12″ release. Side A is Dreamin’ which was the closer on Oddi’s 1974 LP, 3. It opens with a splendidly relaxed drum break that is subsequently joined by lazy squelches of wah-wah guitar, warm bass, synth and


Dub Pistols Soundboy KillerAfter the lively breakbeat-fuelled skank of previous single Nice Up, Dub Pistols make sure they keep dancefloors alight before the arrival of their forthcoming Frontline LP with the even more energetic Soundboy Killa.   And that’s about 25 bpm more energetic by the monkey’s reckoning, resulting in a very sweaty 135bpm.  Also it’s always nice when you can invite your mates along

FUNKWAYS SERIES 3: Lucky Mystery Now Orchestra – Fireball/ J.A.S. Ricci Quartet – These Eternal Verities (Vinyl 7″)

FUNKWAYS SERIES 3Two different kinds of Lucky Brown nuggets for you from label Wax Thematique with their Funkways Series 3 45 drop. On side-one, the Lucky Mystery Now Orchestra’s loose-limbed and jazzily-funky workout Fireball which casually blazes its flute-led way along the ‘road less travelled’ of a three beat time structure. Actually it’s more complex than that but you’ll have to read


ALEXIS EVANS: Let Them LooseRating: ★★★★★ Bordeaux got soul! Say hello to Alexis Evans whose new long player, Yours Truly, debuts on 3 February. Before that however is new single Let Them Loose and hot damn if our man doesn’t fully unleash the funk. The track opens with massive squelchy wah-wah motif that nods to funk standard Simple Song before going into full New


THE ALLERGIES: Reconcile EPBristol’s The Allergies see in the new year with their Reconcile EP which finds them getting two recent tracks, one brand new track and one oldie in the same room to celebrate the links between them. And what mainly links them is the influence of black music. There’s the two recent singles for example – Treat You Right which overtly pairs blues and breaks, the single prior to that

JOHNNYPLUSE: Promo Mix 2023

JOHNNYPLUSE:  Promo Mix 2023JohnnyPluse is dead! Long live JohnnyPluse! Yes, reports of this man’s retirement from the party breaks scene appear to have been greatly exaggerated and last year’s retirement announcement and ‘best of’ Dead Dead Dead compilation are last year’s news with the arrival of the Irishman’s Promo Mix 2023. That’ll be a party-rocking blend of the finest hip hop, funk and

VARIOUS: Mainstream Disco Funk

VARIOUS: Mainstream Disco FunkRating: ★★★★★ So that’s Mainstream Disco Funk as in ‘disco-funk music off Bob Shad’s NYC jazz label Mainstream Records’ as opposed to ‘disco-funk music that is mainstream in nature.’ Not that the cuts on this didn’t and couldn’t rock a dancefloor since they certainly could and certainly will. What this comp. on WeWantSounds aims to do however is shine a spotlight on the early days