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THE MIGHTY MOCAMBOS: Something’s Missing

THE MIGHTY MOCAMBOS: Something's MissingHere’s the the new single from The Mighty Mocambos then – Something’s Missing.
What’s missing?
No, that’s its name – Something’s Missing.
Yeah – you said, but what’s missing?
No!!! Arrghhh!
Hours of fun. It was penned by band member and singer Nichola Richards this one, apparently, for


SMOKE & MIRRORS SOUNDSYSTEM: Undercover LPIf you were musically alert last autumn you may have caught news of Smoke & Mirrors’ Badasonic Records EP Second That Emotion, a trio of cuts, two of which were inspired reggae covers of classics that got (and still get) regular rotation at MB Towers. Now billed as the Smoke & Mirrors Soundsystem, the outfit is back with a ten track, all covers (including the two from the EP), full-

MATATA: I Feel Funky b/w Talkin’ Talkin’ (Vinyl 7″)

MATATA: I Feel Funky b/w Talkin' Talkin' (Vinyl 7Rating: ★★★★★ Dynamite Cuts drop an absolute killer with this forthcoming Matata 45. Why? Because I Feel Funky and Talkin’ Talkin’ are not only two of the best afro-funk tracks ever released but also in the monkey’s all-time best-of list of any kind of funk tracks ever to boot. The JB’s-influenced first of the two was a single for the band all the way back in 1974, though back then

VOXATONE: Figure I.108 b/w Figure III.122 (Vinyl 7″)

VOXATONE: Figure I.108 b/w Figure III.122 The mind can only boggle at the kind of conversations that must have been going on at Delights Mansions around this release – the label’s final one of the year. The first bit is kind of understandable: Voxatone (a.k.a. Markey Funk and Shay Landa) gaze around at a studio filled to the rafters with retro synths and think, ‘Damn, a lot of this stuff has got ‘Vox’ in its name! I mean

IRENE: Time 2 Love LP

IRENE:  Time 2 LoveIf you dig 00s-style R&B of the Aaliyah and Brandy variety (you remember – back before Kanye and The Black-Eyed Peas changed, among other things, the drum pattern paradigm for hip-hop and R&B and ruined it), you’re about to fall in love with Irene’s Time 2 Love long player. The nine-tracker is produced by Athenian RSN who more than nods to the R&B sound of, blimey, is it twenty

FLEVANS: I Got Soul/ Get To It

FLEVANS: I Got Soul/ Get To It Check out two sides of Flevans on new single I Got Soul/ Get To It which is in digital format, for the forseeable, at any rate so – er – basically two separate digital tracks really. First up is I Got Soul which despite the promising bongo intro might more accurately have been named, ‘I Got Nu-Disco’. A dancefloor winner no doubt, if you like that sort of thing but the monkey is rather more

BIG BOSS MAN: Double Groovy (Vinyl 7″)

BIG BOSS MAN:  Double GroovyHere’s the final track off the two new Big Boss Man 45s then – the A-side to Trans-Pacific Express – entitled Double Groovy. And if sixties, mod, bongo and Hammond-obsessed Big Boss Man are calling a track ‘Double Groovy’, you can bet your ass that groove is canyon deep. This one opens with a squalling psych-rock guitar vamp before a bongo-rich drum break vaguely


MAIIAH & ANGELS OF LIBRA:  No No No (I'm So Broke)Rating: ★★★★★ Keep your hats on, the releases are coming in thick and fast this week, like this new one from Angels of Libra who’ve swapped singer Nathan Johnston and the moody soul vibes for singer Maiiah and a rip-roaring mid-sixties style soul stomper – No No No (I’m So Broke). Broke? Well – aren’t we all with Mad Liz and Kami-Kwasi at the helm of an already foundering ship? Cue a

TRAMP RECORDS: Countdown To Soul 2 LP

TRAMP RECORDS: Countdown To Soul 2Rating: ★★★★★ And so begins the countdown to Countdown To Soul 2 which drops very shortly and is the second volume in yet another Tramp Records funk and soul-oriented compilation series that began in 2017 with Countdown To Soul. As the monkey noted back then, it’s not like the label is short of irons in that particular fire – their other