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BIG BOSS MAN: Juju Funk (Vinyl 7″)

BIG BOSS MAN:  Juju Funk (Vinyl 7Some people think they can jive Big Boss Man but you know they must be crazy because BBM are all about the voodoo on the first of two forthcoming 45s. And if you’re an MB regular you’ll know the B-side of the first 45 is entitled Baron Samedi whereas the just leaked A-side is entitled Juju Funk. As you might expect from the title (and as Baron Samedi showed), the band

DJ DSK: DNA Edits Vol. 7 (Vinyl 7″)

DJ DNA:  Edits Vol. 7Who’s this with DNA Edits Vol. 7 then? Why, it’s DJ DSK of course – what with editing being in his, er, DNA after all. But what delights does he have for us this August? Well, first up is Creep. Nope, not a re-version of the Radiohead depress-fest but rather one of the track of the same name by 90s R&B-ers TLC. Perhaps uncharacteristically, for a remix, this one doesn’t attempt to ‘go larger’ than

FREEDUST: My New Sunglasses (Remixes)

FREEDUST:  My New Sunglasses (Remixes) When the sun’s out there are few pleasures finer than stepping out while rocking a new pair of sunglasses, are there? Freedust know this of course, as MB readers will be aware from coverage of their New Sunglasses single from February last year when it was anything but sunny – in the northern hemisphere at least. Four others who also know this are Mako & Mr Bristow

FOLD: Take It All Back

FOLD: Take It All BackPeople shout long and loud when populist bigots get into power but much less so at the complacency and lazy corruption (the ‘light touch of self-regulation’, anyone?) which creates the breeding ground for snake oil-selling politicians in eras preceding or following times of bigotry. Ever aware of this, Fold have launched new single Take It All Back, which is about ‘reconciling our stories


THE ALLERGIES: Vamonos feat. ANDY COOPER & MARIETTA SMITHThe dream-team is back then, as The Allergies team-up with Andy Cooper and Marietta Smith to launch Vamonos, their first drop in quite some time – since November if the monkey remembers correctly. Vamonos? Oh what – Spanish for ‘Let’s go’? Precisely. And given the time of year, it would make sense if this was a ‘going on holiday’ song. It is! Well, what are the chances? Naturally with a

LEHTO: Lovers

LEHTO: LoversIt’s been a while since the monkey heard of anything from the camp of Mr David Hanke a.k.a. Renegades Of Jazz a.k.a. Keno but here he is in yet another incarnation as Lehto with an original slice of soulful breakbeat music, Lovers. It begins in a glorious blissed-out state of grace, then gets all fired up when the drums kick in, has its moody bits, then its loud bits again and then finally