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DUSTY DONUTS 18: Espírito Do Rio (JIM DUNLOOP Brazil Wave Mix)/ Different Sweetnuts (JIM DUNLOOP & GRZLY ADAMS Walk In The Shade edit)(Vinyl 7″)

DUSTY DONUTS 18Rating: ★★★★★ Good times – Dusty Donuts 18 is on the way! As is their wont, the DD crew have been busy tracking down classic hip-hop sampled sources and then re-imagining the original tracks with the way they were sampled in mind and – hey presto – you have neither a re-build of the rap tracks nor an edit of the originals but something in between. Jim Dunloop’s Espíritu Do Rio (Brazil Wave Mix) gets it on boom-bap style with the

WILLIE WEST: Fairchild (ZEMERALD DJ edit) – Free download

WILLIE WEST: Fairchild (ZEMERALD DJ edit) - Free downloadIt seems like a long minute since there was a free download on the ground at MB – and an equally long minute since we saw anything from Zemerald – a man with a good ear for a funk edit if ever there was one. In fact the last time was four years ago (!) and even then he was saying he didn’t have the time for music that he once did. Tell the monkey about it. Happily our man’s found the time to