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CALIBRO 35: ‘Decade’ LP teaser (2017)

CALIBRO 35:  Decade LP teaserHeavily influenced by sixties and seventies crime flicks and sci-fi movies, Italian retro-fiends Calibro 35 have spent the last decade honing their cinematically funky sound. They’ve even managed to get themselves sampled by the likes of Dr Dre and Jay-Z. Blimey. How do you get bigger than that? Well, (not that it’s all about size you understand) the boys have decided to expand their

MAX ROMEO: The ? Question (7″ Vinyl) (2017)

MAX ROMEO:  The ? Question (7Hard day at the office? Why not allow yourself to be cocooned in the analogue warmth of Max Romeo’s early Black Ark studios cut The ? Question? Now there’s a question for you. Or rather two. The only answer required is another – ‘Why not indeed?’ which as we all know, technically, is a third question – though a rhetorical one. Which we also all know is a

HOLLIE COOK: ‘Angel Fire’ Sofar London Live video (2017)

HOLLIE COOK:  'Angel Fire' Sofar London Live videoIf you’re not a Daily Mail reader, it’s quite possible you give a shit about other people – particularly those less fortunate than you. Hollie Cook does. It’s why she and her band agreed to play a special Sofar Sounds gig for Amnesty International back in September in aid of refugees – a performance that can be viewed on the video below. Check it and you’ll catch Hollie delivering a sweetly

MONKEYBOXING.COM – Top 10 Albums 2017

Based on a highly complex algorithm derived from how often shit gets played on the MB sound system, this chart details the monkey’s biggest albums of 2017!
(See – Top 10 Tracks – 2017 HERE)

1. Son Of Sam – Cinder Hill

Hip-hop LP of the year bar none – a legendary array of emcees astride all-original true school beats

MONKEYBOXING.COM – Top 10 Tracks 2017

Based on a highly complex algorithm derived from how often shit gets played on the MB sound system, this chart details the biggest original tracks of 2017!
(See – Top 10 LPs – 2017 HERE)

1. Eric Boss – Closer To The Spirit

Stone cold dope of the late 70s block party variety from E Da Boss

PECOE: Full Tilt EP (2017)

PECOE:  Full Tilt EP (2017)There’s no end-of-the-year slacking from Oz party-breaks merchant Pecoe who delivers decidedly summery four-tracker the Full Tilt EP to warm-up your life before shit gets really cold. As with his Dance Sucka bump on the summer’s Big Fat Mama Beats Vol. 2 from BBP, he’s clearly got the requisite old school party breaks credentials but isn’t completely trying to deny that he’s living in 2017

THE LIBRARY MUSIC FILM: Extended Teaser (2017)

LIBRARY MUSIC FILM:  Extended Teaser (2017)Those MB readers with a good ear for samples (not to mention a penchant for using them) may remember news last year of a fundraising campaign to finance multi-instrumentalist Shawn Lee’s labour-of-love documentary film about library music entitled – perhaps unsurprisingly – The Library Music Film. Clearly a staggering number of people have the excellent taste to have

MR BRISTOW: Festive Feast Of Funk (2017) Free download

MR BRISTOW:  Festive Feast Of Funk (2017) Free download“Daaaaad! Santa’s been!”
“What time is it you little pest? Christ it’s four in the morning! Get back into bed until the time’s in double figures!”
“More turkey dear?”
“No you’re alright – that last bit was like chamois leather.”
“Here you go love.”

DE LA SOUL: Pain (RHYTHM SCHOLAR Heart Attack Remix)(2017) Free download

DE LA SOUL:  Pain (RHYTHM SCHOLAR Heart Attack Remix)(2017) Free downloadDe La Soul’s recent Pain is the focus for Rhythm Scholar’s latest remix effort and it’s absolutely no physical hardship at all to listen his Rhythm Scholar Heart Attack Remix as he ups the funk factor with a healthy dose of The Commodores’ Brick House and their I Like What You Do. Not to mention a little bit of De La’s turn on Oliver’s Heart

MEGATIVE: More Time (DUBMATIX remix and dubs)(2017)

MEGATIVE:  More Time (DUBMATIX remix and dubs)(2017)“Oh, I never gave a fuck about the youth I wasted/ I thought I had more time,” sang Megative’s Tim Fletcher (formerly of The Stills) on the band’s mournful reggae anthem More Time back in the summer. Check the video and you’ll see this multi-racial band channelling The Specials in their parkas, Fred Perrys and Sta-Prest slacks adopting a suitably haunting early 80s vibe. As