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HAMMOND CLASSICS: Los Cuentos (2017)

HAMMOND CLASSICS Los CuentosHammond Classics’ Los Cuentos is the new one from the Athens-based producer – and thereby hangs a tale or three. See what the monkey did there Castilian speakers? Yes, ‘The Stories’ (for such is its title in Ingl├ęs) finds triple cumbia breaks trouble coming at ya all the way from Greece courtesy of HC. Well, obviously – where else more

CLAUDE & HANK CARBO: Fox In A Miniskirt b/w Bad Luck (Vinyl 7″)(2017)

CLAUDE & HANK CARBO:  Fox In A Miniskirt b/w Bad Luck (Vinyl 7Rating: ★★★★★ This is what it’s all about right here, so a whole first and second line of props to Rocafort Records who contrive to get Claude & Hank Carbo’s Fox In A Miniskirt and Hank Carbo’s Bad Luck together on 45 for the first time. The A-side is the two brothers’ chunky Crescent City soul burner from ’68 rich in horns and inspired by the hot chick who once hove into view at gig while the

ANDERSON. PAAK: Come Down (SLY Melba edit)(Video)(2017) Free download

ANDERSON. PAAK:  Come Down (SLY Melba edit)(Video)The Shaka Loves You crew have been waiting a few days for some love for this while the monkey has been fighting global online crime but the philosophy at MB Towers is that it’s better late than never to rep. their peachy Anderson. Paak SLY Melba edit of Come Down. While the original dallied in a sweaty basement club with funky breaks and muted rock guitar chops, SLY take

ALEEM: Hooked On Your Love (DON DAYGLOW edit)(2017) Free download

ALEEM:  Hooked On Your Love (DON DAYGLOW edit)(2017) Free downloadBack in the day, Aleem, a.k.a Leroy Burgess, was responsible for epic vocals on such Black Ivory bangers as You Keep Asking Me Questions. As the decade wore on however, funk was having an increasingly tough time against the mainstream, big money might of disco. Clearly a man to join ’em if he couldn’t beat ’em, Burgess promptly joined disco outfit Aleem and by ’79 was having

THE TRAFFIC: Super Freak/ Like I Love You (Vinyl 7″)(2017)

THE TRAFFIC Super Freak b/w Like I Love You (Vinyl 7You’ve got to love capital letters – they are, after all, partly responsible for the semantic difference between ‘helping your uncle jack-off a horse’ and ‘helping your Uncle Jack off a horse.’ They can also assist when it comes to the traffic. Without capitals, we’re clearly referring to a scourge of our times. With, on the other hand, and we’re suddenly on about The Traffic (a project featuring drummer Ivan Khatchoyan of

HANNAH WILLIAMS & THE AFFIRMATIONS: Late Nights & Heartbreak (video)(2017)

HANNAH WILLIAMS & THE AFFIRMATIONS:  Late Nights & Heartbreak (video)Everybody knows by now that the Malcolm Catto-produced title track of the latest LP by underground UK retro-soul talent Hannah Williams got sampled for the title track of Jay-Z’s new album, right? It’s this decade’s Eminem and Dido story! How to represent said track in audio-visual format, though? I suppose the band could employ traditional ideas like good cinematography