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SWING NINJAS: My Belle (COCKNEY NUTJOB remix) (2016)

My Belle Swing Ninjas Cockney NutjobLike this version of Swing NinjasMy Belle? That’s because Cockney Nutjob‘s got the ill communication – mainly because he plumps for using a bit of Funkadelic’s You’ll Like It Too break to give the electro-swing original a little bit of funk. This version is one of the recent winners of the My Belle remix comp. and the stoke from that plus the fact that Mr Nutjob as just passed

CHARLES BRADLEY: Ain’t It A Sin (ROCKNROLLA SOUNDSYSTEM edit) (2016) Free download

Aint It A Sin Charles Bradley Rocknrolla SoundsystemListen to what Rocknrolla Soundsystem have done with this cut by latterday soul king Charles Bradley and you might figure it’s a sin it ain’t been done sooner. It’s Bradley’s stank funk 2013 number Ain’t It A Sin of course which with the assistance of some RSS tinkering has now become a soul-heavy bit of pumping disco-boogie – most helpful for those looking to segue between funk

MUNGO’S HI-FI: Jump In Line/ Send Di Water feat. MIKEY MURKA (2016)

Jump In Line Mungos Hi-FiRating: ★★★★★ Few so-called ‘timeless’ songs that have survived myriad covers in multiple genres over the years and still sound good actually predate the 1950s rock n roll explosion. Yet Jump In Line by Lord Kitchener (the calypso one not the WW1-poster one) from the 1940s is such a track. And it’s now had the Mungo’s Hi-Fi treatment for Record Store Day: a remix of an old calypso


55 Bacao Rhythm Steel BandRating: ★★★★★ It’s been a long old wait since the Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band‘s 2007 debut seven inch of two steel drum Meters covers and the follow-up (2008’s long sold-out and much sought after cover of 50 Cent’s P.I.M.P. which people will still insist is the original sample source) but debut LP 55 is finally here. It’s the culmination of an obsession with steel drums developed by

DJ REBEL: JB’s Need Some Money (2016) Free download

Doing It To Death DJ RebelMr Brown?
Mr Brown!
Say Mr Brown!
Give it to me!
How about a disco version of the JB’s 1973 hit You Can Have Watergate… from DJ Rebel!?

VARIOUS: Honkey Phonk 10 (2016)

Honkey Phonk 10 Jayl FunkJayl Funk’s Honkey Phonk drops are now up to their tenth release and what better way to acknowledge number 10 than with a ten-tracker which finds Jayl Funk and cohorts Voodoocuts, Nic2Birilli and EuPe tear through seventies influences and samples like a band through groupies? Of the ten cuts no fewer than seven are by Jayl Funk – well – it is his label and two have

WHIRLWIND D: Other Side (2016)

Other Side Whirlwind DVeteran emcee Whirlwind D has recently dropped his ten-track Other Side LP (his second solo long-player) which features guest appearances from Project Cee, Specifik, Heavy Links, Illinspired, Dookie Squad and Soundsci’s Oxygen. He’s even managed to coax former Numskullz mic manipulator Rola to knock out a few bars. Production comes from Specifik (again), Phil Wilks

TENSEI: The Hotbox Sessions Vol. 2 (2016)

Hotbox Sessions Vol 2It’s been a while since MB has featured any stuff by Tensei (a.k.a. Simple X formerly of Herma Puma) but his Hotbox Sessions Vol. 2 is out at the minute and it’s not to be sniffed at. All expectations to the contrary, there’s nothing whatsoever x-rated about it – the name is a reference to the sweatbox of a studio in which these 6 slabs of hip-hop boom were created and

TOSSES: Tosses feat. RAYNA (2016)

Tosses feat RaynaIt seems MC Rayna‘s so busy these days with her band Antiplastic that there’s little time for the sort of sterling guest vox that have graced beats by the likes of Badboe, Skeewiff, Jiggyjoe, Sammy Senior, Tonic, and Tosses & Varvez. Luckily Ale Tosses of the latter has used all his wiles to get Rayna on two new cuts. What to call the LP though? I know – Tosses feat. Rayna! Doo Wop is

DEEP STREET SOUL: Come Alive! (2016)

Come Alive Deep Street SoulRating: ★★★★★ Melbourne-based Deep Street Soul‘s brand of garage-rock tinged funky soul has been a firm MB favourite since the band’s classic cover of the MC5’s Kick Out The Jams rocked up in the monkey’s inbox all the way back in 2009. In the intervening years they’ve put out two LPs, acquired themselves a full-time soul queen singer in the form of Mighty May Johson and been