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SKINSHAPE: Oracolo (2015)

Oracolo SkinshapeRating: ★★★★★ Skinshape (a.k.a Will Dorey of Horus Records) follows-up his self-titled debut LP of last year with an impressive end-of-year effort that falls out of the psychedelic tree and hits every single branch on the way down. Oracolo combines sixties American roadtrip psychedelia with its slightly more pastoral English sixties cousin, throws in a healthy smattering of the more organic

THE BEATLES VS. HIP-HOP LEGENDS: ‘An Adventure To Pepperland Through Rhyme & Space’ (2015) VINYL double album

Pepperland vinylRating: ★★★★★ Earlier this year a singularity occurred in the universe of mash-up albums with the manifestation of an absolute behemoth of the genre entitled The Beatles Vs. Hip-Hop Legends: An Adventure To Pepperland Through Rhyme & Space. It bore all the hallmarks of a certain producer and was every bit the epic psychedelic boom-bap adventure that the

MR STABALINA: Rock The Party EP (2015) + Freemixes

Rock The Party EP Mr StabalinaRating: ★★★★★ Soon to be everyone’s favourite ghetto funker – sittin’ over there – his name is… Mr Stabalina, Mr Bob Stabalina. Well alright, I don’t actually know what his first name is and I’m pretty sure his surname isn’t really ‘Stabalina’. To be honest I can’t imagine many will be ‘sitting’ either when this EP is playing because Mr Stabalina’s Rock The Party EP delivers an unusual

EMSKEE & DOC TMK feat DJ SUSPECT: ‘Sound Of The SP/ Deep Down’ 7″ (2015)

Sound Of The SP Emskee Doc TMK DJ SuspectPrime lyrical content abounds on this debut 45 for Radio Krimi Records, the A-side of which is also a love letter to a piece of technology that was instrumental (see what I did there) in the rise of hip-hop as a genre back in the day. Good People member Emskee (in emcee mode) holds forth over a heavyweight jazz-tinged slab of classic boom-bap from producer Doc TMK while turntable

SHAKA LOVES YOU: Twelve Days Of SLY-mas (2015) Free download

Merry Sly-Mas Shaka Loves YouShaka Loves You are the production team that just keeps on giving aren’t they? And what more appropriate time of year than this – the festive season of Christmas which henceforth shall be known as Sly-mas in honour of their planning to give away no fewer than twelve booties in twelve days – a.k.a. Twelve Days Of SLY-mas – I think you’ll agree that’s quite a lot of booty. Expect to

CUT LA VIS: One Step Forward (2015)

One Step Forward Cut La VisRating: ★★★★★ Following in the footsteps of Mr Benn’s Shake A Leg from two years ago and in a not dissimilar ballpark to Dirty Dubsters’ Special Request from earlier this year comes a solid new full-length LP from the Nice Up! label’s latest heavy-hitting producer – Cut La Vis. One refers of course to the man who dropped the album’s lead single and massive rocksteady boom-bap hit of

VARIOUS: Block Rockin Bulabeats (2015)

Block Rockin BulabeatsThere’s only a few weeks before the year closes – which means party time is expanding exponentially. What else to do then, if you are the Bulabeats label, but come back with another one of those Block Rockin Bulabeats. Or better still four of them. Thus Crashgroove wobbles-up Marlena Shaw on Ghetto Girl and the splendidly-named Barry Krishna has not a single problem providing

PARKER: ‘Doubles’ (2015) Jalapeno Funk Vol. 7 exclusive!

Jalapeno-Funk-Vol-7-Parker DoublesI say – remember that Parker fellow?
Of course old boy – I’ve just sent him off to fetch us some drinks.
No – not your butler! The music Parker!
Oh yes – from Bristol wasn’t he? Monkeys and mandems and then nothing for years.
That’s right – well, he’s got a new one coming out on the Jalapeno Funk Vol. 7 compilation due soon


Comango!  Jim Viner B3Jim Viner’s Incredible B3 Band? Hmm – ‘Viner’, ‘Incredible’ ‘Band’ – reminds me of something…nope…It’s gone. Just kidding. This is the promising new project from Jim Viner, formerly sticksman for Iowa deep funk outfit The Diplomats Of Solid Sound, whose current crew, as the name indicates, are all about the Hammond B3-led cuts of which Comango! provides no fewer than twelve

MR BRISTOW: Funk & Soul Xmas Mix (2015)

Funk Soul Xmas Mix 2015 Mr BristowThe massive number of releases the monkey gets sent means it’s not usually possible to post the sizeable number of deejay mixes that get sent in too. Occasionally though, an exception is made, especially if the mix is funky and has soul. And humorous snatches of film and TV dialogue. And scratching. And (in an ironic reversal of a frequent dj experience) it’s the birthday of the dj who made