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NOTES FLOATS feat. MS LISA: To The Max (2015) Free download

To The Max Notes FloatsStripped-back, minimal freshness here from the Atlanta born, Texas based MC/ producer Notes Floats who peddles a distinctive line in lo-fi, retro-soul-tinged hip-hop and, if his videos are anything to judge by, most definitely keeps the freak flag flying. To The Max employs an early Motown-style soul stomp backdrop, powered by hypnotic double bass and hook from Ms Lisa interspersed with

SERGE SEVERE & GEN ERIK: ‘Say Nothing’ (2015)

Say Nothing Serge Severe Gen. ErikFor the beat to Say Nothing Gen Erik ventures through trapdoors to a piano-haunted boom-bap sound chamber not dissimilar to where DJ Serious once trod in the company of Unknown Misery and D-Sisive while Serge Severe stands by and says nothing. Just kidding. Mr Severe has plenty to say as usual and delivers bountiful brag bars with his

BADBOE: Ghetto Funk Testament (2015)

Ghetto Funk Testament BadboeIt seems like it’s been ages since a solo original Badboe release – let me see now, that would have been his Pump Up The Funk LP in…2012. But that was three years ago! Good lord! It really has been ages since a solo original Badboe release. Fear not though, this scene legend is back with a vengeance putting the fun back into ghetto funk in a testament that is tantamount to a dancefloor

ROAST BEATZ feat. DR SYNTAX: Boom Box (2015) Video

Boom Box video Roast BeatzDJ Roast Beatz delivers a homage to Yo! MTV Raps with a masterly pastiche of the defunct but legendary 80s and 90s show that doubles as the new video to the Dr Syntax-featuring Boom Box off RB’s Luxury Boom Bap LP which was released earlier this year. A pastiche of Yo! MTV Raps? Does this mean impressions of presenter Fab 5 Freddy, lots of ladies shaking booty and enough cartoon

QDUP feat. MUSTAFA AKBAR: Funk & Dance (2015)

Funk  Dance  QDupFunk & Dance is the latest single from QDup as he makes a song and dance (literally) out of his return to the Fort Knox Recordings label. How does he do this? By getting one other FK regular under a groove – vocalist Mustafa Akbar – and then the pair of them channel George Clinton by way of a bit of twenty-first century funk production. K-Lab and Skiitour are on hand to make sure the public

GHETTO FUNK presents: X-RAY TED (GFPD20) (2015) Free download

X-Ray Ted Ghetto Funk presentsIf you go down to the ghetto funk club today it’ll be no big surprise to find any of these cuts banging out of the speakers for Bristol’s X-Ray Ted has provided a veritable picnic for ghetto funk deejays. The latest GF label freebie features a very consistent EP containing four cuts of itchy, synthy funky breaks though if one were forced at glowstick-point to pick a favourite it might have to

PANAMA CARDOON: Hasta La Wiggle Remixed (2015)

Hasta La Wiggle Remixed Panama CardoonThere’s all kinds of shit being talked about a ‘Grexit’ at the minute but here’s Athens-based producer Panama Cardoon making a convincing ‘re-Grentrance’ with this four tracker of remixes from his rather good debut LP – last year’s Hasta La Wiggle. Providing a remix aid package are Rafael Aragon, Cayetano, Balkan Riddims and Vida G, who, respectively, provide two re-versions of

CANNIBAL OX: UK / EU Tour (2015)

Tour 2015 UK EU Cannibal OxBlimey – here’s a very rare chance to see Cannibal Ox as those forty-seven masterlass samur- er – I mean peerless two rappers (plus one dj) venture this side of the pond to promote the release of this year’s epic follow-up to their mighty 2001 debut The Cold Vein. The New York duo of Vast Aire and Vordul were arguably the last great underground hip-hop act to emerge following the

MY NEIGHBOUR IS: I Like You Dog (2015)

I Like You Dog My Neighbour Is“I Like You Dog”.

Aww, thanks – I didn’t know you cared!

No, it’s the new mini-LP from My Neighbour Is a.k.a. the alter ego of house music producer Robot Needs Oil

House music producer!? Well – is it funky? Are

RICHARD MARKS: Never Satisfied, The Complete Works: 1968-1983 (2015)

Never Satisfied Richard MarksRating: ★★★★★ In what has already easily been the best month for album releases this year at monkeyboxing, this compilation (put together by Egon of the Stones Throw and his Now-Again Records) stands out: a seven-years-in-the-making complete collection of soul and funk singles by the legendary Atlanta singer/ songwriter/ guitarist Richard Marks. Who? Well – that’s precisely the