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JIMI NEEDLES: Jazz Trippin (2015)

Jazz Trippin Jimi NeedlesOh hello, what’s this then? It’s a throughly modern Jimi (Needles) with his new single Jazz Trippin‘. Shall we swing? Why not I’ll put my car keys in the bo- oh you mean the music, why yes, I’d love that even more – all that ‘slap, slap, slap – oh that’s too hard’ business. Nothing sexual at all, merely a choice bit of electro swing – though if that gets any latterday slap…er, I mean flappers excited

HOT CHOCOLATE: Everyone’s Winner (MR RICH & THE CARETAKER mix) (2015) Free download

Every 1's A Winner Mr Rich Caretaker Hot ChocolateThis month has seen the passing of two musical giants, BB King and just before him, Hot Chocolate frontman, professional sexy thing and – er – Tory party supporter Errol Brown. Still, let’s try not to hold that against him – after all, James Brown liked to endorse the odd Republican president. But we digress, back to the music and Mr Rich & The Caretaker are on hand to dirty up Everyone’s A

JORUN BOMBAY: Remixes Volume 2 (2015)

Remixes Vol 2 Jorun BombayDiggers raise your arms in gratitude, for Canuck producer Jorun Bombay drops another volume of remixes at the end of the month. On side A, you’ll find the man delivering a reworked pair of his own cuts with an extended remake of Phill Most Chill, Oxygen, Ghettosocks and Paten Locke-featuring Smash and a slight extension of Rampagers-featuring Never Heard It Like This Before. On side

EASY MO BEE & EMSKEE: Two For One (2015)

Two For One Emksee Easy Mo BeeTwo For One finds 80s and 90s production legend Easy Mo Bee (a man with a CV that includes credits for work with Big Daddy Kane, a pre-Wu Tang RZA and GZA, Miles Davis, Biggie and 2Pac!) hook up with underground emcee Emskee of The Good People for a whole LP of quality boom bap. It’ll be out on black wax and white wax and if you’re really quick you might get your hands on a

SEE-I: Knowledge Shine Bright Remixed EP 1 (2015)

Knowledge Shine Bright Remixed EP1Obviously the first in a series, the Knowledge Shine Bright Remixed EP 1 sees Basement Freaks and QDup let their production knowledge shine bright on a brace of See-I remixes. Basement Freaks takes Boogieman (featuring Mr Lif) and makes it harder, better, faster, stronger, while QDup takes King Of The Road (which is definitely not a Roger Miller cover) and drives it

JAMES BROWN: Soul Power (DJ REBEL mix)(2015)

DJ Rebel Soul PowerWas this inspired by the epic opening to HBO’s Mr Dynamite documentary featuring the mighty Godfather Of Soul in 1971 doing a blistering live version of Soul Power flanked by Bobby Byrd and backed by two very hot chicks in afros dancing on a podium apiece behind him? It turns out it wasn’t as DJ Rebel hasn’t seen it – but don’t think that means this doesn’t light a fire under the studio

SCOUR RECORDS: Scoured Cream Vol. 5 (2015)

Scoured Cream Vol 5 Scour RecordsIt’s time to get creamy again boys and girls. Why? Because Vol.5 of Scoured Cream, the ongoing series of wobbly, glitchy breakbeat butterphat from Scour Records is imminent! As usual there’s plenty of buzzsaw bass-synth antics and indeed the Bear Twists/ Father Funk/ Phibes/ WBBL opening quartet is business as usual in this regard. Where things start to get interesting for the

BEATNIK CITY: The Beat Kicks Vol. 2 (2015)

The Beat Kicks Vol 2 Beatnik CityRating: ★★★★★ I thought it was high time for more big beat licks from The Beat Kicks booty series on Beatnik City – and here it is – with all the swagger of its predecessor. Vol. 2 weighs in at one track deeper but the game is the same – namely pedal-to-the-metal, big beat versions of sixties classics. Some uptempo library music with little added DWYCK sir? Try Fab Samperi and Skeewiff. Re-


Funk Bananas BBPWho said big beat was dead? Certainly not Badboe’s label Breakbeat Paradise Recordings which presides over this very big-beat-tastic bunch of fifteen Funk Bananas which features the work of a select cadre of the label’s roster of artists. Step forward Pulp Fusion, Morlack, Discobeta, ElectroGorilla, Mr Bristow, SBK, Crashgroove, Rory Hoy and Wiccatron but mainly the latter seven

SKEEWIFF: Funky Shizzle (2015)

Funky Shizzle SkewiffFunky Shizzle?
No, it’s ok thanks – I had one this morning. Oh – sorry – you meant the latest from Skeewiff – the man who’s carried the torch for two generations of funky breakbeat antics?! Well, in that case then it’s an emphatic yes please! What’s the deal?

Well – it’s a project that started in 2008 but then