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TOPPA BLING feat. QUINCY JOINTZ & LOS CHICOS ALTOS: Straight Representing EP (2015)

Straight Representing Toppa Bling Quincy JointzLatin music and dancehall music are both notoriously steamy but – good lord! – what might happen were latin fire to meet Jamaican raunch? Is it possible for anything to be that sexy? Maybe we should ask Toppa Bling who hooks up with Los Chicos Altos for just that sort of action and even gets Quincy Jointz along for one track to make it a threesome. This one’s all about opener

LOS HERMANOS FLORES: Enfermera (EMPRESARIOS Dubplate especial) (2015) Exclusive free download

Enfermera Los Empresarios“Enfermera…Enfermera!…Enfermera!!”
“Yo no voy a cambiar las sábanas de nuevo, Señor Hastings.”

…and if you got that – you might even be old enough to remember seventies cumbia outfit La Orquesta Los Hermanos Flores! Fear not if you didn’t though, for DC-based, Fort Knox Recordings signings, Empresarios, have

DJ REBEL: Uptown A Little Bit More (2015) Free download

Uptown A Little Bit More DJ RebelRating: ★★★★★ It wasn’t so many years ago that Mark Ronseal was well into his retro soul. Of late though he’s been far more interested in 80s funk. But what if 80s funk don’t give it to ya? Or what if you like Bruno Mars’ singing but prefer a more sixties rnb-ish/ northern soul beat – like, say, the sort of thing The Olympics used to do? These and other questions are the sort of thing that DJ

DJ PNUTZ: B-Girl Breaks (2015)

B-Girl Breaks DJ PNutzLet’s face it, the b-boy breaks and boom-bap hip-hop scene can be a bit blokey can’t it? The production equivalent of fart gags, belching and – well…farts. What is needed occasionally is the fragrant presence of female input – though sadly, that’s a far too infrequent occurrence. Happily though, here’s DJ Pnutz, Danny Massure’s new signing on Spring Strut with three slabs of quality

FEATURECAST: Goodgroove Friday 3 April (2015)

Goodgroove FRiday April 2015 FeaturecastSomerset town Frome has been the site of human settlement since at least Roman times yet the most exciting thing to have happened there in two thousand years was the 2010 discovery of a hoard of Roman coins. Fact. Until this year that is. On April 3 to be specific. Why? Because on that day the fearsome Goodgroove horde plans to descend on this quiet country backwater to wreak


Breakbeat Paradise Bring Back The FunkIt’s sometimes easy to lose sight of the funk in the midst of all the wobble but Badboe‘s Breakbeat Paradise Recordings have made it a personal mission to ensure that the spirit of what JB started isn’t forgotten on planet breakbeat. For this year’s effort, proceedings are opened by Father Funk who loves to love you with a moody disco breaks number adorned with Timbaland vocals and a dash

THE MONADES: Shake Me (feat. RAYNA)/ Not To Tonight (feat. DARIYA) (2015)

Shake Me Not Tonight The MonadesIt’s saucy soul-breaks double action time shortly as The Monades (a.k.a. Renegades Of Jazz and Herma Puma no less) get their slink on with the aid of a pair of vocalists known to MB readers i.e. Rayna and Dariya. Both ladies take a turn at revealing how lovers make them feel but it seems the ever reliable Rayna is the willing yin, to Dariya’s aloof yang. For while the former seeks a

THE SCRIBES: Blood In Your Eyes (2015)

Blood In Your Eyes The ScribesRating: ★★★★★ “Stay on the road…keep clear of the moors” – sound advice issued a generation ago now – so what manner of men would ignore it when there’s something hairy on the loose in darkest Devon? Why UK party hip-hop outfit and signings to Dizzee Dustin’s Kamikazi Airlines label The Scribes of course who ventured, in the face of all common sense, into the wilds of Britain to

PAUSE: No Small Order (2015)

No Small Order PauseIf an LP features guest vocal turns by both People Under the Stairs’ Double K and Breakestra’s Mixmaster Wolf and the same LP also features a bit of turntablism from the same two, it’s a fairly safe bet that the man behind the project has got something going on. If the PR tells you that the man behind the project grew up with the Bay Area hip hop scene but is now listening to old bluesmen,

SHAKA LOVES YOU: Dance All Night (2015) Video + free download

Dance All Night Shaka Loves YouTruly Shaka Loves You it seems, for here the boys are again, spoiling you more than the Ferrero Rocher ambassador. How? By bringing together Roy Ayers, Will Smith and Timbaland. Unusually this means that Will Smith and Timbaland find their respective vocals appearing atop a dope beat and the excesses of Roy Ayers’ jazz-funky vocals find themselves curbed in the presence of rapped