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ELECTROGORILLA: All Get Down EP (2015)

All Get Down EP Electro GorillaNo knuckle-dragging for Electrogorilla on the All Get Down EP as he goes ape with the funky breaks and provides four lively beats to soundtrack all manner of dancefloor pre-mating rituals. If U Really Like is the big band horns-toting, simian sound-featuring, b-boy friendly opener, What U Rockin For takes the tempo up and goes for a more minimal feel with electro keys, All Get Down

AMP OUTERNATIONAL & JSTAR feat. DARK ANGEL: Holy Rastafari (2015)

Holy Rastafari JStar Amp Outernational Dark AngelHoly Rastafari bassman! Watch JStar dj live and he’s capable of going through musical genres like Russell Brand goes through females and even if they are all linked by a love of the bottom end (the genres JStar plays, I can’t speak for Brand) he always returns to his true love. Again, JStar that is, not Brand. And JStar’s musical true love is reggae. In this case thunderous digi-dub made in

SONIC FUNK FOUNDRY: Washington D.C. (2015)

Washington D.C. Sonic Funk FoundryIt’s a sprightly pairing from Vienna’s Sonic Funk Foundry here as he forges single Washington D.C. for Spring Strut Recordings and digital flip Voz Do Brazil. The former finds a deep but cheeky organ groove adorning a hypnotic and funky dancefloor-friendly almost-latin rhythm while the latter gives voice to Brazil. Literally, since it features a Portuguese vocal over the sort of saucy samba-

LUCKY BROWN: Mystery Road (2015)

Mystery Road Lucky BrownRating: ★★★★★ Mystery Road is the follow-up to 2011’s Lucky Brown’s Space Dream and finds Mr Lucky Brown still bowling happily down the retro funky soul blacktop with even greater gusto than before. This project is comprised of a series of tracks all apparently intended as 45 singles and all played with a different band. Anyone familiar with Tramp will be aware of the label’s curation of

TRU FUNK: Tru Hop (2015)

Tru Hop Tru Funk360 questions to ask a Tru Funka and here are just seven of them:

Yo Tru Funk – is it true that Bialson Hajsy digs Biggie Sky’s The Limit?
Hey Tru Funk – could Morlack be more smooth than he is on this rework of Neyo and Ghostface’s Back Like That?

FRAMEWORKS feat. QnC: Back To The Music b/w Classic (RENEGADES OF JAZZ remix) (2015)

Classic Frameworks QnC Renegades Of JazzRating: ★★★★★ The second of two upcoming Hero Records collaborations with Long Island legends Q Ball & Curt Cazal (and in fact the first to be released) is this which finds Manchester producer Frameworks renewing his acquaintance with the former J.V.C. F.O.R.C.E. rappers. Back To The Music is a woozy Aim-ish beat backed with a sweet Renegades Of Jazz remix of classic banger – er –

HERMA PUMA feat. QnC: Killing Me (2015)

Killing Me Herma Puma Q Ball Curt CazalRating: ★★★★★ Herma Puma come more correct than box fresh – er – Puma suedes with fat laces and a furry Kangol bucket hat by enlisting the prodigious skills of legendary J.V.C. F.O.R.C.E. mic manipulators Q Ball & Curt Cazal on new single Killing Me b/w I Did It For Hip-Hop. You’d pretty much have to be clasping a couple of kilos of cannabis resin to have something more dope than

DJ YODA: ‘Click’ (2015) Latest leak from DJ YODA presents ‘Breakfast Of Champions’ LP

Click DJ YodaNot that the monkey bears a grudge or anything but DJ Yoda is still in the doghouse round these parts after the monkey and friends turned up at the Lakota in Bristol a year or so ago expecting to see Yoda, Ugly Duckling and The Nextmen and enjoy a phat night of party hip-hop. Ugly Duckling never turned up – allegedly because of some promoter decision which was hardly Yoda and the

GET ON DOWN PRESENTS: For The People Pt. 1 (2015)

For The People Pt 1 James Brown Get On DownDo it sound good? Do it feel good? Well if it sound good and it feel good then it’s musical, ain’t it? And if it look good too, then, it’s a collector’s 45 box set of some of the most famous singles ever dropped on the minister of the new super heavy funk’s very own People’s Records imprint ain’t it? In a deluxe limited edition embossed box set no less. Yes, it’s deluxe reissue label Get On Down

VARIOUS: A Little Something Radio – Music From The Modern Soul Underground (Compiled by Diesler) (2015)

A Little Something Radio DieslerAnyone with half an ear on the music industry knows that in December, ’tis the season to be silly or alternatively, ’tis the season for a freebie and often both at the same time. When you get to January on the other hand, ’tis the season for a compilation – some free, some not. Admittedly that doesn’t roll off the tongue quite so easily but it has this characteristic in common with the title