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HAMMOND CLASSICS/ LARRY SKG: Carnibal Records 011 (2014)

Carnibal 011 Larry Skg Hammond ClassicsRating: ★★★★★ Just thought I’d get this one out there as it’s NYE and this might have slipped under your release radar when it came out on Boxing Day. It certainly slipped under the monkey’s radar when the PR came in for Carnibal Records 011 on Christmas Day. Christmas Day?! Maybe they don’t do Christmas in Greece. Maybe they do that mainland Europe thing of not celebrating

DJ ROAST BEATZ: I Wonder Why (Roast Beatz fix-up) (2014) Free download

I Wonder Why Roast BeatzRating: ★★★★★ Christmas may have come and gone but if you’re looking for the perfect smooth hip-hop-cum-funky breaks party-starting gift for the dancefloor tomorrow night you’ve come to the right place as you’ll hear from this Roast Beatz re-touch of – er – Tony Touch’s Sister Sledge-sampling classic. Our man pulls out his best beats and his best cuts to re-vitalise said number in such

YOUNG BLACK TEENAGERS: Tap The Bottle (Slynk remix) (2014) Free download

Tap The Bottle remix SlynkTap that bottle too hard this NYE when you’re out carousing and you just know you’re going to have to pick up some pieces. Were that to be the case, this very number would be your evening’s anthem consisting, as it does, of the ‘pella to Young Black Teenagers’ 90s b-boy anthem Tap The Bottle and a beat largely consisting of the Average White Band’s ubiquitous sax-funk noodle Pick Up The

A+: Enjoy Yourself (Shaka Loves You edit) (2014) Free download

Enjoy Yourself Shaka Loves You SLY editRating: ★★★★★ It might have made the UK top five back in ’99 but A+’s Walter Murphy Fifth Of Beethoven-sampling cut Enjoy Yourself inexplicably didn’t even break the US Billboard Hot 100. It also featured a prominent but totally uncredited backing vocal from Keanna Henson throughout. Not that mainstream hip-hop was ever sexist or anything. Never mind, Shaka Loves You

MORLACK: Fly To Paris EP (2014) + video

Fly To Paris EP MorlackStuck for ideas during the Christmas break? Why not Fly To Paris with Morlack? You’ll experience premium electro boogie breaks for the duration of your flight and cruise at varied musical altitudes. Initially, you’ll enjoy the nuances of the Daft Punk-inflected title track for that high altitude calm then, there’s a sudden (ass) drop into the turbulence of the JT Money-adorned Funky Hoe to

MONKEYBOXING.COM – Top 10 Albums 2014

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2014 was massive in terms of funk and soul but that didn’t prevent G Love’s brand of rappin’ blues and the superb boss reggae of The Delegators’ LP getting the heaviest rotation on the MB sound system which is, of course, the basis of the highly complex algorithm from which the MB charts are derived.

(=1) The Delegators – All Aboard

Their full-length debut and sadly, their only album, since they are now defunct. Classic boss reggae LP

MONKEYBOXING.COM – Top 10 Tracks 2014

Based on a complex algorithm derived from frequency of play on the MB boombox, here are the ten biggest tracks of 2014
(See – Top 10 Albums – 2014 HERE)

1. Jurassic 5 – We Do It

The mighty J5 returned and did it big time with a White Stripes sample

JADE PALACE GUARD: Assault On Pokeep: 2976 (2014) Free download

Assault On Pokeep Jade Palace GUardRating: ★★★★★ Fresh from the success of the summer’s Crate Rebellion LP comes the underground production alliance of the Jade Palace Guard with their latest martial arts/ sci-fi epic Assault On Pokeep. Well, I say ‘epic’. It has 13 tracks but it’s only twenty eight minutes long. It thinks big though and shows the same proclivity for boom-bap hip-hop with a sci-fi/ martial arts

GHOSTFACE KILLAH feat. KANDACE SPRINGS: Love Don’t Live Here No More (2014)

Love Don't Live Here No More Ghostface KillahGhostface Killah‘s new single is one of the highlights off new LP 36 Seasons and the just-dropped video’s a humdinger too! In it, Ghostface alter ego Tony Starks is played by Omar off The Wire who, it turns out isn’t gay after all but has been in prison for ages and the missus is a bit pissed off. To underline how pissed off she is we find out from the hook (sung by Blue Note’s

DJ SHEPDOG: Greatest Licks Vol. 2 (2014)

Greatest Licks Vol. 2 DJ ShepdogRating: ★★★★★ Talk about triple trouble y’all! First Jimi Needles’ Reggae Rewinds four tracker, then JStar’s Most Wanted reggae mash-ups Vol. 2 and now – DJ Shepdog has only gone and released his Greatest Licks Vol. 2 as well! Reggae KRS-1, reggae Janelle Monae? Reggae MOP? Cutty Ranks on an MOP beat, Adele on the Bam Bam riddim? It’s like all your reggae Christmases have come at