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SKINSHAPE: Skinshape (2014)

Skinshape LPSkinshape makes sure everything’s skin-shape and breakbeat fashion with his debut album – er – Skinshape on Athens-based Melting Records. Well, I say ‘album’ – at seven tracks and only thirty-two minutes there are longer EPs out there – but don’t be fooled by the brevity. If it’s original folksy psychedelic breakbeats you’re after, your ship’s just come in. Why? Because Will Dorey of Horus

BRYX feat. CORB LUND: Gravedigger (2014) + video

Gravedigger BryxBombstrikes producer Bryx and country star Corb Lund (of the Hurtin’ Albertans) getting together! What are the chances? One can only speculate as to how such a genre-quake occurred. Maybe it was like this, one afternoon down at the rodeo – er – I mean studio:
Bryx (B): Say Corb?
Corb Lund (CL): Yes Bryx?

FULGEANCE & DJ SCIENTIST: Moscow Nightlife (2014)

Moscow Nightlife Fulgeance DJ ScientistHere’s a bit of Moscow Nightlife for you and I’m not talking the club-door ‘face control’ arguments/ intense vodka binges with barely-clad hardbodies/ early hours swims in the Moskva chained to a lump of concrete variety either. No, this is the product of some ‘behind-the-Iron-Curtain’ crate digging from Franco German production alliance Fulgeance and DJ Scientist and the first single off forthcoming

THE SLINGSHOTS: Is This Soul? (2014)

Is This Soul  The SlingshotsIs This Soul? ask Barcelona’s The Slingshots with their new LP. Well, let’s put it this way – if it ain’t, it’ll do until soul gets here, offering, as it does, ten raw cuts of a very funky persuasion in what amounts to a confident ‘David’-style riposte on Rocafort Records to the global funk-soul revivalist ‘Goliath’ that is New York’s Daptone Records


Funk Blasters SquadGiven how much material Morlack puts out in the average year, it’s hardly surprising that he hasn’t put out a compilation on his Funk Blasters label until now. What is surprising is that not only has he picked probably his most prolific year ever to do it, he’s also managed to find an impressive team (including two other label bosses) with whom to do it. And while the members of this hand

MASSEVIL: Welcome To Eccentric City EP (2014) + Shake That Booty video

Welcome To Eccentric City MassevilThis is precisely what happens when you leave MassEvil unchecked. No, not a pro-UKIP calypso by that sanctimonious prick Mike Read – (that’s the consequence of leaving ‘mass evil’ unchecked) I’m on about the Welcome To Eccentric City EP – and it’s a downright nasty place. I imagine Radical Mixtape‘s latest discovery to be an immense black creature lurking at the centre of

RAY LUGO & THE BOOGALOO DESTROYERS: Que Chevere! (My Baby’s Got Latin Soul) (2014) La Tumba De Fu Manchu video

Que Chevere!  Ray LugoRating: ★★★★★ Billed as the the premier contemporary boogaloo and latin soul outfit working today, Ray Lugo & The Boogaloo Destroyers are also pretty much the only contemporary boogaloo and latin soul outfit working today – at least with any sort of international status. But don’t let that fool you – these guys bring it like Fania at the height of

MINIMATIC: Lost In My 80s EP (2014) + Shut Off The TV video

Lost In My 80s MinimaticMinimatic‘s next one is this three-track EP of late night neo-disco style breaks entitled Lost In My 80s. I got lost in the 80s once. For a whole fucking decade. The very start and the end were alright but the middle was terrible: skinny jeans, day-glo socks, that wanker Mike Read everywhere you looked – often with a stupid fucking song, the evil presence of Jimmy Saville, feral bankers, fascist

ROGER MOLLS feat. SLIK JACK: ‘End Light Tunnel’ video (2014)

End Light Tunnel Roger MollsIf you’ve been missing the superbly produced vocal and instrumental hip-hop of Roger Molls (last album Metamorphosis Of Muses came out two years ago) you’ll be gratified to hear that the second volume of his The Man With Dusty Fingers mixtape series is imminent. While you wait for that though, why not enjoy the new video to the creepy End Light Tunnel off his last LP. In it, rapper Slik

SAM STARION: Fat Lava (2014) Free download

Fat Lava - Sam StarionTravelling by the name of Fat Lava, this freebie from MustBeat newbie Sam Starion has more energy than a roomful of toddlers on Red Bull. It’s less a track than a recording of a big beat-obsessed, industrial-sized photocopier which amid the noise occasionally blasts out different sampled soundbites including such advice as, ‘get funky’ and shoutouts such as, ‘fat flava’ – which does