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PUBLIC ENEMY: Bring The Noise (PHIBES remix)(2014)

Bring The Noise PE PhibesBass! How low can you go? Well, if your handle is Phibes, then you aim to get lower than the Bomb Squad. Which is rather a prolonged tramp downwards. Talking of tramps – a certain well-famous Mohawks sample gets another outing here although the familiarity of that hammond riff is leavened by the process of inserting lengthy ghetto funk wobble-bass interpolations. It’s all part

EDDIE SHINN: The Plastic Jam (2014)

Plastic Jam Eddie ShinnMore ‘downtempo’ breakbeat action from the Cold Busted label that follows in the footsteps of drops from My Neighbour Is, Mister T and Funky Destination in actually being quite funky and lively. And as my first piece of evidence your honour, I’d like to submit the upbeat, 108 bpm instrumental box of party breaks happiness entitled – er – Box Of Happiness. That’ll be a highlight off The Plastic

YUM CHA: Roll Dem EP (2014)

Roll Dem EP Yum Cha“Yum cha?”
“Oh yes please – that’s very kind – got any of those little snack things while I do?”
“Dim Sums?”
“No I was thinking more of some of those ghetto reggae biscuits.”
“Ghetto reggae biscuits? Ohhhhh. You mean Yum Cha the Oz
producer! Sorry I thought you were

BROTHER ALI feat. BAMBU & MALLY: ‘Home Away From Home’ free download (2014) + video

Home Away From Home Brother AliBrother Ali is on tour back home in the States it seems and as is apparently his wont, he’s made a tour theme tune. Home Away From Home features an uplifting Philly soul-style beat, fellow rappers Bambu and Mally and is an ode to the joys of the tourbus. The video appears to be filmed on the tourbus too. Less one of those glorious efforts with luxury toilets and a heated swimming pool though

THE LAST AMERICAN B-BOY: ‘Tagged’ video (2014)

Tagged Last American B-BoyThe Last American B-Boy comments on the insidious pervasion of everyday life by social media on super-short, low-slung bump Tagged. A video for which track he has released on Youtube, the link to which he has re-posted on his Twitter and Facebook feeds and which his PR co. has then emailed to various blogs, including monkeyboxing

JASON KING: Daddy’s Donkey Ride (Raw Saddle) + King Fries Mix free downloads (2014)

Daddy's Donkey Ride Jason KingJason King a.k.a the artist formerly known as Bubaking, generously delves into his bucket of musical crowd-feed here and tosses out a free Big Daddy Kane/ Mr Scruff swing-hop mash-up carrot. There may be some of you who find the title of Daddy’s Donkey Ride (Raw Saddle) inherently amusing – I can hear a few sniggers at the back now – though I may as well tell you now

CALIBRO 35: The Butcher’s Bride/ Get Carter (2014) + video

Butchers Bride Get Carter Calibro 35Italian modsters Calibro 35 deliver a new double A-side shortly consisting of the sort of cheery hammond shenanigans that Big Boss Man aren’t doing at the minute and then catch the train to 70s Gateshead with a guitar-n-breaks heavy cover of the theme from Get Carter. The former, Butcher’s Bride, is punctuated by saucy, breathy and increasingly excited female ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’

RHYTHM RIDERS: Give Me A Sign (JSTAR remix)(2014)

Give Me A Sign Rhythm Riders JStar“Give me a sign” begs the hook from Aswad/ Dreadzone/ Renegade Soundwave reggae supergroup Rhythm Riders’ latest single – er – Give Me A Sign. And give them a sign reggae remixer JStar does. A massive wreathed-in-smoke and pulsating with ribcage-penetrating bass, dub-flavoured sign at that. Or – to put it another way – JStar rides the rhythm of rhythm providers

THIRD COAST KINGS: Birds & Bees (2014)

Birds And Bees Third Coast KingsMichigan funksters Third Coast Kings deliver a message of love with new single and smoochy brass-led soul cut Birds & The Bees. As you’ll see from the early drinking scenes in the video – all that subsequent dancing and pairing off is clearly fuelled by alcohol and probably led to christ knows what. On the plus side though, full marks to the band – firstly for not only being able to organise a

PARLIAMENT: Flashlight (SLYNK remix) (2014) Free download

Flashlight remix Slynk ParliamentWho’s that making that funky noise? Turns out it’s the man they call Slynk. P-funk seems to be the genre de mois on planet breaks at the minute and here Mr Evan Chandler shines his production torch on Parliament’s woozy P-funk classic Flashlight. Cue a fairly hefty breakbeat, snatches of DJ Kool and some massively beefed-up bass synths. Apparently, Bernie Worrell played the original bass