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RENEGADE BRASS BAND: Rhymes, Beats & Brass (2014)

Rhymes Beats Brass Renegade Brass BandWhat’s brassier than Bo Selecta’s Scary Spice impression and blows harder than a desperate crack whore? Renegade Brass Band of course! Consisting of 8 – er – blowers, 2 percussionists, a scratch dj, a live MC (and a partridge in a pear tree), the 12 piece outfit return in August with beats and rhymes about life on their debut album

CHAMBER: Flip Like A Renegade (2014)

Flip Like A Renegade ChamberHow about a little Chamber music? No, not that kind. Relative Dimensions decide that warping great electro blues-funk break Flip Like A Renegade from Beat Kitchen resident Chamber was just too good not to remix. So they’ve had it remixed – by Doc Moody who flips like Aphrodite, El Bomba who flips like 90s big beat, Leygo who flips like he’s a ghetto Robert Johnson, Sketi who flips like he’s

KENNY DOPE: The Wild Style Breakbeats (2014)

Wild Style Breakbeats Kenny Dope“Man, I saw your female with them, too. What’s up with her? I hear that she’s been giving that stuff out to all them graffiti guys.”
“Yo, shut the fuck up, Chico, man!”
“I’d paint three of those murals for some of that ass.”

Yeah? And how about some of this ass? The first ever studio release of all thirteen original

JSTAR: Woo Tempo (2014) Free download

Woo Tempo JStarJStar‘s feeling the love this summer so he’s releasing a classic big reggae-hip-hop mashup into the wild. Originally just a ‘friends and family’ ‘thank you’ for supporting his LP Licensed Plates, Woo Tempo finds Busta Rhymes getting his rap mode flipped over King Tubby’s Tempo riddim. That’s 92 bpm of heavyweight activity at full AIFF quality. He’s got you all in check! Cop it below, don’t forget

MORLACK: Refunkafized (2014)

Refunkafized MorlackSee? I told you Morlack ate, slept and shat breakbeat music. Yes, it’s yet another release from a man whose productivity is starting to make a Korean sweatshop look slack and the second album-length one in a month alone. Perhaps Juno should just pop a new sub-genre link under their breakbeat section called ‘Morlack-funk’ or something? Mind you, strictly speaking this one is

WEEKEND SUN: Forever Tomorrow (2014)

Forever Tomorrow Weekend SunThe UK’s northeast is a particularly bright solar system in the ‘nu-funk’ galaxy these days largely as a consequence of the well-deserved successes of shining stars Smoove & Turrell. However, it’s also home to King Bee whose self-titled debut long player recently cast its few rays across the funk-iverse as well as Weekend Sun (presumably named for the fantastic Teeside climate) whose

MR BRISTOW: Borrowed Wobble (2014) Free download

Borrowed Wobble Mr BristowFortuitous that John Lennon raised the issue of borrowing on a track from his rudely curtailed career in 1980 since Mr Bristow‘s made a moonlight requisition of the whole song for sterling new ghetto breaks effort Borrowed Wobble. Lennon’s Borrowed Time was never completed in his lifetime and only released posthumously without the intended horn overdubs because his

JOHNNYPLUSE & THE STORMTROOPERS OF LOVE: 135 Rinka (2014) Video + free download

135 Rinka Johnnypluse StormtroopersJohnnypluse & The Stormtroopers Of Love make even the ‘Happy Shopper’ ‘Star Wars Stoomtrooper outfit’ look deluxe in the video for 135 Rinka with their upturned ‘Smart Price’ white buckets and what look for all the world like budget biohazard onesies. Probably just as well given that they seem only to be wearing boxers beneath them and must be working up quite a sweat


Cold World Naomi Shelton  The Gospel QueensRating: ★★★★★ Oh lordy – yes please! I submit to you that Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens’ Cold World might possibly be the best Daptone Records release ever. Original sixties soul singer and Alabama-to-New York transplant Shelton first moved to the Big Apple way back in 1963 and now unleashes a twelve tracker of gospel soul with the best tunes I’ve ever heard out of Gabriel Roth and

DUSTY TONEZ: Shake Your Booty (PHIBES remix) (2014) Free download

Shake Your Booty Dusty Tonez Phibes remixNo wax equations here – Phibes‘ are strictly digital for their unofficial remix of the title track from buddy Dusty Tonez‘ recent Shake Your Booty EP. Like the original, Shake Your Booty the track splices together that master of the elastic funky bass sound, Bootsy Collins, and Eve (Bootseve!), though Eve bangs her tambourine over a more pounding four to the floor beat for