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MY NEIGHBOUR IS: Running Of The Bulls (2014)

Running Of The Bulls My Neighbour IsDespite the terrible handicap of a day job as a house music producer under the nom de plume Robotneedsoil, My Neighbour Is moonlights as a funky breaks producer and acquits himself more capably than many who don’t suffer from any kind of house music affliction. Arriving approximately a year after his rather good Fish & Chips EP, his Running Of The Bulls EP finds the man corralling

CONTE CRUX: Freak Money EP (2014)

Freak Money EP Conte CruxConte Crux might sound like he’s the maker of bespoke kitchens but he’s actually the maker of bespoke hard n crunchy, uptempo (since there’s nothing on the Freak Money EP under 125 bpm) breaks with a funky twist. Such is the latest sonic location for a man whose musical journey has taken him through the badlands of hard trance from an original old skool jungle embarkation

VARIOUS: We Are Friends (2014) Free download

Various We Are FriendsNow I know pan-European co-operation is not exactly de rigeur this year what with recent events on the eastern side of the continent (not to mention the persistence of piss-weak ‘What corrupt bankers? It’s immigrants!’ narratives beloved of governments) but a more hopeful model (and message) is provided on We Are Friends, a free twelve track drop of funk, soul, breaks and a dash

BAM & MR DERO: On & On (2014)

On   On Bam Mr DeroRating: ★★★★★ It seems that Austrian DJ/ producer Mr Dero has teamed up with Bam a.k.a. Afrika Baby Bam from Jungle Brothers.
“Oh yes?”
Yep – there’s a single out – called On & On – sample lyrics: “Styles doper than Elvis Presley on barbiturates/ so friggin ill they call it illegitimate” or “You know it’s hip-hop by the sound of my

CICO: Blind Justice EP (2014)

Blind Justice CicoThe latest official drop on Bombastic Jam is this downtempo four tracker – the Blind Justice EP – from the man who shares a studio with label owner and Basement Freaks main man George Fotiadis. I had a google for Cico (for so he is named) and can see that his other interests seem to be chimney linings and “beautifully illustrated mind, body and spirit books” so it’s just as well that he likes his

DJ DNA feat. KURTIS BLOW: ‘Far Far Away’ (Stu Mix) video (2014)

Far Far Away Stumix DJ DNA Kurtis BlowRating: ★★★★★ In keeping with the accidental eighties theme today, how about this? A cranking old school electro hip-hop mix of Far Far Away by DJ DNA (of Urban Dance Squad fame) which features none other than (and few more old school than) the world’s first commercially successful rapper Kurtis Blow! DJ Stu takes the boogie-tinged original album version and goes all crunchy 8-bit

DISCOSOCKS: Sock Drawer Secrets #3 (2013) Free download

Sock Drawer Secrets 3 DiscosocksIn what is turning out to be something of a boogie night here at MB Towers, I give you what Discosocks is pleased to refer to as his Sock Drawer Secrets – specifically Vol. 3. Having divulged the mankini, penis pump, pussy whip, crusty odd sock, grot mags, and strawberry nipple cream (not to mention a plethora of disco and boogie edits) over the last two volumes, you’d be forgiven for

MORLACK: Wake Up! (2014)

Wake Up! MorlackThat most prolific of breakbeat music men, Morlack, has yet another release out Wake Up! this time on Radical Mixtape Recordings with the sort of HR Giger cover that normally presages death metal content. There’s no need to throw out the horns just yet though because this one’s all about the boogie. Disco boogie on Check The

WILL C: ‘Ancient Spirit’ video + ‘Omega Supreme Soundwave’ trailer (2014)

Ancient Spirit Omega Will CShortly to be entering the outer rappersphere after a lengthy sojourn in the fourth dimension with Brian Wilson is none other than Will C everybody. The Boston emcee/ producer’s twin obsessions of filtering the eighties through a psychedelic prism and delivering distorted rap vocals have survived the journey, you’ll be pleased to hear, which means the prospect of a new LP is rather exciting

VARIOUS: Lime Sorbet IV (Selected by QUINCY JOINTZ)(2014)

Lime Sorbet IV Quincy JointzSelectah Quincy Jointz is in the area once more with Volume 4 of his Lime Sorbet series covering all bases from nufunk to nujazz, chillout to breaks, funk to reggae and electro to – ahem – house. This one is seventeen tracks deep and in the days of physical-only releases it would have been worth paying for the whole thing just to get your hands on Andy Taylor‘s nufunk bomb-track Pray which