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RENEGADES OF JAZZ: Sidewinders (2014)

Sidewinders Renegades Of JazzRating: ★★★★★ Renegades Of Jazz returns with Sidewinders, a twelve-strong musical arsenal of heat-seeking ‘northern jazz’ missiles so catchy you’ll be unable to ignore them even if you can fly like Maverick and will probably end up moving to them even if you dance like Maverick. Anyone who has previously experienced the work of ROJ will know that we’re talking one of the few outfits aside

CADIEN: Do You Have It? (2014) Free download + video

Do You Have It  CadienDo You Have It? Cadien asks with this new freebie. Well do you? Everyone on the video does. James Brown, Aretha Franklin, lindy-hoppers Al and Leon, anyone on the ubiquitous Soul Train Line, De La Soul, Sammy Davis Jr, The Beatles, Afrika Bambaataa, all the artists on an impressive selection of soul 45s and – er – Danny Kaye. He’s on about S.O.U.L. of course. Watch out for the four

CHRIS READ feat. MYLES SANKO: The Magic Is Gone (2014)

The Magic Is Gone Chris Read Myles SankoThe Magic Is Gone is the latest drop from Breakin Bread – on which crate-digger and man of Substance, Chris Read, enlists the help of neo-soulman Myles Sanko to try and locate the place where b-boy breaks and acid jazz meet. On the evidence of this, their search has been a wild success – one for those who like to uprock in a velour tracksuit while stroking their chin. Not to be


It’s a UK backpack-rap wet-dream as Mancunian knob-twiddler Pete Cannon teams up with Dr Syntax, Jehst and US West Coast Hiero legend Del The Funky Homosapien for ode to libertarianism Do What We Wanna Do. It’s a throwback to that kind of turn-of-the-millenium beat where it was the law that any video had to be a moving hand-held p.o.v. job shot through a fish

SHAKA LOVES YOU: Party In A Box (Edit Pack Vol. 1)(2014) Free download

Party In A Box Shaka Loves You Vol 1“Shak…hic…shaka…hic…Shakhaluvsyoumay.”
“Shaka…hic…fuckin loves you. Mate. Urrppp.”

Indeed. Although more accurately Shaka Loves You must love all of you since they’ve just dropped this free, funky, four-deep booty party pack. Expect to find the Glasgow gang tweaking The New Mastersounds, Nirvana, The O’Jays and Afrika

CHICK WEBB & ELLA FITZGERALD: Get Low, Get High (JPOD remix) (2014) Free download

Ella Fitzgerald JPODJPOD reboots Chick Webb and Ella Fitzgerald’s 30s swing anthem, When I Get Low, I Get High by chucking a bass n breaks V12 under the hood and whittling the conveniently evocative title down to the even more obviously dance music/ drug-referencing Get Low Get High. Sometimes you wonder how those innocent old tunes can be so presciently named don’t you? Until a quick google

REX REY: Different Manifestations Of The Same Thing (2014) Free download

Different Manifestations Same Thing Rex ReyRating: ★★★★★ Hurrah! Cali king Rex Rey is back with this free download EP and counterpart to last year’s Play That Shit EP. He describes this release as, “an instrumental beat suite…looking to capture musically, the sense of anxiety and nervousness that I feel most of the time.” What’s that son? Been on the peyote again? And acid and weed? Did nobody tell you never to mix your drugs? It’s trippy

DJ ROAST BEATZ: Ghetto Soul EP (2014)

Ghetto Soul - DJ Roast BeatzHello, it’s Roast Beatz with his first release on on Breakbeat Paradise – the Ghetto Soul EP and he’s brought along Ugly Duckling Dizzy Dustin to spit a few bars in the gaps between Kylie Earl‘s soaring vocal on Do What You Love! Not so much ghetto gone funky now as ghetto gone soul, then. With a lil nod towards hip-hop. Also, DJ Rudd‘s on hand to provide a rework which is neither soul nor hip-hop

VARIOUS: Jalapeno Funk Vol. 5 (2014)

Jalapeno Funk Vol. 5Once more the Jalapeno Records label plunges the compilation ladle into the chili bowl of its recent back catalogue and serves the ingredients up with a generous side order of exclusives on Jalapeno Funk Vol. 5. Nineteen aural taste sensations ensue and nearly all of them are funk-related. The opening trio of the spicy revved-up neo-northern soul of Aldo Vanucci/ Kylie Auldist collab. Get A Hold On This

S STRONG & FUNKANIZER: Groove Gigolos EP (2014)

Rating: ★★★★★ The PR would have it that the Groove Gigolos EP from Stelios Strong and cohort Funkanizer is the product of yet more dubious sexual adventures at Scour Mansions – something about fingering Pandas apparently. Since such deviance regularly drips from the pen of one Fat Harry however, dwelling on it will only serve to encourage him, so let’s have a look at the music