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STOOP KIDS: ‘Stoop Life’ video (2013)

I’m now experiencing the weather I was imagining when I first posted about New Orleans ‘doo-hop’ outfit Stoop Kids back in March so this video to Stoop Life, my favourite track off their What A World LP couldn’t have arrived at a more opportune time. It’s too hot to be bouncing around at the minute. We all know how that ends up right? It’s all dehydration headache, sweaty pits and your

THE FONTANELLES: Pinprick/Criminality (2013)

What happens to a highly skilled twelve piece afro funk band put together for the Fela Kuti musical when the musical has run its course? They get signed by First Word Records of course. I can imagine the conversation now…
“So what are this lot going to call themselves then?”
“They decided they were going to be called The

T BIRD & THE BREAKS: Waxin b/w No Diggity (2013) Free download + video

Rating: ★★★★★ It’s summer, it’s hot and here’s consistently dope Texan funk crew T Bird & The Breaks to send the sexual temperature rising too. Waxin’ turns on an insistent pulsing b-line and is ostensibly (not to mention ironically, since this is a digital single) all about T Bird’s old lady’s obsession with records. But with a hook like, “I wanna go waxin daddy” it’s clear she’s after more than vinyl

TOM SHOWTIME: Cooler Than Cool (2013) Free download

By my reckoning, Coldcut’s tabla-tastic Roots Manuva-featuring Tru Skool was their second-to-last single way back in 2006. Some vocals are too fly to die however and the acapella for Tru Skool is one of them. Da Wiesel did an excellent funky breaks version a few years ago and now Melbourne producer Tom Showtime provides a dope rework of the UK’s most convincingly international-level MC

SMOOVE: The Only Way Is Oop/ De La Smoove Lesson 1 (2013)

Rating: ★★★★★ It’s been a while since Smoove‘s last official release but Berry Geordie is back with both remix barrels aimed squarely at the dancefloor on this sexy little 45 from the Digga Please label. First up is surefire lady-pleaser The Only Way is Oop a.k.a.Smoove’s muscular northern coal edit of Otis Clay’s 1980 lost classic more famously covered by Yazz eight years later. Over on the flip our man lets

SMOKEY BANDITS: The Rooster (2013) + Holidays In The Sun (Bobby C Sound TV remix) free download

Not little, not red but a rooster nonetheless – The Rooster is the current single from Basement Freaks‘ George Fotiadis with his Balkan/ Mex-American side project Smokey Bandits. It comes in four different types of ‘plumage’ – original, samba, Savages Y Suefo and AfroQBen and there’s also get a free Bobby C remix of Smokey Bandits’ Holidays In The Sun thrown in too. Quality

JFB: DMC Online Championship video (2013)

“Yeah alright mate – there’s no way that’s live. I know how it works. Serato might be plugged in but I bet there’s fuck all cued on them records. You’ll have been in your bedroom all week prancing around in front of the mirror, fancying yourself as some sort of ‘turntable Hendrix,’ faking the funk on the ones and twos while a bit of QBert or Kentaro or some other DMC champion plays on the

MAKO & THE HAWK: Party Goin’ On EP (2013) + video

It ain’t final til it’s vinyl! Damn straight and here’s Mako & The Hawk on wax at last – twelve black inches of it – as the slackest duo on the party breaks scene get their shit together in time for the summer party season. The Party Goin’ On EP is the latest from the mighty Breakbeat Paradise Recordings, then. The action kicks off with the title track – an epic Wiseguys-ish b-boy breaks

ACEYALONE: Pass The Hint (2013)

It’s the second single off Aceyalone‘s excellent funk and soul-influenced eleventh LP Leanin On Slick and which track have the label picked to follow the JBs’-inflected funk of the title track? The jump-up stutter-funk of What You Gone Do With That maybe? Uptempo funky boom-bap bangers One Cup Two Cup or Show Me Them Shoes? Cutting ex-lover diss rap Cold Piece? Dancefloor

BURNING HOUSE (Chief Xcel & General Elektriks): Turn Off The Robot (2013) + video

Burning House is the new collaboration project between Blackalicious/ Quannum producer Chief Xcel and French keyboard commando General Elektriks and Turn Off The Robot is the first track to be released off their forthcoming LP. Burning House? Turn Off The Robot?
“Xcel my love?”