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PUSHIN WOOD SOUNDSYSTEM: Through The Needle’s Eye/ Get Lost + comic book (2012)

Pushin Wood Soundsystem? Must be the month for double entendres. Mind you, every month is the month for double entendres here at MB Towers – it just never gets boring. Anyway the Through The Needle’s Eye/Get Lost seven inch (there we go again) is what happens when you ask Dutch pro-skater Wouter Winter to knock out (and again) a comic which you’re going to release on your record

MORLACK: Electrophonic Crack (BigMD044) (2012)

Are these two trying to make my life more difficult? Between them producer Morlack and label BigM must have occupied more of my blogging time than anyone else this year – this is BigM’s fourth release this month alone and Morlack’s second! Anyway – Electrophonic Crack – we all know how it starts – you’re pushed a couple of free ones to give you the taste and before you know it you’re giving blow jobs

PROPHETS OF PEACE: P.O.P/ 46th Street Bump Time (2012) 45 release

By way of a chaser for excellent recent LP compilation Twin Cities Funk & Soul: Lost R&B Grooves From Minneapolis St Paul 1964-1979, Secret Stash Records now drop a previously-unreleased Prophets Of Peace 45 from back when it was all flares and ‘fros. The Minneapolis-based 8-piece released at least one single back in the mid-seventies and began work on an LP but it was

GHETTO BROTHERS: Power Fuerza (re-issue) + DJ Akalepse promo mix (2012)

Rating: ★★★★★
Some records are merely rare. Some are so rare that the artists in the act that recorded them don’t even have a copy. Power Fuerza by New York’s Ghetto Brothers is one such album. Happily for them it’s getting a re-release on its fortieth anniversary. Admittedly its mixture of Latin-flavoured soul and rock from 1972 is probably not

ILLNAUGHTY: Melodic Chamber (2012)

West Coast producer Illnaughty is yet another signing to Dizzy Dustin’s Kamikazi Airlines label – currently repping the sound of the west coast underground. Or at least the Long Beach part of it. But as with Dizzy’s side project Blown Celeb – you can put Ugly Duckling-style, old school, cartoon, party cuts from your mind. In fact – you know that bit on Training Day when Denzel Washington’s

DJ RUDD: We Can Get It On (BBP 061)(2012)

“We Can Get It On” proclaims the title of this new EP from DJ Rudd which, appropriately enough, eschews mere flirting with the name ‘funk’ to deliver an above averagely funky, well-constructed ghetto funk four-tracker. And manages to show gentlemanly restraint with the bass wobble. Taking in ghetto disco (opener Shake It Out), ghetto soul (title track), ghetto Edie Brickell & The Wiseguys (no, really) we

CHART – November 2012

(NEW) 1. Too Many Ts – Get Out My Life

UK hip-hop re-discovers how to party all fonky

EL BOMBA: Cop Dat Shit (2012)

Hot on the heels of Basement Freaks’ Gold Digga is another breaks/ ghetto funker that pares an old hip-hop vocal hook down to its hookiest part though in this case the artist is El Bomba and the hook invites us to “Cop Dat Shit.” That’s ‘invite’ in the Mafia sense of course since, by the time you hear the words “cop dat shit,” you’ve already been ‘copping’ a minute of throbbing buzzsaw bassquake

BASEMENT FREAKS: Soul Digga EP (2012) + ‘Gold Digga’ free download

See, I said it would be all about the albums in the land of ghetto funk this year and here’s big player Basement Freaks gearing up for his. It’s like when Genghis Khan died and anyone with a claim to the throne raced back from rapine and pillaging in the far flung reaches of the empire of Mongolia to claim it. Except that Basement Freaks is racing back from djing and production in the far flung