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DILATED PEOPLES: European tour (2012)

It says here that, ”since their inception, Dilated Peoples have been energizing the rap underground.” I was surprised to learn that they were still energizing anything since their last LP was six years ago and the last thing of any actual note that they did was This Way back in 2004. Still, on the scale of criminal porkies it’s hardly ‘they definitely have weapons of mass destruction,’ ‘the economy’s fine’ or ‘yes, I do deserve my obscene

CHART – February 2012

(NEW) 1. Morlack – Try It Again

Superbly chunky free booty version of Bobby Byrd’s funk nugget

JASMINE KARA: Blues Ain’t Nothing But a Good Woman Gone Bad (2012)

Swedish/Persian singer Jasmine Kara finally gets a physical UK release for her debut album with it’s Marlena Shaw-referencing title Blues Ain’t Nothing But A Good Woman Gone Bad then. And when I say ‘finally’, this must have been kicking around for anywhere up to two years behind the scenes since official videos for two album tracks were up on Youtube a year ago and another one was up a year

SMOOVE & TURRELL: Slow Down/ In Deep (2012)

Slow Down might be the first-named track on the cover but this one’s all about the neo-disco adventures of coal-soul duo Smoove & Turrell with their ‘creators-of-Last-Night-A-DJ-Saved-My-Life’-referencing In Deep. How deep? Balls deep my friends! We’re not just flirting with the bouncer at Studio 54 here either – more attempting to storm the doors with no fewer than seven remixes (from

DIZRAELI & TOM CARUANA: People Taking Pictures (2012)

People Taking Pictures, the lead single off new Tom Caruana and Dizraeli hook–up LP White Man (Moves) (due 15 March) reprises TC’s penchant for Bollywood-fuelled beats (check his excellent Okayplayer – The Bollywood Remake LP) while rapper Dizraeli lays into western backpackers. You may be surprised to learn that it’s the picture-taking he doesn’t like – that and the people who take them. So pretty much all of them then..? Well