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THE SOUL SNATCHERS: Scratch My Itch (2011) Album release details

Many are those who attempt to recreate that original funky soul sound but there are few who actually manage it as well as The Soul Snatchers whose new LP Scratch My Itch is released in February. The official video preview and the soundcloud snippets of the new one (see below) would suggest you can expect plenty of ‘huh’, quite a lot of ‘uhh’ and a bit of ‘get down!’ along with fat horns, wah-wah chops and big breaks. Anyone who’s heard their track People

GHETTO FUNK ALLSTARS: The Icons Vol. 2 (2011) Free download

Looks like Christmas just came early in the ghetto funk universe for here is volume 2 of their ‘Icons’ series. And, ‘What is in Ghetto Claus’s bulging sack?’ you ask – like you need to. Basically twenty tracks from eighteen big scene names remixing names of big scenes of yesteryear. Expect to find the likes of Badboe, The Breakbeat Junkie, Slynk, B-Side and about a million others (well, fourteen) giving the big breaks, booty-ass, bass wobble, rework love

RACKABEAT & BAR-LOW: The Rack & Low Show podcast (2011) + ‘Get Down’ video

This is only the third podcast inside a month that I’m posting about since I said I didn’t normally post about podcasts – which all goes to show how much of a handle I’ve got on what I do. Anyway, here we are and here’s Rack & Low a.k.a. Rackabeat and Bar-Low, a pair of dj/producers from Bristol whose boom-track Get Down (see video below) is out now on the Riddim Fruit label – see player below. If that’s not enough R n L

BIG M Presents: More Banging Artists (2011) 12”

Big M’s latest wax project hops between sub-genres like a right beat slut. It delivers an wobbly uptempo Bollywood ghetto funk from Nynfus Corp, a straight up funky breaks version of funky soul staple Hold On I’m Comin’ from Nev Scott & Waynessential, mid-tempo Nu-Yorican breaks from The Breakbeat Junkie and finishes up with Uppercut Continue’s dubstep exploration of ‘that night’ when Charlie Sheen’s crack became famous. Sorry, did I say


Just in case you thought BigM had gone ‘too hip-hop’ with the recent dope of their Dee & Kamy four track EP, this dropped the other week. Despite a title which conjures images of chicks in shelltoes and fat dungarees with baseball hats on backwards Stereo Beatz & Myniemo’s Planet B Girl is actually a bit of acid-synth-fuelled big beat. Fresh Andy lightens the tone on his rework with a filtered bit of happy wah, Quincy Jointz nearly

BBE/MILLION DOLLAR DISCO: Al Kent presents The Best of Disco Demands (2011) + track list

With The Best Of Disco Demands Al Kent looks to have put together a superbly comprehensive set of lesser-known disco gems. Now, although I largely regard disco as having treacherously slipped the knife between the ribs of funk and soul in the late seventies and (worse) laid the groundwork for house music, it is true that I do like the odd disco track. And you get no fewer than fifty-four on this mammoth compilation of compilations, including

JOHNNY PLUSE: The Market Street Cut Up (2011) Digital release/ remixes

Not quite the East End gang brawl it sounds like, Johnny Pluse nevertheless brings along enough remixers for this digital re-release of 2009’s The Market Street Cut Up to almost make it worth starting a ruck. There are eleven mixes available from the likes of (deep breath) Ewan Hoozami, Quincy Jointz, Hong Kong Ping Pong, Totalcult, Mustbeat Crew, Rory Hoy, Dusty Tonez and Funkanomics. Gang leader Pluse’s skankin’ 2011

CHART – December 2011

(NEW) =1. GonesTheDJ – Done Nothin

Super-disco badass rework of lesser-known Stevie funk cut

KAZAHAYA: Soul Is Yours (2011)

Rating: ★★★★★
Right, this is just taking the piss – there have been more decent hip-hop albums and projects out this year than in the last five years put together which makes 2011 officially the year that proper hip-hop was resurrected. And here’s Japanese producer Kazahaya with the latest proof of that in the shape of Soul Is Yours. The LP is a ten track set of which nine have guest vocalists on rhyme detail

DJ MONEYSHOT: Jehovah’s Witness (DJ Moneyshot’s Boot) (2011) Free download

Heads up as Moneyshot cracks one out for Christmas here in the shape of Jehovah’s Witness. Far from being someone who knocks on your door with a copy of The Watchtower at an unreasonably early hour of a Saturday morning while you’re still suffering from the night before, this Jehovah’s Witness is a combo of J-Hova a.k.a. the Jiggaman a.k.a. Jay-Z’s Izzo beat and one Roots Manuva’s