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MORLACK: Where Do U Get Ur Funk From (2011) + Free downloads

I like Morlack’s release titles. Last time he was taking it to the Zulu – this time he wants to know where we get our funk from. Er – hang on Morlack – I’ll do the questions – where do you get yours from? Your cover would suggest Betty Davis with bigger guns…what’s that, sorry – Seventies P-funk? Oh right, yeah. Tone Loc – yup, The Red Hot Chili Peppers – I see and…INXS. Really? Oh, I get you…guilty pleasures and all that eh?

BOX ROCKET: Avalanche Psychiatrist (2011) Free download

Long before Frape, happy-slapping and shanking innocent passersby, the box rocket (along with sniffing glue and a gentle game of British bulldog) was one of many forms of more innocent youth entertainment. Oh wait – that was a pocket rocket wasn’t it. Still, you wouldn’t want to call your mid-tempo breaks project ‘pocket rocket’ nowadays though (if you were Ewan Hoozami and Dave Remix – as indeed Box Rocket are) since

THIEVERY CORPORATION feat. MR LIF: Unified Tribes (2011) video

It’s all about the funky fat horns and rhymes here as chilled Stateside combo Thievery Corporation team up with Boston rapper Mr Lif to deliver some mellow ire against the thievery of corporations. Yes, Unified Tribes is all about standing firm in the face of the man with a video focussing on the Occupy movement in DC. All very timely in a week when over in the UK the tax office is alleged to have let big business off its tax bill to the tune of 25bn

SLYNK: Ghetto Funk presents Slynk EP (2011)

The Ghetto Funk label’s ‘artist series’ of wax EPs continues apace and next up is Oz producer Slynk whose four-tracker sees the light of day early in the new year. The Brisbane-based dj/ producer dips into seventies and eighties disco and soul and nineties rapapellas (most obviously Screechy Dan on opener Boomin’ for example but also bars from Biggie and Q Tip on Poppin It) to keep it as resolutely upbeat as its predecessors. Lest that make it sound like the de rigeur wobbly bass is missing, put your fears aside

JOHNNYPLUSE: This Will Twist Your Head (2011) Free download

‘Tis the season of giving and here’s JohnnyPluse, boss of Irish label Bulabeats, coming over all Santa-fied with free fourteen-track LP. If you’re the sort of person who doesn’t have enough breakbeat remixes in your life this’ll twist your head and probably your melons too. JP’s basically remixed his way through the punk and post-punk seventies (Blondie, The Clash and The Jam), the overblown and self-indulgent eighties

MONKEYBOXING.COM – Top 10 Albums of 2011

(See – Top 10 Tracks – 2011 HERE)
N.b. This chart was compiled using a highly complex algorithm based on what has been blaring out of the monkeyboxing speakers most often in the last twelve month period…

1. TOM CARUANA PRESENTS – Wu Tang vs Jimi Hendrix ‘Black Gold’

You can’t put a mash-up album at number one! And yet here this is. And yes – it is that good

MONKEYBOXING.COM – Top 10 Tracks of 2011

(See – Top 10 Albums – 2011 HERE)
N.B. This chart was compiled using a highly complex algorithm based on what has been blaring out of the monkeyboxing speakers most often this year…

1. Ugly Duckling – Elevation

Massive UD dancefloor banger off the new LP

THE MILK: B-Roads (2011) + Byron bootleg & ’54-46′ free download

Rating: ★★★★★
“We got to stick to the B Roads” sing The Milk on soulful new single B-Roads making out like they aren’t travelling down the sliproad onto the motorway of mainstream recognition. The only way they could possibly be more conspicuous on their journey to the top would be if they were travelling on some sort of luminous ‘fame bus’ with a destination reading ‘The top.’ Currently being bummed by all and sundry (the NME, Zane Lowe, Huey Morgan)

JSTAR: The Unlimiters ‘Loophole’ (JStar remix) + ‘One Life One Hope’/ ‘Taxi Damaja’ (2011)

JStar’s a man I like to keep tabs on and he’s been keeping himself busy lately with a number of projects – and here are two of them. The most recent of these sees him dub-versioning The Unlimiters’ reggae cut Loophole. You know the sort thing – more echo than a Victorian public toilet and bass so tangible a couple of stoned white-dreads are actually using it to sleep under

DJ QUICKIE MART feat. WAX/ GOTHAM GREEN/ JES HUDAK: Roll It Up (2011) Free download

Rating: ★★★★★
New Orleans DJ Quickie Mart and friends Wax, Gotham Green and Jes Hudak pick up where Cypress Hill left off back when they were good with Roll It Up – a funk-based number off rapper Wax’s Eviction Notice LP extolling the virtues of Mary Jane. Interestingly, these now seem to include a pleasing fragrance