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DRUMAT!C/ ICEROCKS feat. T.R.A.C: Stay True (2011) – Blunted Astronaut Records

U.S. emcee T.R.A.C. comes correct over equally sweet alternate instrumentals from producers Drumatic and Icerocks. Not dissimilar to the funky chill of grooves produced by both The Funk League and Herma Puma in the last year or two this is hip-hop fully in the tradition of the likes of early Blackalicious and the first Wiseguys LP. In other words, there’s a big ol’ blunted feel going on

DUSTY TONEZ: Ghetto Maestro (2011)

Ghetto Maestro is the forthcoming release from Dusty Tonez and as more cultured readers will know, ‘maestro’ is Italian for ‘master.’ What is less well-known is that the same word appears in Irish Gaelic and, although there’s no direct translation, it approximates to ‘rather large and funky slice of wobbly bass.’ As you might expect therefore, the original mix here draws from funk, ragga and dubstep influences

FREDA PAYNE: Band Of Gold (Mr Bristow) Remix (2011) – Free download

Got soul but need more wobble in your life? It’s your lucky week then – for it would seem that the Dancefloor Outlaws aren’t the only ones plundering seventies cheese for a ghetto funk makeover. No, DJ/Producer Mr Bristow is at it as well with this rather well done re-version of the 1970 Freda Payne classic and you can cop it for free off the player below. Did you know that the original was a UK number one and that Motown

DANCEFLOOR OUTLAWS: Disco Cakes Vol. 3 (2011)

Dancefloor Outlaws cook up a third batch of ghetto/ nu funk ‘disco cakes’ to fill that party snack gap. Opener Betty makes quite free with Ram Jam’s very un-disco Black Betty bam-a-lamming her into the twenty-first century with some quite rude bass wobble and Regukate’s appropriation of Warren G’s ubiquitous vocal gets its eighties soul on in the shiniest grey polyester suit way possible

WACK RECORDS 11: Smov/ DJ Kid Stretch/ Prosper/ The Breakbeat Junkie/ DJP (2011)

It’s been a while but ‘Berry Geordie’ (a.k.a. producer Smoove of Smoove & Turrell) has a new Wack Records drop waiting in the wings – and this one comes with a theme. Do you hanker for that era when funk and soul was either busy morphing into or being superseded by four-to-the-floor beats and hip-hop was barely a twinkle in Kool Herc’s eye? Are you all about ‘leisure suit’/ nylon shirt-open-to-the-waist combos?

EVIDENCE: ‘You’ (prod. DJ Premier) (2011) video

Hot on the tail of the Fashawn featuring Same Folks comes another video from Dilated Peoples emcee/ producer Evidence. You (for such is the track’s name) features a Premo beat that DJ Premier himself premiered on his radio show last week. Try saying that when you’re pissed. Actually for a Premo beat it’s a dead ringer for a Platform/ Expansion Team-era Dilated beat. Which is nice

RHYMESAYERS & CARHARTT: Mix competition (2011)

Ah – the mixtape, still with us despite the lack of – well…tape, really. So not actually a mix ‘tape’ then – more just a digital mix. Now vinyl’s one thing (and I, for one, applaud its refusal to die) but I’m not even going to pretend I miss tape. What a shitty old format. It stretched, it got chewed up, if you held it too close to a magnet it got wiped – yes, a mixtape was a delicate thing back in the day

WORDPLAY MAGAZINE: Relaunch September 2011

One massive disadvantage of the digital revolution is that it wasn’t really practical to do your reading on the toilet – at least until iPads and the like came along – and even now you still wouldn’t want to swat a fly with your tablet. Unless you’re some sort of thieving investment banker with bare money to spare. Thus it is that those who like a quiet read about hip-hop have had to do it online or else shell out for Yank mags (I said ‘Yank’)

CHART – September 2011

(NEW) 1. DJ Duct feat. The Regiment – Breakout

100% B-boy crack

DJ DUCT feat. THE REGIMENT: Backyard Edit pt. 4 (Detroit Session) (2011)

Rating: ★★★★★
The man from Japan, DJ Duct heads to Motor City USA for a hook-up with hip-hop crew The Regiment and comes away with Backyard Edit 4. Essentially this is the kind of vinyl-only, ultra expensive, limited-edition Japanese import on a format that’s dying on its ass (the 12”) that common sense tells you not to bother with. The thing is, where this is concerned, common sense doesn’t know what the fuck it’s talking about