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EVIDENCE: Cats & Dogs (2011) LP details + preview mix free download + ‘Same Folks’ feat. Fashawn video

Once upon a time in hip-hop a group called Dilated Peoples worked the angles to popular underground acclaim. This would be back when record shops were so thick with manboys wearing empty Eastpak rucksacks that it almost made you want to stop buying vinyl and go home and illegally download mp3s. By the time Eastpak rucksack sales had past their peak, Dilated’s star had begun to wane and I had trouble finding a record shop

MASH & MUNKEE: Superbad 7″ (2011)

With a name like that it was never going to be acoustic folk was it? Mind you with a name like that they’d better have captured the spirit of James Brown lest they forever be regarded as supershit. Fear not then, for German b-boy breaks merchants Mash & Munkee continue to ensure that nothing but quality leaves the funk factory as A-side Superbad bursts out of the speakers in time-honoured-chase-theme-horns-and-wah-wah fashion

TELEPHUNKEN: Latin Demon EP (2011)

Alright, so this has been out for a bit – I figured if I went on holiday for two weeks in the middle of August it’d be a slow news fortnight as far as music was concerned but I return to an inbox busier than Gaddafi’s ‘inner compound’. One assumes the phrase ‘Latin Demon’ was intended to convey an olive-skinned Mr Lover Lover type rather than some leathery-winged

RENEGADES OF JAZZ: Hip To The Jive (2011)

Rating: ★★★★★
Here he is, look, the only man to have done anything original (and good) with jazz and breakbeats since A Tribe Called Quest pretty much. That’ll be Renegades Of Jazz then – a.k.a. David Hanke – a jazz renegade if ever there was one. Put aside your notions of shitty old acid jazz and pretentious chin-stroky tossers – this isn’t anything like that kind of pretentious noodle wank

PULPFUSION: Sex, Drums, Funk & Roll EP (2011) + video,

Forget Swizz Beats – this is all about Swiss beats for it’s from the land of expensive watches and expansive bank accounts that PulpFusion hails. The Sex, Drums Funk & Roll EP finds Mr Terence Thony (there’s an umlaut on the ‘o’ but not on my keyboard) indulging his love of big ass drum breaks, funky samples and rock guitars in quite spectacular fashion. Oh yeah – and sex

PROTOMAN: Gucci Gucci (Hipsters remix) (2011) – free download + video

Only the other day I was wondering what had happened to ‘Gunshine State’ rapper (and former Rawkus signee) Protoman when onto my virtual doormat drops this remix of him jumping on Kreayshawn’s Gucci Gucci beat. However, where Kreayshawn had a crack at ‘basic bitches’, Protoman gives a lyrical shoeing to hipsters and their penchant for irony. Serve them right too with their skinny jeans, stupid wispy moustaches

JOHNNYPLUSE feat. Youth Mass: Drinkin In The Sun (2011) + video

Drinking in the sun! It always seems like such a good idea doesn’t it? There you are with your workmates by a river or something, supping a cold pint, full of bonhomie…and then it all goes blurry. You ‘come to’ sunfried, dehydrated, slumped on cardboard boxes in a piss-stinking shop doorway with a half a kebab down your front wondering when it got dark and where everyone is. Johnnypluse seems to have captured the euphoric

ROGER MOLLS: ‘The Listener’ video + ‘The Man With Dusty Fingers’ mixtape – Free download (2011)

Footage of a vaguely Amelie-ish chick wandering through a night-time cityscape, eyes closed, headphones on, intercut with a shadowy baseball-hatted figure hitting the keys and grooving to his own sound? And well he might since this must be the vid (see below) for French beatsmith Roger Molls instrumental The Listener from last year’s superb Rewind LP

TOM CARUANA presents: ‘Black Gold’ Wu-Tang vs. Jimi Hendrix – Free download album (2011) + instrumentals

Rating: ★★★★★ It’s a legal minefield on this one as Tom Caruana continues his mash-up series and trumps both his Beatles/ Wu Tang and Okayplayer/ Bollywood efforts with a Jimi/ Wu soundclash. According to TC, “it features 2 exclusive tracks from Wu Tang affiliates Gab Gotcha & Young Dirty Bastard (ODB’s son)

CHART – August 2011

(NEW) 1. Totalcult – Cyan Rock Steady

Massive hip-hop skank and MB’s favourite Totalcult track to date