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HERMA PUMA: Jungle Brothers vs. Peacemakers (Herma reblend) (2011)

Did you hear the one about what you get if you cross Jimbrowski by old school hip-hop legends Jungle Brothers with Don’t Push Your Luck by old school funk legends The Peacemakers? No? Dope shit is what. It ain’t funny but it’s sure as hell is funky. This comes in the wake of LP Synchromystic which transatlantic production team Herma Puma (a.k.a. producers Simple X and Pimpernel Jones) dropped only last year and which was stuffed with enough old school-influenced goodness to induce an instant pimp limp

PALOV feat. LADY FAYE: Troubles (2011)

Probably the best thing I’ve heard off the Cast-A-Blast label this year, Troubles is a big slice of soulful late-night reggae with a dope rnb-style vocal from Lady Faye along the lines of Katalyst and Stephanie Mckay‘s bomb track Day Into Night from back in March. The acoustic feel of Palov’s original gets a heavy dub-fuelled makeover from Jazz K Lipa and is all about the b-line and reverbed horns while Dirty Dubsters apply some jazzy junglist pressha

DUSTY TONEZ: Red Hot Chili Banger (2011) – Free download

Dusty Tonez works his (blood, sugar, sex) magic by staging a raid on the Red Hot Pipe And Slippers back catalogue and getting all freaky in a ghetto funk styley. Fed into the juicer is the guitar from Can’t Stop, the acapella from Give It Away, some heavy breaks to supply a bit of hump de bump and bass wobbly enough to give you a nosebleed. The upshot is Red Hot Chili Banger which transforms the Californian foursome into the complete opposite of an organic anti-beatbox band

FUNKSHONE: It Ain’t Never Gonna Work/ Aberlady Fry (2011)

Funkshone follow up their mighty Soul Survivor with a new seven inch before their second album drops. Less raw than earlier releases, vocal cut Ain’t Never Gonna Work featuring Jaelee Small channels the seventies via the nineties. What? Yeah – it’s that twenty year retro cycle thing isn’t it because guess what was hot in 1991 apart from grunge? That’s right retro seventies funk.

SAVANT: ‘Make Your Move’ remix competition (2011)

COMP. closed – CONGRATULATIONS to KRASH SLAUGHTA, for the winning ‘Bravehearts Brass Refix’

Calling all hip-hop producers, ghetto funk old-school plunderers, mash-up jockeys and other beatsmiths – it’s competition time! Earlier this year true school emcee Savant (a.k.a. Stanstro) linked with OHHLA and RapReviews to drop the fresh original Make Your Move (vid below) which was produced by Luke ‘Wagon Christ’ Vibert no less! Now the acapella is up for grabs! Use it wholesale, chop it, re-arrange and supply your own beats but whatever you do – make it bang!

DOJO CUTS: You Make Lovin Real Easy (Tighten Up Version 2011) – Free download

Is it me or is much of the contemporary funk scene vying to see who can put out stuff that sounds the most like nineties acid jazz at the minute? Whatever the situation, Record Kicks raise the stakes by making freely available Oz funkers Dojo Cuts‘ own rework of their You Make Lovin Real Easy track. As before it features Roxie Ray on vocals but ‘tightens up’ by dint of being a bit faster and, for kicks, they’ve added a two thirds speed ‘meet-the-band’ jam section on the end

ATMOSPHERE: The Family Sign (2011) – Album review

This must be the worst album leak ever – even the shops have got hold of it before the release date! Officially, Minneapolis emo-hip-hoppers Atmosphere drop their latest album The Family Sign next week but it’s already available from numerous UK and US big name web stores and (in several cases) has been for some time. If you’re one of the three people on the planet who haven’t already heard it – what follows is for you

B-SIDE: All The Girls EP (2011)

B-Side continues the BigM label’s shameless but worthy goal to get as many females on the dancefloor as possible with this digital release of a brace of hands-in-the-air-affairs. The first, All The Girls, seems to be something of a bass-wobbling, snare-crashing salute to the ladies while the digi-wah-toting second, Move That Ass, is based around a sentiment that is grammatically an order

BBP: Freak Hop EP (2011)

It says here that the ‘freak hop’ concept was invented by long time Badboe cohort Prosper. ‘Freak hop’, in case you were wondering, seems to be like a mash-up for those with terminal ADHD since it involves combining not two or even three previously recorded tracks but as many as can possibly be crammed into between 4 to six minutes. Didn’t that used to be called a minimix? Whatever it is, the main elements of all the tracks

T BIRD & THE BREAKS: Never Get Out Of This Funk Alive + The Clap Hands Song (2011) – free download

Read full album review HERE
By way of promoting their forthcoming second full length album Never Get Out Of This Funk Alive ( due 12 July 2010) Texan heavy funk crew T Bird & The Breaks offer up not one, but two huge slabs of funk as freely downloadable promo singles. The LP title track Never Get Out Of This Funk Alive is a bumping, Ohio Players-esque kind of thang with a little more of the seventies in it