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FOREIGN LEGION: (EXCLUSIVE interview) The Official Monkeyboxing Fireside Chat (Part 2 of 3) – 2011

I saw a billboard advert for deodorant in Canada once. The slogan was, “So dry, people will think you are British.” It’s an epithet which could equally apply to Foreign Legion in this, the second part of a three-part interview (part 1 HERE) which monkeyboxing attempted to conduct with those ‘intangible emcees’ Prozack Turner and Marc Stretch. I say ‘attempted’ since they were continually out of their seats

VAST AIRE: ‘Nomad’ video + Vast Aire producer competition – 2011

This’ll be the video to the Nomad single that the press release included in yesterday’s post about Aire’s new album Ox 2010: A Street Odyssey lauded as ‘reminiscent of Cannibal Ox but will hit you harder.’ The same press release, incidentally, that said video wasn’t actually available with. Not to worry, the vast (sorry) underground hip-hop marketing machine rumbles onward down the internet superhighway like some gargantuan

GUITAR RAY: Funky Pete Pts 1 & 2 (45 re-issue) – 2011

Rating: ★★★★★
And now for some more original, funk 45 filth – finally – courtesy of those keepers of the true funk flame at Tramp Records. Funky Pete Parts 1 and 2 is the forthcoming repress of the 1967 cut by Raymond Washington a.k.a. Guitar Ray. It contains almost as much in the way soul horns as it does scratchy funk guitar

TAKE: Neon Beams (Tensei remix) – 2011 – free download

Midas Wells and Simple X a.k.a. Tensei do the decent thing with Take’s ‘futurebeats’ bleepfest Neon Beams doping it up with a fat, rolling, (very) uptempo breakbeat, and generally bringing the darkness on the original’s ethereal sounding ass. Where Take’s version brings to mind a group of android geisha ceremonially pouring tea into a cup, Tensei’s refix brings to mind a group of android samurai unceremoniously running amok.

DAN WILDE: Funk Break Format – 2011

It’s always tricky when writing about funky breakbeat music not to overuse the words ‘funk’ and ‘break’ so Mr Wilde gets the gasface for the extra challenge presented by the title of this EP. Having said that, it’s difficult to escape the fact that what he provides here is a melting pot of funk and breaks staples and hip-hop vocals mashed-up and re-edited to within an inch of their lives.

VAST AIRE: Ox 2010: A Street Odyssey – 2011 – Album release details + Sour Diesel video

There might still be no sign (or likelihood) of a new Cannibal Ox album in the near future but CanOX rapper and co-founder Vast Aire returns at the end of May with his solo follow-up to 2008’s Deuces Wild LP. This notwithstanding, other CanOx rapper Vordul will actually be making an appearance on Ox 2010 along with Cappadonna, Raekwon and Guilty Simpson

BEASTIE BOYS: Hot Sauce Committee – Video trailer + Make Some Noise – listen to full track

Full Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 review and audio HERE.
“The next millennium we’ll still be old school!” Never a truer word spoken. Beasties just let loose this trailer featuring Will Ferrell, Jack Black, and Steve Buscemi (among others) for their forthcoming half-hour film. Plus you can now hear the full version of forthcoming single Make Some Noise (see soundcloud player below) – since they’ve stopped fighting the fact that

DJ SHEPDOG: ‘Rolling In The Dub’ – free download – 2011

“I thought Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” vocal would sound even better over some classic dancehall,” says Shepdog of his recent booty. Oh what? Better than over some MOR rock backing-track that says ‘safe’ better than a fucking banker’s bonus when there’s a Tory government in power? Yes, yes, bastard yes, a billion times better than that.

DIZRAELI & THE SMALL GODS: ‘Million Miles’ – free download – 2011

If you’ve been missing UK folk-hop in the hiatus occasioned by the lack of anything from either Dizraeli or, say, Tom Caruana’s alter-ego Tom Bombadeal in the last couple of years, fear not, for the Diz is back leading the vanguard of the beardy beats brigade. And this new single from Dizraeli and crew The Small Gods (and when I say ‘crew’ I imagine more of a village gathering) has got some trippy lyrics.

DIRTY DUBSTERS: Queens Of Reggae EP – 2011

Dirty Dubsters present us with a brace of reggae queens and I don’t mean in the flamboyant-dress-broad-shoulders-adam’s-apple-covers-of-Bob-Marley sense. Nope, more in the none mo’ dutty dancehall ruling, all-woman pairing of Whandah The Dainty Queen and Chantelle Ernandez. Don’t mess! Two royal slices of reggae heat then – first up the hip-hop skank of Need To Leave You where Whandah basically tells her presumptious bloke to ‘step’ and secondly