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THE FUNK LEAGUE: Why You? – 2010

Rating: ★★★★★
Here we go – this is exactly what’s been missing – at least until the next Ugly Duckling album arrives early next year. I’ll explain, since the simple recipe seems to have become something like an elephant in the living room. Take one funky track, chop out a two-bar break and loop. Add massive drums and rappers with a party-starting rhyme. Take to party, play loud – observe as room goes off. Christ! It’s not hard is it?

PETE ROCK & CL SMOOTH: Win tickets to exclusive London show 12 December 2010

I’m all about living the good life but don’t you just hate it when you go to buy tickets for a gig and they’re all sold out. I think the main ingredient of success here is to either be all over that shit the minute it comes out or to have some other kind of ‘in’. It could be that you’re on the guest list, for example. Then again – it could be that you just happen to know the answer to the question below

PARRIS & VANUCCI: ‘Disco Of Love’ (The Loveboot Edit) – Free download

By way of a postscript to last week’s post about Parris & Vanucci’s forthcoming lady killer, nufunk/ disco-monster Disco Of Love EP (full details here), I feel duty bound to inform you that the boys have done a cheeky rerub of their own title track as an EP taster. Should keep you going until December when the main the course is served – cop it after the jump…

SAVANT of RAREBREED: The Delayed Entry EP – 2010 – Free download

Hip-hop, hip-hop where ya been? (And when I say hip-hop, I’m referring to quality breakbeats and rhymes not some moron babbling inanities through a vocoder over what sounds a lot like a Euro-house from 1999). Well, here’s a man who knows and his name, appropriately enough, is Savant. A microphone fiend since 1999 (having been inspired by Mos Def), Savant’s The Delayed Entry EP is his debut and the evidence suggests that while he might have arrived at the party late, he came correct.

CHART – NOV. 2010

1. (1.) Dirty Dubsters – Big Tings (Mr Benn remix)
Still here – a skankin beast. …MORE

2. (NEW) Spencer Wiggins – Love Machine
Original dirty soul.

3. (NEW) Mr C & Funck Junction – Hot Butter ‘N All
Original dirty funk.