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AQUASKY feat. THE RAGGA TWINS: Living Legends/Raggatron – 2010

AQUASKY feat. THE RAGGA TWINS:  Living Legends/Raggatron – 2010Christ! I got knackered just listening to this. Normally, long-serving breakbeat terrorists Aquasky would be too ‘core to feature on monkeyboxing and – er – they still are. On Living Legends they supply an approximately 135 bpm breakbeat and a loop that sounds suspiciously like it came from the Blues Brothers soundtrack then race ‘do-what-it-says-on-their-tin’ vocalists The Ragga Twins to the finish.

THE SOUL BROS. INC: The Story Of The Soul Brothers Inc. – 2010 – Album review

HIGHLIGHTS: African Slide/ Git It/ The Devil Made Me Do It/ Girl In The Hot Pants
SOUNDBITE: “God told me to take it easy –‘Are you gonna go before your time’? But if good-looking women in hot pants kill me, I don’t mind dyin’!”

Rating: ★★★★★
And just when you were thinking there couldn’t possibly be any more grade-A dusty old funky-soul cuts lying around

SPACE INVADAS – ‘Done It Again’ – Video

These two might look like they’ve just parked a white Ferrari Testarossa on Biscayne Boulevard on their way to a drug bust but they’re actually rather big down under. Space Invadas have blown up way huge over there and on the strength of stuff like this (see vid. for Done It Again below – released 6 December) they look set to do the same over here when their LP of future funk, Soul:Fi, drops 21 February next year on BBE Records.

MR BLENND: Ante Sensi – Free download

A thinly-disguised remixer/ producer spreads more peace and dub with this free download that splices M.O.P’s Ante Up beat with a not unknown ragga vocal by one Mr Vegas to create Ante Sensi. It’s a pairing that may be familiar to followers of the Nice Up! crew since Shepdog and Tony Midget dropped the equally bassbin-shaking Limber Up last year. Not sure which cut was out first (though according to Blennd this is at least a year old) but it all goes to prove that great minds think alike

DANCEFLOOR OUTLAWS: Panda Style video + Disco Cakes Vol. 1 EP – 2010

This was actually in the inbox last week but got overlooked. You wouldn’t think it possible to overlook a video featuring an uprocking panda but that’s because you don’t live at Monkeyboxing Towers. I won’t go into exactly how weird living here must be for an uprocking panda to go unnoticed because the king of the potato people just told me everyone would think I was the weird one.

DOUBLE DOSE: A New Hope – Free download

This sterling collabo between Brooklyn emcee Double Dose and producer Basmatibeats (a cohort of funky breakbeat commandos Mash & Munkee) should have gone up last week but sometimes the monkey’s web gimp is a bit slack. A brief spell in the house of pain (or maybe it was a brief spell of ‘having to listen to’ The House Of Pain) produced instant results from the gimp, however, and hearing A New Hope should convince you that late is better than never.

EWAN HOOZAMI: Wildebeats LP – 2010

It’s ‘next generation’ time for the Bristol sound as rising producer Ewan Hoozami, (like Parker before him) batters on the genre’s door with his refix of the mild, mild west’s beats n’ bass heavy sonic template for the dubstep and nufunk/ ghettofunk era. Basically that means tempos are up, percussive patterns are a little more detailed, basslines go wonky and the dancefloor is invaded more times in one album than in Massive Attack’s entire back catalogue.

TENSEI & THE PRIMERIDIAN (feat. Mike Flo): Full Throttle – Free download

If you caught Herma Puma’s super-chilled hip-hop LP Synchromystic earlier this year this will almost certainly appeal since producer Simple X of Herma Puma is also part of Tensei. I have it on good authority that Full Throttle is a taster of a forthcoming project with Chicago’s Primeridian crew – who I last heard of name-checked on one of the monkey’s all time favourite hip-hop LPs – All Natural’s Second Nature.

DELTRON 3030: Deltron Event II – 2010 release? – Listen to new track

As previously reported on monkeyboxing, the sequel to Del The Funky Homosapien, Dan The Automator and Kid Koala’s massive underground LP, 2000’s Deltron 3030 was (in time-honoured hip-hop fashion), due out ‘some time ago’…and there still isn’t a release date. But the monkey tirelessly searches the web so you don’t have to which is why we can reliably inform you things are afoot.

MANMADE RECORDS: Gold Edition – 2010

Old funk, nufunk, ghettofunk, blue funk – Dr Seuss would have a field day as we live through the most amusing genre-name wars since the old trip-hop versus ‘blunted beats’ conflict of the mid-nineties. All that aside, Manmade celebrate their tenth release with some 24 carat action in the form of a double vinyl EP – which you just know is going to be cut loud.