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KAMIKAZI AIRLINES: ‘Now Boarding…’ Mix CD – Free download

You know what? I don’t think this has had enough props yet. For one thing, it slipped under my radar in the summer and I keep an eye out for this type of shit! The short version is that MC Dizzy Dustin of Ugly Duckling set up his own hip-hop label a couple of years back and this mixtape showcases twenty three tracks from the talent including Dizzy’s own side project, Blown Celeb. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of Blown Celeb and The Argyle Pimps (among others) – it’s high time you clicked the download link below.

ALDO VANUCCI & FEATURECAST feat. THA LIKS: Prohibition EP – 2010 – Review + Free download + video

Rating: ★★★★★
Not content with simply releasing one of the biggest bangers of the year (bootleg or otherwise) Plymouth’s ‘fourteenth best DJ’ – the one and only Aldo Vanucci – now offers the Prohibition EP for free download. Essentially a vocal from Tha ‘Liks over a fat break and a Dixieland sample – what’s not to like? The vinyl version has been kicking off the monkey’s sets since it came out

COPYWRITE: The Life And Times Of Peter Nelson – 2010 – Album details + tracklist

I remember Copywrite. Wasn’t he the guy who made an appearance right at the end of RJD2’s debut Deadringer? It was a while back – must have been because it was before the kids started rapping over housey/ trancey/ synth-y shit and calling it hip-hop. Back when the underground released stuff that counted instead of the steadily diminishing returns (both lyrically and beat-wise) of recent years. Mind you, that was back when RJD2 made good music too…

BASEMENT FREAKS – Something Freaky – Album details + tracklist

So new a genre that people are still quibbling over what to call it, the bass-heavy combination of hefty, generally uptempo breakbeats coupled with funk, soul, disco and old school hip-hop samples and stylings has nevertheless been around in fledgling form for a few years. Indeed, some might even argue it’s the remnants of the late-nineties phenomenon that many were pleased to call ‘big beat.’ Now, with at least two websites running with the ‘nufunk’ tag

CHART – OCT. 2010

1. (NEW) Dirty Dubsters – Big Tings (Mr Benn remix)
Huge bouncing skank of a floor filler…MORE

2. (NEW) The Qualitons – Wandering Will
Classy mod-beat anthem…MORE

3. (NEW) DJ Catalist – Hot Witness
Hot Marvin Gaye/ reggae mashup.Listen


If this blog turns out to be as dope as the holding page seems to promise…it’s going to be very dope indeed. looks all set to be a nexus for a genre that’s been burgeoning over the last few years.