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RECORDKINGZ TV: Buckwild interview

Clearly not content with running the Recordkingz rare beats store and producing his own brand of quality superheavy beats, hip-hop media king Juliano Creator is branching into video media with the launch of the Recordkingz TV show. You can expect a new video every two weeks (so I don’t think he’ll be bothering the Murdoch clan just yet) which will showcase such nuggets as Craig G giving an exclusive interview and freestyle

CAPITOL 1212 – Don Man Sound feat. Tenor Fly – Invade The Carnival EP

It’s all about the bass north of the border and here to prove it are Capitol 1212, though they have roped in wee Sassenach Tenor Fly (formerly of The Freestylers) to provide vocal assistance. Unlike most EPs of this nature (the original mix plus a remixes) it’s tricky to choose between tracks in terms of your clear favourite, though J Star does his usual – er – star turn and thus probably has the edge if anyone does…

THE DIPLOMATS OF SOLID SOUND – What Goes Around Comes Around – 2010 – Album review

Rating: ★★★★☆
HIGHLIGHTS: B.O.O.G.A.L.O.O. – Back Off – Gimme One More Chance – Can’t Wait For Your Love (Pistol Allen)
SOUNDBITE: “B double O, G, A, L double O!”

Diplomats Of Solid Sound – comin’ at ya straight from the Corn Belt! Yeah that’s right, you know it – it’s not just Bill Bryson, Slipknot and – er – cereal that come from Iowa you know. And D.O.S.S. aren’t going to bore you with endless travelling anecdotes or sniff a bottled foetus

TIGER TALES – Stand Upright

Austrian funkers Tiger Tales express their feelings on poor posture in no uncertain terms on their new single which is a frenetic horns-led funk workout showcasing the raucous, soulful pipes of the exotically named Cleo Panther. Just kidding about the posture (Es war ein Englischer Witz ja?), actually Stand Upright is probably more about moral than physical stance but simply stating that would just be too – er – central European. Remixes come from the mighty Smoove

BIG PIMP JONES – Jimmy Ruckus & The 5 Fingers Of Death – LP details + tracklist

With a name like Jimmy Ruckus & The Five Fingers Of Death it could only be the soundtrack to a kung fu flick or a really nasty porn film. As it turns out, it pretends to be the former though, given that wah-wah guitar is a constant throughout – it could function as either. As an exercise in early seventies kung fu soundtrack pastiche this is pretty peerless, not only because it’s about as authentic as, well, an early seventies kung fu flick sound track but because, um, nobody else is doing early seventies kung fu soundtrack pastiches

THE DT6 – ‘Donkey Chop b/w Scotstoun Shuffle’ 45

Starla Records continue their run of quality releases by delivering two sides of funky excellence on their latest drop from The DT6. Donkey Chop is an uptempo instro that’s all about the wah-wah and the flute while Scotstoun Shuffle employs what, on the evidence of this, are the wildly underused vocal talents of Average White Band Drummer Paul Mills. This one’s a nifty little mid-tempo JB style song-about-a-dance-routine effort. They’re not fooling anyone though – I’ve seen the ‘Scotstoun Shuffle’ and it ain’t pretty.

THE QUALITONS: ‘Panoramic Tymes’ LP details + tracklist

The content leans a little more to psych rock at times but this mix of sixties modbeat, Hammond funk, and funky/ garagey psychedelia from Hungary’s The Qualitons might seem more than a little familiar to fans of the UK’s Big Boss Man. Not that there’s any harm in that you understand since Big Boss Man rule, but you might injure yourself trying to pronounce the names of those tracks which are Magyar. At least, I’m assuming they’re Magyar

PARKER: ‘Iron Mandem’ – Free download + video

Parker’s been at it again. ‘At what?’ you ask. The dubstep mash-up thing of course as he follows up the rather popular Where’s My Monkey with Iron Mandem which manages to fit both Ozzy and Busta over a massive dubstep riddim. Check Parker’s soundcloud for what the great and good are saying about it – normally I’d be with Jon Kennedy but maybe I’m coming around a bit. If anyone is going to turn the monkey onto dubstep, it’ll be Parker.

DIRTY DUBSTERS feat. BASS NACHO – Big Tings (Mr Benn remix)

Rating: ★★★★★

Calling your tune Big Tings is a bit like when a pub quiz team calls itself ‘This week’s winners,’ it often goes hand in hand with mediocre performance and… well, frankly it’s a bit cocky isn’t it? Having said that though, if I’d made this tune I’d be very cocky for it is a very big ting indeed.

CEE-LO – ‘Fuck You’ video

Might as well put this up as every other fucker has. Oops – me and my potty mouth. Oh wait…hang on…Cee Lo’s is wayyyy worse on the debut single from forthcoming LP The Lady Killer. Don’t worry – he won’t get stitched with a bleepfest on the radio version of Fuck You either because he’s done an edit