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EWAN HOOZAMI: ‘Falcon Punch’ video

In this instance Falcon Punch is neither a fruity alcoholic drink with a dead bird of prey in it, nor a brutal pugilistic technique. Instead it is a darkly fruity slice of funky breaks from rising Bristol producer Ewan Hoozami with an Alice Russell/ Bamboos sample in it, featuring a fairly brutal beat not unlike something the Prodigy might have done around 1997 . Now in full audio-visual effect (courtesy of Lumen), you can cop the vid below and will shortly be able to pick up the digital sound file off the soon-to-be-released Booty Pirates: Volume 3. Press guff below vid and links.
Ewan Hoozami – Myspace

Falcon Punch by Ewan Hoozami from Lumen on Vimeo.

One of the hardest-working musicians in Bristol, Ewan has teamed up with
Audio-Visual whizzkid Lumen (of Drawn Recordings) to create an incredible
music video! Lumen has inflected Ewan Hoozami’s heavy, aggressive funk
track ‘Falcon Punch’ (already receiving rave reviews in Bristol’s music scene) with style, humour and power.

DJ/Producer extraordinaire Ewan Hoozami (pronounced “you ‘n’ whose army”) of the South-West of England’s premier funk DJ crew – Funk From The Trunk – is fast gaining an international following since releasing some acclaimed mixtapes, several bootlegs and remixes and a sumptuous trip-hop EP on Dusted Wax.

KRS-ONE: UK Tour 2010 – win free tickets

Easy now! It’s the return of the boom-bap. KRS-ONE a.k.a. the Teacha a.k.a. the lyrical legend responsible for Sound Of Da Police, South Bronx and MCs Act Like They Don’t Know (among others), has spat fire since his days with BDP and is playing these shores in the autumn:
2 October 2010 – London, Forum
23 October 2010 – Birmingham, HMV Institute
COMPETITION CLOSEDIf you fancy getting schooled for free (i.e. win 2 free tickets to either the London or Birmingham show) all you need to do is:
1. Answer the following: Which original member of Boogie Down Productions was shot shortly after they released their debut album “Criminal Minded”?
2. Send answers to: including your address so we can get the tickets posted to you.

See? Easy as BDP! Brucie bonus video from back in the day below links…
KRS ONE – Myspace

LEISURE ALLSTARS: Friday Night (feat. Lady Chann) – 2010 – Single review

Rating: ★★★★★

Ahh – Friday night – my favourite part of the week and apparently dancehall queen Lady Chann’s too as she rides a rude Leisure Allstars riddim, an equally rude Professor Dodecahedron remix and a massive dutty-skankin ‘Saturday Morning retox’ from Mr Benn. That’ll presumably be ‘Saturday Morning’ as in ‘still-out-ain’t-gone-to-bed-yet-Saturday-Morning’ given the epic night out that Chann seems to have been planning – “It’s Friday night and that’s party time/ Me call up me bredren and”…er…something incomprehensible to skinny white boys but might be “ma club nah walk fine.” If we lived in a just world this digital single would also drop on 12 inch with all three mixes. Even if we lived in a semi-just world there would at least be a seven inch with the Mr Benn remix on it…it’s not a just world is it? All patois corrections gratefully received.

Listen to Leisure Allstars feat Lady Chann – Friday Night

Leisure Recordings – Myspace

Lady Chann – Myspace

Leisure Recordings

PHAROAHE MONCH: Shine (feat. Mela Machinko) (2010) free download + Mako & The Hawk ‘Simon Says’ remix free download

Rating: ★★★½☆

Not quite the underground club banger one might have hoped for from the man who once dropped Simon Says and Fuck You and who claims his forthcoming W.A.R. LP (now delayed until early autumn) will be a throwback to ’93/ ’94 hip-hop. True, Shine has a meaty boom-bap beat (courtesy of one Diamond D), avoids the densely layered production of the dullest material on the last LP and the rhyme king still rips peerlessly (“You see my momma cannot afford wholefoods/ She break fast with a prayer and call it soul food”). On the other hand that mournful soul hook, the downbeat xylophone melody and the general subject matter (it’s tough on the streets) suggest Monch had his mind less on getting hands in the air in the club than on getting heads nodding down on the corner and you can’t help hoping that this is the calm before the storm. Or maybe the shoe before the cloth. Downloads below…including dope Mako & The Hawk remix of the classic Simon Says
(Out 27 July on Duckdown)
Pharoahe Monch “Shine” feat. Mela Machinko (prod. by Diamond D) by duckdown

Pharaohe Monch – Myspace

PROTOMAN & BLEUBIRD: Guns Don’t Kill People (Florida Does) – Free download

It’s not all vice, corruption and extreme violence in Florida but if, like me, you’ve never been there and your conception of the place is formulated by Miami Vice, Tim Dorsey, and – er – the news…it mostly is. Contrary to the claims of Newport, Wales’ Goldie Lookin Chain, it’s not so much guns or rappers who kill people as the ‘gunshine state’ itself. Ripped and buffed emcees Protoman and Bleubird are the latest enemies of the Florida tourist board and here they casually satirise pretty much every aspect of life in that neck of the woods with this drums-heavy boom-bap Dantanna beat. Coming on not unlike an east coast version of early Foreign Legion, I can’t think of a single reason why you wouldn’t want to avail yourself of this right now since it’s both very free and very fresh:
Protoman & Bluebird – Guns Don’t Kill People (Florida Does) – FREE DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)
Protoman & Bluebird – Guns Don’t Kill People (Florida Does) – FREE DOWNLOAD (Usershare)
(PRESS RELEASE) Two Florida rap veterans, Protoman (DMG, Rawkus 50, FW4S) and Bleubird (Epidemik, Grimm Image Records) finally trade verses on a track entitled “Guns Don’t Kill People (Florida Does)”. This funk inspired breakbeat produced by Dantanna also features a fury of cuts by DJ Rob Riggs (Scratch Academy). The Florida themed record is an ode to the randomness and dysfunctional hidden culture of “The Gunshine State”.

Protoman – Myspace

Bleubird – Myspace

Dantanna – Myspace


Whether you’ve got a head for beats or like beats for the head it’s fairly safe to say this gig will rub your rhubarb the right way. As luck would have it can ensure that such an experience comes to you and a companion entirely free. All you have to do is answer the question below by 14 July and mail in your answer – first two correct answers get themselves plus one on the guestlist. Get ya skates on innit! COMPETITION CLOSED – congrats to the winners!
COMPETITION QUESTION: What was the name of The Herbaliser’s debut LP on Ninja Tune? (Email your answer to:

(PRESS RELEASE) Soundcrash at KOKO with:
Plus LAZY HABITS + P45 and more very special guests

9 – 3 Sat 24th July @ KOKO, Camden, LONDON

A truly cataclysmic selection of the forerunners of left-field electronic music hits Camden’s most prestigious venue this summer…

Our all-time favourite funky, forward-thinking, experimental hip-hop collective The Herbaliser make a welcome return to form with their full 10-piece band in anticipation of The Herbaliser’s “Herbal Tonic” ‘best of’ release on Ninja Tune in June 2010. Founded by Ollie Teeba and Jake Wherry during the 90s, the Herbaliser have been responsible for some of the most memorable releases during Ninja Tune’s early years. Their unique fusion of Jazz and Hip Hop is best experienced when seen live, and in Koko’s beautiful surroundings this promises to be a very special set full of good vibes, lush instrumentation and plenty of colourful sounds!

Tripped-out beat-makers supreme Anti Pop Consortium join them; one of the most unique and progressive hip-hop outfits in the world they’ve found the perfect mix of smooth rhymes, group wordplays and psychedelic bass-lines which they use to entertain the crowds at their shows in a distinctly APC manner. Classic tracks such as ‘Ping Pong’ blend seemlessly in to newer joints like ‘Volcano’, all tied together with some properly brilliant avant-garde beat jams and accompanied by the ever smiling faces of four blokes LOVING what they do! Its infectious stuff…

One half of Skalpel, Poland’s biggest music export, Igor Boxx flies over to London exclusively to play a 4-deck AV set tonight on the giant at Koko. With a series of wicked Solid Steel mixes under his belt, Igor will be ready to prove how cut-and-paste djing is done inEastern Europe. And we can’t bloody wait.

Venue: Koko (1A camden Hight Street, NW1 7JE)
Line-Up: The Herbaliser (Full Live Band) + Anti-Pop Consortium (Live)
+ Igor Boxx (AV Set) + P45 + more tba
Date: Saturday 24th July 2010
Time: 9-3
Tickets: 15 advance, 20 on the door
Tickets available from: –
Over 18s Only

SHADE COBAIN: ‘Cassette Theory: Beat EP’ – free download

Heads up – it’s free dusty breaks time again. Clearly a man who knows his Memorex C90 from his Sony C120, Shade Cobain hails from Pittsburgh and lists Kurt Cobain (which might explain that tag) among influences which also (more typically) include Thelonious Monk, Pete Rock and The Funk Brothers. Rich on analog hiss, Shade’s cassette-obsessed beats project harks back to mid-nineties sampling of seventies sounds. All the best bits about the cassette era then, without all the irritating bits like: 1. having to use a biro to unspool your favourite cassette because your car stereo has wound it too tight to play in your walkman, 2. the warped sound of a stretched cassette playing once you’ve done this and 3. the lettuce-like crackle of tape salad when you remove the fucker from your walkman in which the batteries have just run out.
Download – Shade Cobain – ‘Cassette Theory: Beat EP’ HERE
And while you’re at it, Shade’s LP of hip-hop rerubs is something you might want to check too…
Download Shade Cobain – ‘Cobainish Remixes’ HERE
(PRESS RELEASE) Shade’s second release, and first instrumental project, pays homage to our favorite media format of yesteryear: the cassette tape. Audio cassettes take us back to a time of mixtapes, home dubbing, and low fidelity. Shade’s project successfully and intentionally brings that nostalgia back with beats that lace together hissy samples with smacking drums and eclectic soundbytes. Throw this in and let the tape rock until the tape pops!

FOREIGN LEGION: ‘Travel Lite’ single out now, ‘Night Moves’ LP due 17th August 2010

Foreign Legion’s Night Moves LP (cover art below links) has been coming out and then failed to more times than an indecisive closet gay man. The evidence on the band’s own Hungerstrike Records website, would suggest that the latest due date for Prozack Turner and Marc Stretch’s much-delayed album is 17th August this year. The underrated Bay Area hip-hop duo’s long-awaited third LP is preceded by the seemingly troublesome digital release of promo single Travel Lite. And when I say troublesome, it looks like it’s been kicking around the web for a few weeks now even though publicity for it has been practically zero, the release date varies according from site to site, the artwork has changed (see below LP cover), the video has been pulled from YouTube (at the time of writing) and (depending on the site you visit) it sometimes comes with another track, Ultimate, as well as instrumentals of both. What is going on in the FL camp? Enquiring Minds want to know! Nevertheless – the understated Travel Lite rocks an ATCQ style beat courtesy of Intro Beats (i.e. the man behind the FL’s Secret Knock EP banger, Piano Banger) and lyrically explores the joys of the tour while the altogether trippier Ultimate offers woozy summer horns, Asheru & Blue Black style – …LISTEN to both HERE. Apparently, “the full length album is dropping in late summer and has appearances by Rhymesayers alumni Night Clubber Lang of the Boom Bap Project, Oh No, and Raashan Ahmad of Crown City Rockers!” according to the Hungerstrike Records site, which also notes that the album, “is already being hailed a classic by both Prozack Turner’s and Marc Stretch’s mothers.”
Foreign Legion – Myspace

BASEMENT FREAKS: ‘Am Free’ – Free download

‘Don’t be afraid of your free download!’ George Fotiadis a.k.a. Basement Freaks celebrates the rise and rise of his label Bombastic Jam with a typically – er – bombastic refix of the early nineties indie/ baggy cover of the Rolling Stones track by The Soup Dragons. You can cop it HERE.
(N.B. This would have gone up last week except for severe back injury sustained by monkeyboxing’s editor during a hardcore surf session…All right it was two foot and mellow. But the pain wasn’t.)

Basement Freaks – Myspace

Bombastic Jam – Myspace

BROTHER ALI: UK summer tour dates 2010 cancelled

It looks like Brother Ali is having a bummer in the summer. The Minneapolis rapper has had to fly back home to the states due to a family tragedy and as a consequence his scheduled UK summer has had to be cancelled with no news of a re-schedule as yet, if at all. Spare a thought for the big man next time somebody moans about how their summer’s been ‘ruined’ by England’s poor performance in the World Cup.

Brother Ali – Myspace