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SMOV & DEDY DREAD/ FUNKTOMAS: No Diggin (+video) / Shake Shot – Wack Records W10

Christ! Wack 09 was only out five minutes ago and now here’s this summer nugget already. No Diggin is yet another refix of Black Street’s No Diggity and I gather that Lisbon producer Dedy Dread engendered this fresh mid-sixties Motown versus Bossa beat-crosser and then passed it to Newcastle-based beat-head Smov a.k.a Smoove – to play around with too. You might have thought that the prolific Smoove would have enough beats already to make Dedy’s trans-European manoeuvre a bit like taking coals to Newcastle (see what I did there?) but apparently not. The result is the product of some quite abandoned genre-splicing – a practice which can be a bit like drunk people making ‘cocktails’ out of leftovers at a party: it’s either a murky abortion or an exotically fruity marvel. This is the latter – no diggity. The fun doesn’t end there though, for who should turn up on the flip but Funktomas with Shake Shot, a beefy slice of Sly Stone sampling super disco breaks. Out on limited 7”…soon. Snooze and you lose! Press release beneath vid:

A track that was originally born in Lisbon (Portugal) by Dedy Dread and transported through space landing on Newcastle (U.K) soil to be treated with the unmistakable drum hellish sound of smov. The final result being this crazy ass shaking bossa funk rockabilly jazz dance bomb!

Hailing from Hamburg Germany Funktomas drops a some what classic B Boy anthem “Shack Up” over some old skool flavour female chants creating a simple but very effective banger!… I bet you cant put one of these in your turntable without droppin into the catapillar?

Listen to SMOV & Dedy Dread – No Diggin’

Wack Records – Myspace

ADIDAS Skateboarding: Silas Baxter-Neal pro shoe + Gonz track top

Another summer update from the skate wing of global giant Adidas finds Silas Baxter-Neal getting his own shoe which (along with the other new drops) retains the company’s recent penchant for subtle colourways. The Eldridge Superstar, for example, gets the colours reversed from the first version and the Busenitz soccer cleat turns up in a nice red wine colour leaving the yellow stripes on the Gonz as the brightest splash of colour anywhere. Talking of Gonz – check out his new retro bad-boy track top in it’s two different colour schemes…

THE BAMBOOS: You Ain’t No Good – 2010 – Single review + video

Rating: ★★★★★

Second single off The Bamboos fourth studio LP 4, You Ain’t No Good is also the second big mod-soul stomper this month what with Kid British’s Winner out in a week or so. So who ain’t no good? Certainly not mysterious Tongan King Merc whose sterling vocals come on like Al Green meeting Paul Weller. Possibly it’s the band who have decided that a video which makes them look like the shifty no-good denizens of post-midnight Sydney’s Kings Cross (incidentally the place they bumped into King Merc apparently) having their mug shots done is the look they’d like to accompany their rise to the mainstream from the contemporary soul-funk underground. Then again, it could just as easily apply to the Kid British single which this is at least head and feather haircut, if not sixties’ cravat and shoulders, above. The digital release is accompanied by a fat refix of Up On The Hill by DJ Yoda and assorted versions and mixes of Keep Me In Mind…um…don’t suppose there’s any chance of a 7″? Vid below links…
(Out now on Tru Thoughts)
Listen to The Bamboos – You Ain’t No Good
The Bamboos – Myspace

BROTHER ALI: UK tour dates and free download ‘Don’t Look At Me, Look Around’

He’s white, he’s Muslim and he’s not Barry from Four Lions. Yup, it’s dope MC Brother Ali of last year’s freshest underground LP and he’s back on these shores later this month and early next month. Thus, if you missed him last time around (like me) now’s your chance to catch up…just don’t mention ‘rubber dinghy rapids.’ Also, there’s a free Brother Ali track Don’t Look At Me, Look Around for FREE DOWNLOAD of which he says, “A few weeks ago I put out a call on Facebook and Twitter for producers to send me beats for Streets’ Mixtape and received over 900 beats in the first 24 hours. I ended up choosing this track from Medium Zach and did the song the next day. Peep game.” Tour dates below:
Brother Ali – UK tour dates June/ July 2010
26th June – Glastonbury Festival
08th July – Dingwalls, London
09th July – The Cooler, Bristol
10th July – Freebutt, Brighton

Brother Ali – Myspace

KID BRITISH: Winner – 2010 – Single review + video

Rating: ★★★½☆

Does Kid British sound like a character in some kind of the Nazi Beano-style comic to you too? There’s even skinheads in the video – albeit very embarrassed looking ones – as well they should be considering the dance they’re doing. It’s ok though, because these are obviously nutty-boy/ goodies-from-This Is England type skinheads as the band has a black singer. As for that video – it’s like a giant mod-cliché bird (which I might just have invented) flew over the set, shat out it’s insides and then dumped it’s own carcass on top. Scooters, Paul Weller haircuts, I think there’s even some clothing that the Style Council used to wear being giving an airing at points. Nevertheless it’s a competent-enough guitar-y northern soul pop-stomper that might have had to beat it’s way to the top ten when released later this month, except for the fact that, because Plan B’s already done all the groundwork, it’ll be little more than an easy stroll. Or scooter ride.
(Out 28 June on Modern English Records)

Listen to Kid British – Winner

Kid British – Myspace

KLASHNEKOFF: Soon Come – free download

“And just like that…he’s back!” UK hip-hop’s most likely too slams in another magazine and opens rapid fire rhyming over a dark rolling breakbeat on this, Soon Come which is to be the first single off the forthcoming LP Back To The Sagas. You can cop the LP on iTunes now and the single here:
The physical release is – er – soon come – and should arrive 26 July.

Klashnekoff – Myspace

K-DELIGHT: The Wildstyle Dream – classic B-Boy video and free download

Even more TV for your bungholes this week as the soundtrack to this library footage of b-boy breakers is soundtracked by K-Dilla on the killer cut accompanied by Deftex’s Chrome as microphone fiend. Yes, it’s a vid for the single off K-Delight’s classic 2008 LP Audio Revolution of which every self-respecting old-schooler should possess a copy. As if that’s not enough, you can download the track The Wildstyle Dream – K-Delight feat. Chrome HERE. And if that’s not enough – then there is no pleasing you! ‘Ave it.
K-Delight – Myspace

DJ MUGGS vs. ILL BILL: ‘Kill Devil Hills’ LP release details + tracklist

Cypress Phixion or Non Hill? You’d like to think Muggs will bring it like he did the first two Cypress Hill LPs and Ill Bill will kick it like he did on The Future Is Now but what are the chances of that in what has thus far been another lame-ass year for hip-hop? August awaits…
Produced Entirely By DJ Muggs, “Kill Devil Hills” Features Guest Appearances From B-Real, Raekwon, Sean Price, Everlast, Slaine, Chace Infinite, O.C., Q-Unique, Vinnie Paz & Sick Jacken
DJ Muggs is one of the industries most talented and best known producers. Since Cypress Hill’s formation in 1991, the pioneering rap-rock quartet has come a long way from the streets of South Central L.A. Over the course of its 19-year history, Cypress Hill has sold more than 17 million albums worldwide, including more than 11 million records in the U.S. alone. The group has garnered 15 multi-platinum, platinum and gold certifications from the RIAA; headlined Lollapalooza, Woodstock and the group’s own Smokin’ Grooves tour, appeared on “Saturday Night Live,” made the late-night talk show circuit—all the while breaking down the musical and cultural barriers between hip-hop, alternative, metal, rock, reggae, ska and Latin music. In 2008, DJ Muggs, along with Cypress Hill received a VH1 Hip Hop Honors, to celebrate the vision and innovation that the group continues to bring to Hip Hop, strengthening its force around the world.
Yet, that only touches on what Muggs has done as a member of Cypress Hill, as his highly-influential solo-projects (‘Soul Assassin’ Series, ‘Grandmaster’s’ with Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA) and not to mention producing hits for House of Pain “Jump Around” and Ice Cube “Check Yo Self” among many others. Ill Bill was obviously honored to be working with Muggs, as he affirms “I’ve always been a huge Muggs fan and his ‘Vs.’ series is one of the last places to hear the vibe that made albums by Cypress Hill & Gang Starr so dope. Not too many producers can craft an entire album on their own, let alone an album that’s a classic. Muggs has done it many times over the past 20 years. It’s an honor to be part of that legacy.”
For the vast majority of his career, whether solo or in a group capacity, Muggs has established a precedent for working hand in hand with artists and creating cohesive bodies of work, rather then spreading around beats from project to project and that rings true once again on ‘Kill Devil Hills’ “I prefer getting in the lab and actually creating projects with people instead of just sending out beat CDs. I’m a producer in the fullest extent, where I like to not only produce an album; but craft an album. Being able to start a record from the beginning and following through with it, making sure that all the songs compliment each other. I’ve always come from making albums and producing my records—I’m still into that” relays DJ Muggs.
Ill Bill was a founding member of Non Phixion who released their seminal debut, ‘The Future Is Now’, in 2002 and has also released two influential solo LP’s. Bill has also released an LP as a member of the bi-coastal conglomerate La Coka Nostra (which also includes Everlast, Danny Boy and DJ Lethal of House Of Pain and newcomer Slaine). Ill Bill’s ‘The Hour Of Reprisal’ (2008) showed flashes of what the future would hold, as Bill & Muggs collaborated on two tracks (“This Is Who I Am” & “Only Time Will Tell”) for Bill’s most recent solo-LP.
‘Kill Devil Hills’ is entirely produced by DJ Muggs and features appearances by B-Real, Raekwon, Sean Price, Everlast, Slaine, Chace Infinite, O.C. Q-Unique, Vinnie Paz and others, but by going where instinct took them, Ill Bill & DJ Mugg’s collaborative union manifested into a sonically cohesive album; seemingly very organically as Ill Bill asserts “”Production & conceptually, this record plays out like a movie. All the songs connect. It moves like a concept record the way the beats blend with the words even though we didn’t plan it like that. It’s basically it’s own sound, the Muggs vs. Bill sound” and Muggs adds “the chemistry between us was very natural. Any decisions we had to make, it was easy, like we’d worked together for years. When we sat back & heard the final product, man, we were both blown away.”
Tracklisting and credits for DJ Muggs vs Ill Bill “Kill Devil Hills” LP:
1.) Cult Assassin
2.) Trouble Shooters f/Sean Price, O.C. & Sick Jacken
3.) Paul Stanley
4.) Illuminati 666
5.) Amputated Saint f/B-Real
6.) Skull & Guns f/Everlast & Slaine of La Coka Nostra
7.) Giants Stadium f/Q-Unique
8.) The Owl
9.) Millenniums Of Murder
10.) Chase Manhattan f/Raekwon
11.) Luciferian Imperium
13.) Secrets Worth Dying For f/Chace Infinite
14.) 2013
15.) Kill Devil Hills f/B-Real & Vinnie Paz
16.) Narco Corridos f/Sick Jacken & Uncle Howie
(****All Tracks Produced By DJ Muggs)

Ill Bill & DJ Muggs will be performing together as one of the headlining acts on this years ‘Rock The Bells’tour

DJ Muggs – Myspace

Ill Bill – Myspace

NAUGHTY BY NATURE: ‘I Gotta Lotta’ Video

Yeah – wasn’t too sure about that Get To Know Me Better shenanigans but this new vid. for Naughty By Nature’s I Gotta Lotta is a bit more like it. Still waiting for that new LP first promised nearly half a decade ago though boys – Anthem Inc. were you going to call it? You remember! The one of which you said, “We’re going to make universal party tracks with great hooks; street anthems, social and political anthems, anthems for the ladies.” Quit stallin’ – is it going to be hip-hop hooray this year or am I going to have to get involved with OPP? Hey ho…

Naughty By Nature – Myspace

MAD PROFESSOR live @ Koko 19 July 2010 – WIN FREE ENTRY FOR 2

Mad Professor? Oh what – from the University of Dub, School of Crazy Digital Studies? Yeah that’s him – but has years of the dub made him wiser? Now’s your chance to find out as he’s bringing seismic bass tech and lots of friends (see press guff below) to London next month and you can win free entry for your bad self and a companion. COMPETITION CLOSED: Well done Amanda! All you have to do is complete the following steps.
1. Answer this question: What country does Mad Pro hail from?
2. Email your answer to:

First correct answer wins. Simples!

(PRESS RELEASE) Soundcrash presents a musical journey that will take you from Dub Reggae to Dubstep and from Hip Hop to LA-tronica with some of the biggest players in the electronic music scene. Starting proceedings will be a very special live set by the legendary Mad Professor. The man who almost single-handedly brought Dub into the digital era will play a very special live Dub-to-Dubstep set from 10pm sharp. So get down early for the best EVER possible warm-up for a crazy night!

Taking influences from hip-hop, experimental, and dance genres, The Glitch Mob have crafted their own form of futuristic dance floor hip-hop that has been flooring audiences world wide. Their live sets reinvent the dj “tag-team” concept with four performers on stage at once, interacting like a jazz combo, each taking the lead at intuitive moments, interweaving their own sounds, and remixing everything on the fly. The result is a sound distinctly their own, blending the deep head nod of hip-hop with serious bass music, throwing genre distinctions out the window.

Alongside The Glitch Mob (sort of) Dj Vadim aka The T-E-R-R-O-R-I-S-T will be bringing his weapons of mass destruction to the Koko dancefloor. After a wildly succesful US Tour, Vadim returns to London for his first big show since selling out Koko back in January. With a number of acclaimed releases on the iconic labels Ninja Tune and BBE, Dj Vadim is one of the most reliable producers and Djs in the Island and is sure to prove that again tonight.

First Word Records’ Kidkanevil fuses Hip Hop, Tropical heat, and Electronica to maximum effect, and completing the bill, festival-circuit staples Subsource will show once again that Dub, punk and electronica can be fused together and not sound like shit. Get ready to mosh!