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GROOVOLOGISTS: Peace/ Reggae Mood

Groovologists on the phonograph! Yup, funky French duo, djs Moar and Goodka get right back on it with a double A side 12”. P-funk/ James Brown melding mash Peace mixes up similar ingredients to Basement Freaks’ And That’s Nu Funk but puts the p-funk in the driving seat instead with a hugely different but equally good result, while skankin’ instrumental Reggae Mood refixes an old jazz standard. Can’t say fairer than!
(Out May 2010 on Trad Vibe )

Listen to The Groovologists – Peace b/w Reggae Mood

GOODGROOVE: Regrooved Series XI

It’s refix time again and while the original versions of the tracks on here might have been around the block a few times that doesn’t prevent the dirty foursome assembled by the Goodgroove label giving them various kinds of ‘extreme makeover.’ Somehow I suspect the inspirational drug of choice during the making of these was MDMA. Except for The Captain who obviously washed downed several family packs of Haribo with a two litre bottle of Coke during the creation of H2H.
(Out now on Goodgroove)
(PRESS RELEASE) The Regrooved series is still doing what it does well, 4 huge and varied tracks from all over the world. The Captian aka Fab Samperi from Italy displays his skills with an uptempo bossa style version of a classic funk track. Slynk teams up with fellow Australian Tom Drummond to create a smooth breakbeat club track, Tom better known for his house production which you can hear coming through in the track. Slynk also has a big solo track on this vinyl, his 80’s styles are shining through in a big way here. Lastly Stickybuds from Canada brings his fat bass and solid beats, this track is a must have for all funky DJ’s that like it beefy.
Listen to Goodgroove: Regrooved Series XI
Goodgroove – Myspace

CHIMA ANYA: ‘I’m Ill (It’s The Doctor)’ feat. Chemo

Here’s a little treat in the run-up to the release (or in the wake of the release – you can already buy it off of UK rapper Chima Anya’s debut LP New Day. As you’ll hear, he’s claiming he’s ‘ill’ a lot on this with, it has to be said, a not inconsiderable amount of justification. Just as well really – seeing as how he’s jacked Red Café’s fat boom-bap I’m Ill beat. Then again, it’s not like Red Café was really doing it justice especially when compared with what Chima Anya’s come up with which is much funnier and cleverer and which I would quote but for some reason the refrain, “I’m ill muthafucker, I’m ill/ I’m ill, I’m ill, I’m ill,” is going around in my head a lot now. Kind of reminds me of a UK Mr Lif. Watch this space.
Chima Anya – Myspace

DESSA: A Badly Broken Code – 2010 – Album review

Rating: ★★★½☆

As I’ve listened to The Black-Eyed Peas et al raping hip-hop’s rapidly cooling carcass over the last few years I’ve had plenty of time to consider the possible sources of some sort of miraculous regeneration of the genre – none of which included emo-rap from Minneapolis. So I was a little apprehensive when approaching this solo effort from the Doomtree collective’s Dessa. And sure enough, here were the emo lyrics, the moody, folk-y violins, and the sung rock-audience friendly hooks. In short, the overall effect was of something that could soundtrack The Ghost Whisperer or Supernatural (and for all I know, might already have done) and will probably be listened to by a graphic-novel reading demographic with a penchant for Incubus albums. The thing is though…it’s actually not that bad. Obviously being as how this is emo and all – you have to put up with a few references to Sylvia Plath and childhood trauma and stuff, but there’s really no escaping the fact that Dessa has both what can only be termed a deep and soothing midwestern flow and she is one rapper who can most definitely sing – as she does on most of the choruses and two folky acapellas on this.
Admittedly, if this is hip-hop it’s about as evocative of the Bronx and Compton as a paddle steamer on the Mississippi but another feather in Dessa’s cap is her choice of beatmakers – in this case Doomtree compadres Paper Tiger, MK Larada, Cecil Otter and Lazerbreak. Thus the LP has a coherence that is sometimes lacking when a number producers are employed and all of them, it seems, have in common with the granddaddy of Minneapolis beatmakers (that’ll be Ant from Atmosphere) a penchant for organic rolling breakbeats. Another thing it has going for it is that this is an LP that doesn’t sag in the middle or tail off towards the end – if anything it steps things up a gear at the halfway point and you’ll find most of the best tracks from this point onwards – including album highlight Dutch where the narrator in the song tries (not very successfully) to persuade the listener that she wouldn’t have you for breakfast. You’ll hear a lot worse this year, of that I have no doubt.

Listen to Dessa – A Badly Broken Code

Dessa – Myspace

RENEGADES OF JAZZ: Karabine EP – Release details

Everyone keeps trying to jazz the monkey at the moment. No, that’s not an euphemism, it’s just that the inbox keeps being filled (no, that’s not one either) with jazzy business (or that). And so we come to Renegades Of Jazz (i.e. David Hanke of Mash & Munkee) – the big signing to new label WASS of which the owner, ‘king of the northern beats’ (i.e. Smoove of Smoove & Turrell), himself claims combines, ”jazz dance and b-boy funk to devastating effect.” The phrase ‘jazz dance’ is like a cold shower of piss over here at monkeyboxing towers but I’ve had a listen and it’s got a bit of a Lalo Schifrin-esque edge – so that was quite redemptive really, as was it’s general all-round machine-gun percussiveness and summery sophistication. I preferred the spy (jazz) funk of flip Apple Sauce though. Reminded me of being chased round the shores of Lake Constance by KGB agents back in ‘67.
Renegades Of Jazz – Karabine EP – tracklist
1. Karabine
2. Karabine (Uptown Felaz remix)
3. Apple Sauce
4. Apple Sauce (Dusty remix)
(Out 24 May on Wass Records)

Listen to Renegades Of Jazz – Karabine EP

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DJ ANGELO: Kanye West vs. Jocelyn Brown – Gold Digger (Some Guy remix) – Free download and Video

Angelo weighs in with the third instalment of what he describes as his mash-up ‘hattrick’. “It’s probably one more for the ladies,” he claims in an attempt to mitigate his shameless cutting of Kanye’s only decent track with Jocelyn Brown’s smooth nineties rnb number Somebody Else’s Guy, before adding, “it never fails on the dancefloor, trust me.” Normally, of course, trust is the last thing I would place in someone who utters ‘trust me,’ as if they were some sort of lawyer in a Yank yuppie-era film angling for a huge bribe. However, this, as with the previous two instalments, has faultless production, an equally faultless video mash to accompany it and, I suspect, a flawless record with ladies on the dancefloor. Hip-pop don’t stop! Get it and/ or watch it below:
DOWNLOAD – DJ ANGELO: Gold Digger (Some Guy remix) HERE
DJ Angelo – Myspace

CHART – MAY 2010

1. Plan B – Traded In My Cigarettes
Massive northern soul bomb off the album.

2. Manmade – Blue Brothers/ We Got To Party
Now that IS what I’m talking about! Blues Brothers and the Beasties get the Manmade makeover.

3. A Skillz – Twang Banger/ Poppa Soul
A Skillz reinvigorates Bobby Byrd and Maceo with the aid of Blak Twang and the Ultramagnetics.

4. Cypress Hill – Light It Up
The ‘Hill recapture the fire of the early days.

5. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – Better Things To Do
Sharon might have better things to do but you should be checking this.

6. Louis Logic – Right N Wrong (feat. Bo Jankans)
The underground MC, back with a dope new LP including this psychedelic cut
ListenRead Review…

7. (2) The Beekeepers – Bee Funk EP
Ummm – might have overlooked this new school banger a bit…oops. Sorry.

8. (5) Plan B – She Said
Gotta love the soul vibe on this.

9. (1) Quasamodo feat. MC Coppa – Bollywood Man (Basement Freaks rmx)
L.A.R.G.E. Where’s the vinyl?

10. (6) Funkshone – Soul Survivor
Wah-wah, breaks and a chorus larger than Terry Tibbs in a Maserati showroom.

MANMADE: Blue Brothers – 2010 – Single review

Rating: ★★★★☆

Now that’s what I’m talking about! I hadn’t been feeling Manmade’s output so much recently but this repress of one of their first releases featuring two big funky mash-ups reminds me why I turned on and tuned in in the first place. First they raid the Blues Brothers soundtrack in search of something needing euphoric breakbeat elevation then they co-opt an acapella from the ever reliable Beasties for an upbeat refix of All The Lifestyles off To The 5 Boroughs. Don’t leave anything lying around for fuck’s sake or they’ll probably find a way to get that onto their next drop.
(Out now on Manmade)

Listen to Manmade – Blue Brother

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