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COMPETITION: THE HEAVY live @ The Garage 26/11 WIN free entry and CD LP

Garage-rock/ soul crossover kings The Heavy released their second LP The House That Dirt Built last month and you know you want a piece of that action. Well, here’s your chance: the first two correct answers to the question that follows will WIN:(COMPETITION CLOSED – congratulations Trev and Alison!)
1. A CD copy of The Heavy’s current LP The House That Dirt Built
2. Free entry to the band’s upcoming gig on 26 November 2009 at the aptly named (considering the line up) Garage in Highbury (support acts POLSKY, In The Black and Rough Science)

…all courtesy of Soundcrash Productions. Here’s the question:

What hamlet near the city of Bath do The Heavy come from?

There now – easier than a Richard & Judy phone-in and not rigged. Get your skates on. Mail answers to:

N.B. You must include:
1. Your name (so you can be put on the guestlist)
2. Your address (so that the CD can be mailed to you).

Here’s some press guff about the band…
(PRESS RELEASE) Taking the stage of the recently, awesomely refurbished Garage this November are the hottest, dirtiest band of the moment; with their new album ‘The House that dirt built’ tearing up systems across the country and riding on the back of a host of amazing reviews (including ‘single of the day’ for ‘How you like me now’ in Q magazine and a guest appearance on Jonathon Ross’s Radio 2 show!) The Heavy are set to crush your ears with their own eclectic brand of music.
In Noid, a tiny hamlet situated to the south west of Bath, some of the most dangerous and ill sounding beats and riffs are being created by four wolf like personalities. The Heavy started out ripping and chopping beats from the likes of Bo Diddley, Little Walter and The Parliaments and fusing them with their now patented brand of high grade dirt. Guitar riffs that intoxicate, bass lines that reverberate around your head like a King Jammy dream and vocals that will challenge any of the genres they decide to take on. And they continually cross genres; as a unit they’re proud to be completely musically schizophrenic. From country to rhythm and blues, garage punk to rock and roll, Studio one to the slums of shaolin, you’ll find that The Heavy are indeed like a pack of chefs with the way that genres get cooked up, blended, stirred and then mixed, to create their own unique style of rock and roll.
The album Great Vengeance and Furious Fire released on Counter Records in late 2007 generated a great deal of interest with songs like That kind of man, Girl, Set me free, Coleen and Dignity, firmly laying foundations for the house of dirt that they are building at present. There is no other band that sound as raw as The Sonics while holding soul in a headlock and frequently wrestling rock to the ground with the weight of Mr 808 as tag team partner. Listen, then try and tell Louis different.
You will not experience another band like this ….So dirty. So much weight. So much energy and laced with a soul that you just don’t hear anymore……..The Heavy have indeed created a monster.

Buy tickets to see The Heavy @ The Garage 26 November 2009

The Heavy – Myspace

FLIP SKATEBOARDS: ‘Extremely Sorry’ Soundtrack

The last track on this sees Warren G give old Nate a pass and hook up instead with another Dogg – Snoop by name – you might have heard of him. Also, if you’ve ever wondered what Motorhead’s Lemmy sounds like singing on anything other than Ace Of Spades now’s your chance to find out as he does a totally un-ironic cover of Stand By Me with his two lovely assistants: L.A. based ‘alternative/ thrash/ electronica’ producer (according to his myspace) Baron (the lynchpin behind this soundtrack) and pro-skater Geoff Rowley who now (according to wikipedia) resides in Huntington Beach, Orange County. I stayed in Huntington Beach once. I didn’t see Rowley but I did see a couple nearly get arrested for dancing in a bar that didn’t have a ‘licence’ for dancing.

Current skateboard films use old tracks that you most likely have heard before, Flip’s EXTREMELY SORRY soundtrack is definitely one of a kind, produced in Southern California by UK premier league Producer & DJ BARON. Best known in the UK for his Drum & Bass productions and work with record label Breakbeat Kaos (Baron’s 2006/2007 tracks, “At The Drive In” and “Drive in, Drive by” both reached the #1 spot on the UK Dance Charts and his releases are featured heavily on Zane Lowe & Annie Macs Radio 1 shows), the soundtrack Baron has created for EXTREMELY SORRY instead features an broard array of musical styles that match each skater’s part in the film, crafting a completely unique audio/visual experience.
As well as BARON making some jaw dropping instrumental tracks, he also collaborated with Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead), Dave Lombardo (Slayer), Jim Lindberg (Pennywise), Mack Winston (Mack Winston and the Reflections), Black Mountain, ((Sounder)), Early Man, Snoop Dogg and Warren G to make a soundtrack that is as highly anticipated as the film itself.
From atmospheric soundscapes to industrial thrashers, the soundtrack covers an expansive spectrum of music and is stand out from start to finish. The highlights include a classic cover of Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me” (ft. Lemmy Kilmister & Dave Lombardo), “The End Of The Beginning” (ft. Black Mountain), “Ignition,” “Burn Out Like Fireflies” (ft. ((Sounder))) and “Process Of Extinction” (ft. Early Man).
BARON worked closely for countless hours with EXTREMELY SORRY director and star of the film Geoff Rowley, to score original songs that match up with each skater’s personal style, It was also Rowley who was the one who helped Baron initially connect with the skaters to legitimize the process with them as well as with the rest of the skateboard industry.
“EXTREMELY SORRY has been 4 years in the making and THE most insane journey I have been on. The music was made to serve the skateboarding and the skateboarding is epic.” – Baron
Flip Skateboards was founded in 1991 as a vision to create a modernized skateboard brand, incorporating the highest levels of riders from all ages and genres. The Flip brand message has consistently been a representation of skateboarding’s off beat lifestyle and subculture. Some of the world’s most legendary skaters are stars of the Flip team, as well as the next crop of ripping amateurs and sponsored riders from around the world. Flip is set to release their third video in the Sorry trilogy EXTREMELY SORRY in October 2009. The soundtrack will be released by Volcom Entertainment on December 7th, 2009 and is sure to be the benchmark for all future skate films in both the scope of the music and it’s unique distribution collaboration.

Listen to Flip Skateboards – ‘Extremely Sorry’ soundtrack

Baron – Myspace

DJ ANGELO: Dizzee Rascal vs. Monie Love – Fix Up, Look Sharp (Shameless remix) – Free download + video

It’s a fact, plain and simple, that the remix/ mash-up/ bootleg crowd usually have a far better idea of what a dancefloor beat should be than many of those whose beats actually chart. DJ Angelo is no exception. Was he inspired by Nice Up’s year or two old rerub of Old School, the use of The Adventures of Stevie V’s Dirty Cash on Dirtee Cash or just moved to pity by the sorry ass shit that was Bonkers? I don’t fucking know. I DO know that you can download this topically retro mash-up right HERE though. Bonus video below. Enjoy:

DJ Angelo – Myspace

NOUVELLAS: Nouvellas – 2009 – Album review + ‘Satisfied’ free download

Rating: ★★★★★

Hot damn! I’ve been waiting on this since I first heard Nouvellas a couple of years back with what was to become their first single Satisfied (DOWNLOAD HERE) and, indeed, the driving Stax rhythms-meets-60s garage-rock approach of that track (the second on this album) is utterly representative of the sound of a band who rose from the ashes of more conventional New York soul/funk outfit The Dansettes. Nouvellas stand out from the rest of the retro soul-influenced crowd for three main reasons, the first is their ability to deliver consistently classic tunes (not something I say lightly) and you simply won’t find a weak link on here in that respect. The second is the Telecaster pyrotechnics of guitarist Dennis Pierce, a man who plays like the second coming of James Burton (the original ‘wild man of telecaster’ who played with Dale Hawkins and Elvis, among others) and who has more twang per note than Zebedee playing mouth harp on a trampoline. Thirdly, in Jaime and Leah you’ve got the unusual situation of a band with two frontwomen.
Yeah – you heard me – two front women. So how does that work out? Pretty well as it goes and just as the band’s music is a hybrid of soul and garage rock, so the vocals reflect this. Not pure soul vocals then, like – say – retro soul queen Sharon Jones (for whom Jaime and Leah have both done backing vox) though if we’re being honest neither of the girls has that kind of voice. But then a pure soul voice wouldn’t be punky enough for what Nouvellas are serving up musically. If you think along the lines of Detroit Cobras’ Rachel Nagy but even lower-fi you’re ballpark. Jaime’s got more grit, Leah’s a bit more fey and they work best on the mellower tracks – Don’t Count On Me and These Days Are Gone both of which have a dark fifties vibe. Elsewhere they frequently sing simultaneous lead vox which might be a bit much for some though if you’re down with the raucous garage-y effect (and I am) you’ll find this no hardship. On the louder, funkier, rockier tracks they fare best when each has room to breathe and the fiery Reputation, where the girls tag team lines and verses, is the best example, as well as once again showcasing Pierce’s impressive fretwork and sound. As for lyrical content – that is pure soul – it seems like every cut on here is either about not being able to hold onto your man or not being able to get the man you want. Nuff said.
Google Nouvellas and you’ll find a range of analogies which strive to capture the flavour of their melting pot of influences, ‘Dusty Springfield backed by the Yardbirds’ for one. The point is that while both the funky rhythms used by this band and their garage rock sound and approach existed in the sixties, they weren’t present in one single act simultaneously – and if anyone knows different – let me know as I’d like to hear an act which did combine them. What Nouvellas have done is fuse elements in a way that works like a charm. If you like a single one of the flavours in the make up of their sound you’re liable to love the way they’ve combined them with the others. This LP is the complete opposite of auto-tuned crap that is still being churned out by the bucketload despite Jay Z. If there was any justice this band would be making bigger waves. But there isn’t much justice is there? Especially in the music business. Nouvellas’ll probably end up being massive in Japan and get a flurry of press attention sometime when the next Jack White references them as one of his favourite bands. There are worse fates though and the hard-gigging, crate-digging Nouvellas do it for the love anyway. Put simply my friends, this is rock n soul – but like it never quite was, back in the day.

Listen to Nouvellas – Nouvellas

Nouvellas – Myspace

DOWNLOAD Nouvellas album track ‘Satisfied’

CTRL Z vs FREESTYLERS: Ruffneck ’09 video

I haven’t got the energy for this though you might have – it’s the vid for those free Ruffneck remixes posted up last week. If your club nights involve huge quantities of man-made mood enhancers and if you didn’t already – you can cop them HERE

Ctrl Z – Myspace

Freestylers – Myspace

SWOLLEN MEMBERS: ‘Bollywood Chick’ Video

…In which the ‘Members use a bhangra sample as an excuse to get some fit Asian birds into a video. Or maybe they used some fit Asian birds in a video as an excuse to get a bhangra loop on one of their tracks. Either way this one involves a bhangra loop and some fit Asian birds. Trashy but I kinda like it. And it’s got dancefloor smash written in intricate henna designs all over it.
(PRESS RELEASE) Swollen Members Release Video For “Bollywood Chick” Featuring Tech N9ne
Swollen Members have released their video for the track “Bollywood Chick” featuring Tech N9ne:

Swollen Members | MySpace Video
The track is the latest single from Swollen Members’ new studio album, “Armed To The Teeth”, which debuted at #146 on the Billboard Top 200 and #5 on the Heatseekers charts.
“Armed To The Teeth” is a snapshot of the trials and tribulations Swollen Members endured during the past two years, including Mad Child’s battle with drug addiction, the collapse of their former record label, and the legal troubles that plagued the group throughout the recording process. The album features collaborations with some of the best artists in the game including Tech N9ne, Everlast and Slaine from La Coka Nostra, Glasses Malone, and Talib Kweli.
Swollen Members are currently embarking on a Canadian tour throughout November and December.

Swollen Members – Myspace

OBIE TRICE: ‘Special Reserve’ LP – album release details + stream LP

Okey dokey – Obie’s here (again) with a new LP. Let’s hope it’s got some teeth eh? You can stream it HERE.
Returning with his first LP since his departure from Shady Records (where he was one of the label’s top selling artists), Obie Trice readies a new street LP, Special Reserve, which finds him collaborating solely with rising producer MoSS.
With a very strong fanbase, a strong presence on commercial radio and having sold in excess of 1.5 million albums to date (including the certified Platinum Cheers), Special Reserve is a departure from Obie’s typical sound, as a wide range of gritty audio mosaics are provided by MoSS, as he continues to not only raise his profile, but the bar he’s set from his previous work with Raekwon, Ghostface, Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden, AZ, Slum Village, Havoc, Kool G Rap, KRS-One/Buckshot etc. MoSS is also the first producer signed to the legendary DJ Premier’s “Works of Mart” production company.
Obie Trice’s Special Reserve will be released on 12-15-09.
Tracklisting/ credits – Obie Trice – Special Reserve:
1.) Welcome
2.) Got Hungry
3.) You’ve Been Slain
4.) On & On
5.) I Am
6.) 4 Stories
7.) Roughnecks f/Deuce Wonder
8.) Cool Cat
9.) What You Want
10.) Jack My Dick
11.) Dope, Jobs, Homeless (alternate take / Bonus Song)
***All Tracks Produced by MoSS

Obie Trice – Myspace

CTRL Z: Ruffneck ’09 – Free downloads

DJs Dash and Inch resurrect an old Freestylers track. I have some reservations about the advisability of this but then some people’ll dance to anything when they’ve had few chemicals – Pendulum for example. Hit the links below to DOWNLOAD:
Ruffneck ’09 – Never Say Die Mix
Ruffneck ’09 – Rack N Ruin remix
Vinyl release: November 23rd / Digital release: November 30th
The Freestylers need no introduction and neither does their all time classic ‘Ruffneck’. This Anthem has been re-recorded and hurtled into the future by notorious electronic punks Ctrl Z and has been one of the biggest tunes in the sets of the likes of Stanton Warriors, Krafty Kuts, Freq Nasty, Deekline and of course the ‘Stylers for the past year!
Every time these two acts have met in the past, the results have been devastating. The Ctrl Z remix of The Freestylers & Pendulum track ‘Security’ was one of the highlights of 2007 and their album collab ‘Turn to Dust’ was rock breaks at its very best, so it was natural that the Stylers would turn to the Z to put their take on what is considered by many as the best Freestylers track ever!
This track was the subject of a Computer Music magazine masterclass and when you hear it you’ll see why. Blending the old with the new, Ctrl Z have managed to keep the ‘rough around the edges’ vibe of the Freestylers original, while stamping their monstrous bassline and synth sounds all over it.
Now it’s finally getting the release it deserves with remixes to blow your socks off including; the seemingly omnipresent High Rankin, best selling dubsteppers Excision & Datsik, bassline remix kings Pirate Soundsystem and the fast rising crack house wunderkid Rack n Ruin!
The vinyl (Original / Excision & Datsik remix) is due out on November the 23rd and all mixes will be available digitally on November 30th.
Coming up next year on the label – Foreign Beggars & Noisia, SkisM, Ctrl Z, Losers, Reso and anyone else we can get our grubby little paws on!

Never Say Die – Myspace

Ctrl z – Myspace

Freestylers – Myspace

BASEMENT FREAKS: Instrumental bootlegs – free download

Free instrumental mash-up booty y’all! Courtesy of ‘King (Leonidas) of the (break)beats’ George Fotiadis. Better known as Basement Freaks…download links below:

1. Digital Monkey Styla (instrumental)
2. Sweet Homie Rock (instrumental)
3. We Gonna Rock It (instrumental)

Basement Freaks – Myspace


Tarmac toerag? Concrete conundrum? Forrest Armstrong’s written a book. Yeah – you remember them – not the ones you sit in front of while media whore clones babble mindless shit about other media whores – I’m on about the other ones. The ones where you have to do the work – y’know – turn pages, read the words, reflect…it’s time to get your cerebellum on yo!
(PRESS RELEASE) “The hip hop lovechild of William S. Burroughs and Salvador Dali. The language is poetic and tangled, the plot a graffiti mural of military androids, mad gurus, and ectoplasmic DJs.” (The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction)
Asphalt Flowerhead is a novel about the underground mind in America. It begins with an illegitimate nightclub getting busted by the police and follows those arrested as they try to resume their lives after jail – some through fighting back against the system or pursuit of transcendence, and some through a submission of self to drug addiction and apathy. While America fights a propaganda-war against drug traders, the streets continue to dream in the face of nightmares, and the youth grow strong to the constant symphony of junky poetics.
“It’s not like a book at all, but a combination of sci-fi outer space films and the latest video game realities that step off the page and pull you into their worlds… fasten your irreality-belt and get ready for a never-before mind-space voyage!”
(The Small Press Review)
“There aren’t many writers, apart from Milton and Dante, who have such energy and invention, and ease of execution. This novel is tremendous, virtuosic and beautiful. Forrest Armstrong has vast talent.” (Tom Bradley, author of Vital Fluid)

Buy it direct from the publisher at