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DA WIESEL: Big Boots EP – 2009 – EP review

Rating: ★★★★½

Yes – you will need to get your wallet out again as Da Wiesel follows up his corking Shotgun EP with the Big Boots EP – four slices of steroidal breaks, laced with choice vocal raps. The Funky Hun’s opening gambit is the pneumatic Blockrocking Blade which finds a Chemical Brothers b-line topped by the vocals of long-serving UK MC Blade and a smorgasbord of disco-stylings. Next up is Supersonic Four – a classy old Supersonics rocksteady instrumental garnished with guttural raps from original German old-schoolers Die Fantastischen Vier. It’s a combo that’ll have German-speaking dancefloors everywhere getting all stank though how it translates elsewhere in a vocally English-centric industry remains to be seen. If you need a reason to part with cash money however, you need go no further than the massive I Gonna Give It To Ya. Basically when you hear what is essentially a rhyme from rapper Sensational (a.k.a. Torture) pasted over a chopped up loop from Jean Knight’s Mr Big Stuff (with added cuts from Charles Wright’s Express Yourself) you’ll recognise it for the dancefloor diamond that it is – even as you marvel, ‘Why has no-one done this already?’
(Out now on Frequento Sunsetsoul)

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ALDO VANUCCI: Everyday Games EP – free download

“Plymouth’s 14th best DJ” returns to drop a prime selection of reggae party breaks on the Everyday Games EP (DOWNLOAD HERE) that sees riddim applied to both Arrested Development and De La Soul. Dat Good’s skankin retouch of Basement Jaxx’s Good Luck is the runaway winner though. All on-the-ball vinyl slags will have picked this up in the last few weeks but some (like me) might not have got around to turning it into a digital format. Makes a change though – I’m sick of finding out something’s out on CD and digital but not vinyl – those dubplates are costing me a fortune.
Aldo Vanucci – Everyday Games – Tracklist:
1. Everyday Games
2. Dat Good
3. Good Skank
4. Pretty Old School

Aldo Vanucci – Myspace

Aldo Vanucci – Everyday Games EP – DOWNLOAD

MUTATE BRITAIN presents ‘One Foot In The Grove’

The October Mutate Britain art exhibition was so good they’re re-opening it for December. For the dates and times…skip to the end!
(PRESS RELEASE) A 15,000 square foot open air exhibition of Street Art, giant Sculpture and Installations, fully licensed for 1,250 people, underneath the West Way Road Bridge next to Portobello Road, Ladbroke Grove, London.
Following the success of their debut show ‘Behind the Shutters’ at the infamous Cordy House, the Mutate Britain team are pleased to announce ‘One Foot in the Grove’, an exhibition of painting and sculpture located in the heart of West London on the Portobello Road.

“For us this is a home coming, Ladbroke Grove means a lot to Joe and I, now we’re back home to put on a show that we hope will be remembered for its inspiring art, inclusive atmosphere and all round good times.” – Garfield Hackett
Since artists such as Futura 2000 (then touring with The Clash) and Mode 2 first painted the huge walls supporting the iconic West Way in the early 80s, they have been cited as a birthplace of British graffiti/street art culture. Almost 30 years later Street Art is a global artistic movement, rich with talent, diverse aesthetic styles and momentum sustained by passion. Now over 50 of its old school pioneers, infamous names and future masters are back to build a show that celebrates the depth and heritage of the movement. Expect surprise announcements to add to the mix of works by Mode 2, Matt Small, Dr. D, Part2ism, Best Ever and too many more to mention here.
Freehand painting, stencils and paste ups from three to thirty feet high adorn the huge walls that provide an atmospheric setting for this event, made unique thanks to collaborators The Mutoid Waste Company. Giant Mutoid sculptures made from refuse on a military scale are carefully curated to build the Mutate Britain atmosphere. Helicopters, dinosaurs and prancing horses sculpted and engineered by Joe Rush, Alex Wreckage and Sam Haggerty punctuate the floor space alongside Giles Walker’s pole dancing robots, LRRY the fire breathing bull and a three dimensional holographic human face. One Foot in the Grove is a unique chance to see and interact with these mind blowing creations usually only ever witnessed at the world’s most iconic festivals. Burning Man in Arizona, The Fuji Rock Festival and Glastonbury’s Trash City are the some of The Mutoid Waste Company’s favourite playgrounds.
“Mixing our artwork into a big event where people have a good time makes it come alive, and that’s what we’re all about – making our work accessible by putting on a proper party.” – Joe Rush
A huge Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition style wall presents framed stencils and originals available to buy whilst the he ‘photograff’ wall provides a visual reference for the history of Ladbroke Grove street culture with contributions from Henry Chalfant amongst others. An extensive seating area offers visitors the perfect chance to relax and take in these amazing surroundings while enjoying our licensed bar, café and finger-licking food provided by none other than Andi Oliver and Neneh Cherry. One Foot in the Grove replaces the sterile gallery experience with a festival atmosphere that makes Mutate Britain’s art truly accessible for crowds of all kinds.
Location: 3-6 Acklam Rd, London, W10 5YU
Nearest Tube Ladbroke Grove
Opening times:
Opens December 4th to December 20th – FRI / SAT / SUN
FRI 12-10pm / SAT 12-10pm (NO ENTRY AFTER 9PM)
MON 21st – WEDS 23rd – Limited opening, sales gallery only.
In further news, on December 12th, Mutate Britain present a spectacular skate installation built by The Mutoid Waste Company for the now legendary annual Crossfire Xmas Skateboard Jam. This collaboration highlights the mutual respect between the two events and the mutated vehicle will have to be seen to be believed! Tickets to cover the two events will be available on the door at The Crossfire Skate Jam. Entry is just down the road from One Foot In The Grove at Bay Sixty 6 Skatepark, 66-67 Acklam Road, London W10 5YU from 12pm-6pm. Tel: 0208 962 8282
It will be a ‘Gangster Themed Event’ so literally expect Mobs of kids!

FOREIGN BEGGARS: Seven Figure Swagger/ Don’t Dhoow It – 2009 – Single review

Rating: ★★★★★

What are the chances? Something new that’s not retro, that’s fucking brilliant. Fat beat, rhymes by turns filthy and hilarious and a hook that’s catchier than Ebola. A whole LP of tings like this and FB’s might actually acquire a real seven figure swagger. On the other hand a couple of good tracks and loads of filler might suffice equally well – given that a significant proportion of the public are the sorts of indiscriminate cunts who don’t just give a platform to ‘acts’ like Mr Whippy-haired super-toddlers ‘Jedward’ by watching X-Factor but actively encourage them by spunking loads of money on phone votes.
(Out now on Dented).

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CTRL Z: Ruffneck ’09 – 2009 – Single review RATING: 2/5

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Ctrl Z? Ctrl Alt Delete more like. The Freestylers’ so-so mid-nineties ragga-hop single gets a vicious breaks makeover that’s loud, lairy and reeks of chemicals. Talking of which, I was at a party the other night having a discussion with a mate of a mate while the DJ spun a mixture of hip-hop, funk and reggae. “Play something harder!” he shouts. “You’ll need to take drugs to enjoy that,” I said. “All music’s drug music!” he replies. “Yeah,” I said, “but you don’t need to take drugs to enjoy this.” I saw him later at four in the morning when the DJ had switched to banging ‘choons’. He comes over to me, eyes all pupils and grinning from ear to ear. “You’re right mate!” he shouts, “I’ve taken loads of drugs and I fucking LOVE it!” It’s a sentiment that might apply to this. And probably will.
(Out now on Never Say Die)

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COMPETITION: WIN free entry to RED SNAPPER & THE BAYS live @ Koko 5/12

It’s competition time again as Soundcrash Productions’ generosity seemingly knows no bounds this month. This time around two lucky winners have the chance to get their hands on a pair of tickets each to see Red Snapper and The Bays live at Camden venue Koko. Support comes in the form of Jon Kennedy, Dadahack, Mr Doris & The Horns and Anchorsong. All you have to do to get your hands on a pair of tickets is get in touch with monkeyboxing via this address:

…with the answer to this question:
What is the name of Red Snapper’s drummer?

(PRESS RELEASE) Red Snapper were among the first to fuse accoustic and electronic instruments, and remain among the best. The Bays have changed the concept of live dance music, improvising every second of each one of their live shows, so that no two are ever the same;Jon Kennedy could not work any harder with his DJing, production and promotion; Anchorsong makes simply sublime beat-laden soundscapes; Mr Doris and the Horns’s brand of super-cool funk has been creating a stir around the country; Dadahack represent the new-school, utilising toys and anything else they can get their hands on to produce a unique sound. All proof that once more Soundcrash is breaking boundaries in the resplendent settings of Camden’s premier venue Koko!
Buy tickets to see Red Snapper @ Koko 5 December 2009
Red Snapper – Myspace
The Bays – Myspace

PARKER: Where’s My Monkey? – free download

Not just the cry of a porn actress who’s developed a beer belly, ‘where’s my monkey?’ is now also a dubstep remix of TC’s Where’s My Money? from Bristol-based DJ/Producer Parker.

DOWNLOAD Where’s My Monkey? off some of the links HERE OR off the soundcloud player below. Vid below that:

Parker – Where’s My Monkey? by Parker.

UNKNOWN PROPHETS: Le System D – LP release details + tracklist

(PRESS RELEASE) In the book “The Nasty Bits” the chef and writer Anthony Bourdain refers to System D – the MacGyverish, git-r-done, don’t look too closely at how many eggs got busted in pursuit of an omelet approach that professional cooks use to get dinner on the table, no matter what. The foundational Minneapolis hip-hop group Unknown Prophets took System D as their title for this album, their fourth album, and first since 2006’s The Road Less Traveled, and so present this 11 course prix-fixe meal designed to satisfy the deepest hungers. Like the hunger in rap for musicians who can play their own instruments – when Jay-Z called for hip- hop to pay attention to bands like Grizzly Bear he had no way of knowing that at that very moment MaD SoN was composing this album on guitar. And the hunger of Big Jess to use rap to address more than bling and shopping, to take on existential issues like the propensity of the universe to ignore us, or as he says in track 6, “Don’t you ever feel like screaming/at the top of your lungs for no reason/in the middle of a crowded place/and people stare at you like you’re from outer space…” In restaurants they call cooking that incorporates the influence of many cuisines Fusion; If Le System D was a meal you’d call if a Fusion of underground dance artists like the Avalanches (see track 5 for more on this), hard rock, and swift, playful elegant rhyme in the style of early Eminem, but in Big Jess,Willy Lose, and MaD SoN’s hands this fusion cooking is far more than the sum of its parts, it’s a new cuisine, an unforgettable meal, a satisfying repast that proves that it truly is far better to have a meal prepared by chefs who have been kicking around the kitchen enough to know their way around a knife. – Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl (Food Critic for MN Monthly/Editor-in-chief Real Food)
Hate Face, the lead single from LSD, features the Seattle-based rapper Grieves- recently featured as MySpace’s Indie Artist to watch for. The song is a “love gone bad” break up song with a killer hook and a catchy melody. Doomtree powerhouse producer Lazerbeak and newcomer Chickenbone trade production licks with Big Jess on the instrumental cut “Tap Dance.” The song “Forever” features Swedish MC Promoe of the Swede Grammy winning group Looptroop Rockers. “Fresh” is another warm weather anthem featuring South Minneapolis’ own New MC and the beautiful vocals of Alicia Steele. Portland based rapper Braille lends his skills to “Explore”. “What I Live For” set to be the second single from LSD, is another catchy track that lends it’s inspiration from the long and cold winter months here in Minnesota.
Unknown Prophets will hold their CD Release Party at First Ave in the Mainroom on Thursday, December 3rd. Joining them will be the artists on the “Strange Journey” tour; Kentucky based hip hop wonders the CunninLynguists, Looptroop Rockers, and Grieves. With DJ Anton and DJ Espada on the tables to keep the night moving to a groove.
Made from scratch; a truly homemade album of natural freshness and awesomeness!!!
Album Release Date: 12-01-2009
Unknown Prophets – Le System D – tracklist
1.Bleeds & Sweats
2. Forgot You Were Human
3. No More Hell
4. Hate Face* (feat. Grieves)
5. Tap Dance (feat. Lazerbeak & Chickenbone)
6. Explore (feat. Braille)
7. Stand Our Ground (ft. Brent Snyder & Anneke Kampman)
8. Face The Storm
9. Fresh (feat. New MC & Alicia Steele)
10. Forever** (feat. Promoe)
11. What I Live For**
(hidden track #13 Dangerous)
*Lead Single
**Other suggested singles

Unknown Prophets – Myspace

DEEP STREET SOUL: Deep Street Soul – 2009 – Album review

Rating: ★★★★★

At the risk of repeating comments made elsewhere about Melbourne’s Deep Street Soul, I’ll mention again that this LP is dirtier than a night with your favourite porn star. This is just as well, for while the deep funk scene is one that seems particularly crammed with technically gifted musicians they are not always as inspired as you might hope. In other words it’s also a scene weighed down by pastiche where the Meters cast a particularly long shadow and if this LP is one where yet again the influence of New Orleans’ favourite funky sons is very much in evidence, it’s testament to Deep Street Soul’s approach that their debut stands out among the crowd.
Where Deep Street demonstrate a bit of an edge over their competition on this is in the fact that they have a real edge – a rocky one even – especially in their guitar sound and also the heavy, filthy production. First off the starting blocks is Crate Diggin which embodies this edge and recalls Live Funk Jam by that other great funky jam band – The Propositions. Album highlight Kick Out The Jams follows and anyone who says this isn’t the best new funk track all year wants workin’ on. It could all have gone terribly wrong in less capable hands but there’s no pussying around here whatsoever. Between them the band and guest vocalist, New York soul sister Tia Hunter, completely own the MC5’s proto-punk anthem and morph it into something that’s probably about as heavy as funky soul can get without actually being garage rock. The other vocal cut is Greenbacks which features London’s Shirley Davis who is every bit the equal of Hunter on an excellent band-penned track. Such is the presence of these two vocal tracks that you wish that there were a whole lot more whereas the remaining nine are all instrumentals and, while excellent, if there’s one thing Deep Street Soul might want to put on their Crimbo list it’s to get a vocalist or at least drop a few more vocal cuts next time around.
As mentioned, by far the larger part of Deep Street Soul is deep funk instrumentals but compare it to something produced at the zenith of the late sixties/ early seventies scene and you’ll realise that Deep Street Soul are subtly heavier. MC5 covers aside, try taking the monstrous riff that forms the basis of Red Raw if you want further proof. You’ll also realise that Monique Boggia plays a mean set of keys whether it be in the form Hammond chops or, in the case of the intro to Now Dig This, nasty clavinet riffs, that Matt Green sure plays a mean guitar and that it’s all rhythm in PJ and Sol Loco’s section. Thus if by the time they get to final cut Straighten Out and it has more than a few shades of the Meters’ version of Simple Song and the Meters own Yeah, You’re Right, they’ve kind of paid in full for the right to indulge in a little bit of pastiche. Not the only good deep funk LP of the year by a long way but easily one of the best.
(Out now on Freestyle)

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CTRL Z: Ruffneck ’09 remix masterclass video

Interested in how breaks bandits Ctrl Z remixed Freestylers’ Ruffenck? Now’s your chance to find out with young Tommy Dash. Bear in mind that the video below is only Part 1 and should that not sate your appetite for vicarious knob-twiddling you can access the other 6 parts HERE and find out all about Ctrl z at:
Ctrl Z – Myspace