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DJ GOODKA & DJ MOAR: ‘Groovology’ LP update, tracklist + Funky Child Mix download

Anyone who caught Moar’s Tribute To B-Boys in the summer will know it contains tracks that could have your grandma doing a windmill, so checking this out ought to be a no-brainer. In the meantime check out Moar’s free to download Funky Child Mix
(PRESS RELEASE) Long-time friends and fellow music lovers, GOODKA & MOAR have been hardcore vinyl diggin’ since the early 80’s. Always looking for the perfect beat, international breakdance DJ KING ZULU DJ GOODKA (Mighty 4, Battle Of The Year…) is known for dropping furious unknown b-boy breaks lifted from his legendary massive record collection while the extra-prolific MOAR is one of the most talented French Hip-Hop beatmakers with releases on his own label (Tribute To B-Boys, Seasons Change feat Raashan Ahmad, Wizard Performances…). Both members of the FUNKY SATURDAY party crew, they always blow up the spot when droppin’ tunes from GROOVOLOGY at parties in PARIS, LYON, GRENOBLE or NANTES.
And when a true digger meets a genius producer, what would you expect but a timeless album called “GROOVOLOGY” – 12 tracks of pure Funk Hip-Hop Afro Latin vibez – out soon on Trad Vibe.

The vinyl is pressed up in ORANGE colour to give a 70’s feel. The cover is nonetheless attractive with an original artwork by the master JEAN-YVES BLANC.
GROOVOLOGY is an essential record and a must have in every self-respecting beat-lover’s collection!

Listen to Freak Freak The Funk
LIsten to French Syrup

DJ Goodka & DJ Moar – Groovology – TRACKLIST:

Side One
1 : 80’s Boogie Skater (3:50)
2 : Freak Freak The Funk (3:10)
3 : Mission Secrète (3:42)
4 : Like This, Like That (3:21)
5 : Shibuya’s Break (2:07)
6 : French Syrup (1:56)

Side Two
1 : Do The Funky King Kong (3:08)
2 : L’Oiseau Doré (3:59)
3 : Viens… (0:51)
4 : We Love You (4:41)
5 : Maxtroïd (4:11)
6 : Next Episode (0:41)

DJ Moar – Myspace

DJ Goodka – Myspace

FOREIGN BEGGARS: New single ‘Contact’ + Studio video blog

The band with the best Daily Mail-reader-baiting name ever are back with new single Contact (b/w Shake It) in October and they’ve released a video blog to show y’all how it’s done with regard to laying down a track – see below links…
(PRESS RELEASE) Diggety Damn! The Foreign Beggars back at it with their sizzling hot new single ‘Contact’ b/w ‘Shake It’ dropping this October 5th. Taken from the forthcoming album ‘United Colours of Beggattron’ this smash of a single shows a clear progression in the Beggars direction, heading toward total domination of the dance genre in a serious fashion.
‘Contact’ sees the crew link up with Dutch D’n’B stalwarts Noisia for some seriously bass heavy, tweeter blowing mayhem! Widely tipped to ‘got next’ in the same line as production outfits Pendulum and Chase’n’Status, Noisia’s production on this single can only be described as monstrous, their trademark growling basslines and industrial strength drum programming providing the futuristic soundscape for the Beggars to throw down some serious swagger on the vocal front. A match made in Mordor!! And with a horrendously filthy D’n’B remix to boot, you can expect this to ring in your ears days after you hear it murkalising on a club system. URGHT!
The flipsides ‘Shake It’ picks up where their previous dancefloor hit ‘Gash’ left off… on a griiiiizzzzzzle. Metropolis and Orifice Vulgatron aka Sean Peng trade sordid verses over a heavily swung Noisia production with more bounce to the ounce than Zapp and Roger on steroids. Humourous, witty and ever tongue-in-cheek, the Beggars give you an insight to whaa gwaan in the love lounge! It aims to make you do just what it says on the label!
As the guys say, “We got a whole lot of hype, a whole lot of stripes” – and it’s clear to see why. Let the single take you up to the top of the rollercoaster and then hit the album for the full on loop-the-loop! It’s about to go down, so make sure you’re part of the spectrum of the United Colours Of Beggattron!
Foreign Beggars – Myspace

STUSSY: Autumn 2009 drop

New t-shirts from Stussy – yay…sorry – what? £34.50 a shout? I wanted a t-shirt not a second mortgage? Are they stitched with spun gold thread? Diamante logos with real diamonds? Next thing you know it’ll be £90 for a plaid shirt and over a ton for a hoodie. Oh. It is. Cool designs as always but why so pricey? And nobody’s allowed to answer that with ‘you can’t put a price on style.’

BREAKESTRA: Joyful Noise – 2009 – 12″ review

Rating: ★★★★★

There might be a global shortage of cash money right now but we live in a world awash in retro deep funk. Presumably not content to let the influx of Australian and European offerings from said genre flood their market, LA’s very own funk ‘orchestra’ take it to the bridge with a quality 12” package (off forthcoming LP Dusk Til Dawn) that thankfully recalls the second LP by acid jazz purveyors Galliano in name only. I’m not a massive fan of Miles Tackett’s vocals – they’re always a bit too smooth for me but even so Joyful Noise is an effortless, loose-limbed, late-sixties style, funky soul brother workout that chugs along quite nicely. And, as if to remind us that Breakestra always sound better when they aren’t in charge of vocals (either sung or rapped), we get Posed To Be – a tastefully understated funk-fuelled, late-nineties style hip hop bump with Chali 2Na making amends for Fish Outta Water.

Listen to Breakestra – Joyful Noise

Breakestra – Myspace

LAURA VANE & THE VIPERTONES: Roof Off – 2009 – Single review

Rating: ★★★★★

The third in a solid run of singles off the self-titled LP. “I see you shaking/ And I want to see you lose it,” belts out Laura at the start of a song that lyrically pretends to be about the dancefloor but that even the most literal-minded autist could see is about sex. Sax (I said s-a-x) and guitar, go at it hammer-and-tongs trying to ‘out-rhythm’ the itchy menace of the rhythm section and you just know it’s all going to end up in a sweaty mess. And where’s the harm in that?

Listen to Laura Vane & The Vipertones – Roof Off

Laura Vane & The Vipertones – Myspace

DEEP STREET SOUL: ‘Deep Street Soul’ Album Update

I’ve just heard previews of some tracks off this LP and they’re dirtier than a night with your favourite porn star. This is one you won’t wanna miss…Read album review HERE
(PRESS RELEASE) Releasing their debut self-titled album on Freestyle Records (UK) this November, Deep Street Soul is fast becoming Australia’s premier deep funk quartet. With two sold out 7inch releases (Jaycees), a digital EP (Straightup Recordings) and worldwide airplay by the heavyweights of the international funk/soul scene (including Craig Charles, Pete Isaac, Michael Ruetten and Dom Servini), Deep Street Soul are delivering full length, deep and dirty funk.
“…Feelin’ the deep street soul stuff – sick funk tracks!” (Giant Steps NYC)
“Deep Street Soul rock it, live and on this album. They are raw, real and street..” (Russ Dewbury, Jazz Rooms UK & AU)
‘I’ve just heard the preview of this album & it’s all killer and will, in my opinion, be one of the funk releases of the year’ (Pete Issac – JellyJazz UK)
Deep Street Soul are funk DJ & drummer Agostino ‘Sol Loco’ Soldati, bass player & soul aficionado Papa ‘J’ Hunter, Cropper lovin’ Matt ‘MG’ Green and Queen of the Hammond Monique ‘Mon Cherie’ Boggia. Getting together in early ‘06 they formed with the simple aim of recapturing some old skool southern flavors they’d DJ’d over the previous decade. Inspired by the breakout of nu-funk throughout Europe & the States (not forgetting Osaka Monaurail and Australia’s own – The Bamboos) they hit the clubs. Starting with an initial batch of Booker T & Meters covers, these quickly morphed into their own set of raw break-filled funk & soul.
Teaming with local Melbourne funk legend DJ John Idem in early ‘07, they released their first 45’ getdownHQ/ deepstreet strut on his Jaycee’s label. The 45’ quickly sold out and saw rotation on stations & mixes worldwide. As a result, a new 45’ loose caboose/nasty was recorded for Jaycee’s early 08’ (which also sold out) and a special 3 track digital release was cut for Blair Stafford’s Straightup Recordings label.
After hearing these tracks, Freestyle Records (UK) boss Adrian Gibson signed the band to his label. The vinyl re-release of Chilli Fried will occur 5th Oct 09, and then the 1st single Kick out the Jams on 12th Oct 09. The first LP is due for release on 16th Nov 09 – Recorded in late 2008 this album is funk of the down’n’dirty variety.

Deep Street Soul – Myspace

BROTHER ALI: ‘Us’ LP update + tracklist + video

(PRESS RELEASE) Brother Ali returns (READ ALBUM REVIEW HERE) with the follow up to his critically acclaimed 2007 album The Undisputed Truth. Us (out 21st September on Rhymesayers) is an album about the people closest to Ali…those that have shaped him as a person. Many of the stories are ones we know exist but might not have a personal understanding of. American slavery from the perspective of the enslaved as well as those that carry the burden and bloodline of the slave master, rape and the struggle to regain control after experiencing it, drug abuse, depression, homophobia, divorce and more. All heavy topics that very few can approach with the same human touch and understanding as Ali. Make no mistake Us is definitely a heavy album but as always Ali finds time to celebrate not only life’s blessings but his respect and love for the art of MC’ing as well.

In support of the new album, Ali will be hitting the Barfly in Camden on September 15th to give the UK a showcase of exactly what to expect from the new record, even before he hits the road in the USA. It would be a crime to miss out! Check the title track video below:
European dates:
SEPT 15 LONDON, Camden Barfly
SEPT 16 BERLIN, Cassiopeia
SEPT 17 PARIS, Glazart
SEPT 18 STOCKHOLM, Lilla Hotellbaren (Scandic Malmen) (Free Entrance)
Brother Ali – Myspace

FOREIGN BEGGARS/ SCRATCH PERVERTS: Neurosonics Audiomedical Video

Crazy bastards. Chek:

(PRESS RELEASE) Foreign Beggars have geared up for the release of their new album “United Colours Of Beggattron” on October 19th by heading over to the Neurosonics Audiomedical Laboratory to showcase some of the most amazing special effects you’ll ever see.
The Neurosonics Audiomedical Laboratory is described as the “Kingdom of the unreal but also a higher state of being, ultimately free of the limitations of the material world through the agency of science, technology, and imagination.”
Director Chris Cairns teamed up with the UK’s most progressive; Foreign Beggars, Scratch Perverts, Shlomo, Stig Of The Dump and Dr. Syntax to bring you this groundbreaking piece of multimedia artistry. Sound, Vision, Skills, Art Direction, Special Effects and Impeccable editing all come into play create something so special there’s no way you can only watch it once! Behold the greatest breakthrough in Audiomedical Neurosonics.

Scratch Perverts – Myspace


1. (-) Mako & The Hawk vs. The Beastie Boys – Too Many Rappers (Not Enough Funk Mix)
Had to be, really. Word.

2. (RE) Funktomas – Rescue Me
Fontella Bass/ Gravediggaz mash back in. Because it’s just so damn good.

3. (7) Prosper & Badboe – 25 Miles
Edwin Collins gets jiggy with Lil Mama

4. (-) Parker – Shakedown
Big-ass breakbeat with big-club house flourishes. Laaaarge!

5. (-) Smoove & Turrell – Beggarman
Anthemic response to the recession calling everybody to get down!

6. (-) Blue Scholars – New People
Feelin’ Blu, The Cool Kids and Kidz In The Hall? Check Blue Scholars!
ListenRead Review…

7. (-) Laura Vane & The Vipertones – Roof Off
Hard-hitting sister funk from UK/Dutch crew.

8. (-) Dizraeli – Reach Out
Future folk-hop standard. No doubt.

9. (-) Brother Ali – Fresh Air
Heavy in all ways soul-sampling hip-hop from the Rhymesayers stable.

10. (1) DJ Moar – Ride On
Funky ass b-boy breaks – full stop!