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FUMANCHU CLOTHING – New T-shirt designs!!!

Fumanchu Clothing are based in Hawaii and they do the dopest t-shirts on the planet – just check the designs below! Big in U.S. hip-hop circles, and they certainly used to be big in Australian bodyboarding circles, they’re also criminally difficult to get hold of outside of the U.S. (except via mail order) though the Monkey did manage to score one on a surf trip to Sydney once. Someone hook them up with a UK supplier – my Fumanchu Athletic T is nearly worn out!

Fumanchu Clothing – Myspace

JAKE ONE – White Van Music – 2008 – Album review

Rating: ★★★★☆

If you’re reading this in the UK you can relax – LP title White Van Music is not a reference to commercial radio stations that play Girls Aloud at speaker-blowing volumes – DJ/Producer Jake One doesn’t roll like that. His homies do however include De La Soul, MF Doom, E40, Nas and Fifty Cent (to name but a few) – in fact – he’s part of the G-Unit production team. ‘What?’ I hear you ask, ‘is this man trying to appeal to both the underground and the mainstream? How does he straddle this divide? Like a colossus – or like a clown with one foot on a roller skate and the other on a banana skin?’ Well, on the evidence of White Van Music, I have to say the answer tends more toward the former.
On this, his debut solo LP, Jake One works with rappers as mainstream as Busta Rhymes and as cult as MF Doom and Slug: as old school as Casual and Posdnuos and as hyphy as Keak Da Sneak. He chamelonically adapts his sound to each MC without attempting to blatantly ape the sound for which each rapper is known. So what is Jake One’s sound? First track I’m Coming pretty much answers that one – fat beats shot through with a heavy dose of seventies soul. A blaxploitation sample about being high on ‘musical dope’ gives way to a chant of ‘Open up I’m coming’ that sounds like a war-party of psycho munchkins before Black Milk and Nottz kick a dope verse. It’s one of the best tracks on the LP, though MOP ‘joint’ Gangsta Boy and Brother Ali vehicle The Truth keep the quality until the first interlude. The D Black and Little Brother cuts which follow aren’t bad but they just aren’t all that distinctive either. Things pick up a bit with the skipping break on the Posdnuos and Slug’s Oh Really and Doom rolls it all abstract on the noirish Trap Door. Freeway gets lively again on How We Ride and is given a suitably upbeat backdrop, Doom gets a second highly satisfactory crack at the whip on Get ‘Er Done and Hiero soldier Casual gets all up in your face with Feelin’ My Shit. As far as lyrical themes go it’s (unsurprisingly) ninety per cent all about how dope each rapper is – though Blueprint obviously felt secure enough about himself to tell a story about the shit that happened when he was seeing some gangsta chick rather than constantly big himself up in Scared. You won’t be at all surprised to learn that the prize for best rhymes goes to the effortless Daniel ‘Doom’ Dumile though.
This isn’t an LP where the quality drops off radically after the first two thirds, in fact there’s nothing wack on here at all – even Busta Rhymes holds back on the cheese and production is warm and full – not unlike my new baby’s nappy – though that stinks and Jake One’s production does not. In fact there’s only two flavours of Jake One in evidence – the not bad and the pretty good. I guess I could’ve done with a little more variety in tempo or style – but there’s variety in MCs instead. It would be cheap to end by punning that everything is pretty much ‘jake’ with White Van Music, but hey – it’s true.
Out now on Rhymesayers
Buy White Van Music: Jake One Presents @

Listen to Jake One – White Van Music

Jake One – Myspace

Underexposed! – AWKWARD – Interview

MC, DJ, producer, part time graffiti artist, member of the Vertebrae crew and organiser of the Bristol B Boy/ Girl convention, Awkward has opened for (among others) such luminaries as Roots Manuva, Prince Paul and Rahzel. His Atomic Lock LP – available for free download HERE is packed with his signature crisp rhymes and staccato electro beats and the new GrandPrize LP Not In The Same Room is in the offing with a welter of guest spots from the underground including Awol One, Rheteric and Chrome (Def Tex). In the meantime he’s been cooking up remixes for everyone from Crunc Tesla to Radiohead. Is it possible that Awkward is the busiest man in Bristol hip-hop? It occurred to the Monkey that this might be a good starting point for an interview:

Monkeyboxing (MB): Are you the busiest man in Bristol (or even UK hip-hop) and if you aren’t – who is?
Awkward (A): I feel busy but I don’t tend to notice it! Yeah I guess so, there’s a lot of busy hip hoppers in this country…get busy!
MB: There’s so much talent in Bristol on the hip-hop scene – how come it seems to keep getting passed over?
A: I’m not sure. I think it has something to do with music trends, apathy and lack of confidence. I’ve seen a lot of people get knocked back by false promises, lack of money etc. I guess it’s all about pushing yourself, the ‘industry’ is very competitive and fickle. I try to ignore all of this and make music for the fun and energy.
MB: What’s next for you?
A: Well since releasing my LP Atomic Lock (for free) I’ve been playing with a band called The Vertebrae Band with Ben One and Rogue…it’s an extension of a collective I’m a part of called Vertebrae. Aside from that I’ve been knee deep in music-making on a project under the name of Grandprize. I started it November 2007 and its 3/4 done. It features either friends of mine or people I’ve been introduced to or cold-called to ask if they could be a part. I’m very pleased with what’s made so far, there’s a few cut and paste videos I’ve put together for it as well, it’s been lots of fun. I’m just beginning to throw a few things out there on this project, mainly through U.S. based hip-hop culture blog They’ve been very supportive.
MB: Who or what is your tip for the next big thing in hip-hop – I heard you like your Korean stuff?
A Ha ha! Well,Korean b-boys anyway…they are killing it on the world stage at the moment! They just came second in the UK B-Boy Champs last week. I really like music that breaks rules and pushes boundaries. I listen to anything from Deerhoof, The Mars Volta, Why?, Parliament/Funkadelic, Busdriver, Electronic Funk, weird rock stuff, music from the Project Blowed, a lot of music from Los Angeles, lots of Bristol Bass music..ha ha..there you go, Bristol Bass!
MB: Where did you get your name – it can’t be a reference to your personality surely – with all the stuff you get up to I would have thought you’d need to be good at negotiation and compromise in some respects?
A: Well…I was called Vinyl Matt for years…from about ‘90 till 1996. I thought it was too corny and because my musical approach has always been left of centre I changed it to Awkward…I also liked how the letters rolled in a tag so that was it!
MB: I know you’re down with three of the four skills – but what about breakdancing – how’s your toprock and your downrock?
A: Weird but dope! I had to cool it 3 years back when I rolled my neck head-spinning. It messed up my mobility for a while…not a lot of fun! I was injured and had to wait for my balance to come back. I’ve been doing it for about 10 years now and am a co-founder of Bristol’s Physical Jerks crew alongside Stepchild, Wilkie, Ressia, Smurf,La and Ooze Des!
MB: The last word is yours – kick it!
A: Stop all war and change ‘the system’!

As a Brucie bonus to leave you with – here’s the Awkward video for Saying Nathen with Douchebaggalo…

Awkward – Myspace

Grandprize – Myspace

DJ DESIGN – Jetlag – 2008 – Album review

Rating: ★★★★☆

Like underground hip-hop but take guilty pleasure in the beats from producers like The Neptunes? Wish that those beats were teamed with credible MCs? Jetlag is that rare thing – an underground hip-hop LP that doesn’t seek to emulate a bygone era and for the few faults it does have – this is a good thing. Instead Design drops modern sounding beats that sound like they were created to move a dancefloor unlike – say – the clankiness of stuff from the Def Jux stable. As such it recalls Q Tip’s 1999 LP Amplified (wicked beats – even if the lyrics were a bit wack) and Foreign Legion’s 2003 LP Playtight – coincidentally a band whose former DJ was someone called…DJ Design. Jetlag is the product of four or so years work and contains the variety that you might expect from being made over such a length of time and a whole host of underground MCs.

Things kick off with Phat Cat and Grip Grand spitting battle rhymes over the sparse beats and Ofra Haza sounding chant of Wild Ones before Oh No and Roc C take over for the Play. What sounds like a loop jacked from a sixties psychedelic track prepares the ground for super-heavy cut and paste beats, and a portrait of a femme fatale gangster, “She a thoroughbred raised by the hustlers/ never been a customer, always on the come up”. This brace of tracks constitute a dope opening to an LP though the smooth blandness of the next two tracks – the B Lloyd featuring All A Dream and the Dudley Perkins/ Oh No showcase Better Days sees the pace slacken somewhat. Not that you need worry overly as next up is the album highlight – an utter bomb-track with Guilty Simpson coming correct over some phat sci fi boom bap shit. Synths shimmer in the background, piano stabs punctuate the foreground, the beat is kick drum heavy and Simpson’s battle flows set to shut down all rivals – so it’ll come as no surprise that it’s titled Ferocious. Unfortunately it’s one of those tracks that no matter how good what follows is – you just want to listen to it again. Unfortunate because a lot of what follows is pretty damn good. Grip Grand rocks up again on the fuzzed out guitar riff heavy B-side Too and B Lloyd’s second track Major is cousin to DJ Shadow’s Q Tip/ Lateef collab. Enuff. Get On The Floor will have people stepping up to do just that and is a synth-rich wig-out that recalls the Knight Rider theme. Ace Hustle and Foreign Legion also turn up on quality tracks towards the end of the LP. Overall Jetlag contains numerous good tracks and at least one all-time classic (Ferocious) but if I have any complaint at all it’s that the LP could be more consistent in terms of pace and quality and could have been pruned of one or two pieces of filler. Clearly a man with a sense of humour, Design closes the LP with the horrible tech-house of Gates Of Steel. I probably should keep an open mind about this track or something but fuck that.
Out now on Look Records.

Download DJ Design – Jetlag (get your skates on it’s limited free offer!)

DJ Design – Myspace

TAME IMPALA – Tame Impala EP – Review

Rating: ★★★★★

Anyone worried about the vacuum left by the implosion of Wolfmother might want to give these boys a shout. Don’t worry I’m not claiming they’re the next Wolfmother, because they ain’t. They don’t need to be. They’re the one and only Tame Impala – infinitesimally lighter than Myles and co. and way more tripped out. Desire Be, Desire Go is a filthy great fuzzed-out psychedelic monster, Skeleton Tiger channels 13th Floor Elevators through a party hosted by Love while Half Full Glass of Wine has the riffage on high and the fidelity on ‘lo’. I’d comment on the other tracks but you’ll want something to discover for yourself. You just wish you’d heard their cover of Blueboy’s Remember Me. I don’t know whether the Perth-based Impala boys are surfers or not but I can’t think of a better soundtrack for dropping a tab of desert-cooked acid and pulling into a giant Margaret River barrel lit up by the fiery rays of the rising sun.
Released 11 October on Modular.

Tame Impala – Myspace

THE BAMBOOS – Side Stepper – 2008 – Album review

Rating: ★★★★½

I dunno whether the fact that they’re based in Melbourne means that The Bamboos are the world’s southernmost funk band but they definitely head north on a couple of tracks on their third studio LP Side Stepper. And when I say ‘north’ I mean in the general direction of the Wigan Casino circa 1973. Yes, that’s right folks – the deep funkers have gone for a northern soul direction on instrumental opener Nightsport and the Kylie Auldist-featuring Now That You Are Mine. As a consequence, anyone stoked by Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson’s cover of Valerie should probably stop reading now and go and make a purchase as they’ll definitely be feeling these. Lest the fear set in for the rest of you, let me assure you that the rest of the album is funkier than a mosquito with James Brown’s unwashed pants covering its tweeter. Second track Now That You Are Mine is another of three tracks featuring the gorgeous vocals of long time Bamboos cohort – Melbourne soul sister Kylie Auldist and is a soaring slice of funky soul. Auldist also appears on the seventies soul pastiche Make It Real while the band hook up with another female vocalist – the angel–voiced Megan Washington on recent storming single (and Kings of Leon cover) King Of The Rodeo. This is one of the highlights of the LP – as is that single’s flipside – Can’t Help Myself, a dope slice of super-tight uptempo funk, punctuated by organ stabs and London rapper Ty’s party-starting lyrics – along the same lines but altogether more successful than the last LP’s collaborations with Ohmega Watts. The final vocal team-up comes with the falsetto Curtis Mayfield-style approach of Paul MacInnes and definitely brings white safari suits and seventies cocktail bars to mind. The remaining four tracks see the band absolutely killing it with the funky instrumentals for which they are renowned and are a showcase for the talents of drummer Danny Farrugia – a man who must have forearms like Popeye. You might have expected third time around that they would be running short of ideas for instrumentals but you can put that thought to bed when you first hear Funky Buttercup whose northern soul intro misleadingly gives way to ska, then back to a bar or so of northern soul before the funk kicks in. And that’s more than appropriate really – because, after all, the funk ‘kicking in’ is what it’s all about isn’t it? If your answer’s in the negative – you’re on the wrong site.
Out now on Tru Thoughts
Buy Side-Stepper @

Listen to The Bamboos – Sidestepper

The Bamboos – Myspace

Tru Thoughts

The Bamboos – Amen Brother/ Tears Cried (feat. Kylie Auldist) – Single review

THE FORTY SEVEN – The Day The Sun Bled – Album promo download

Back in the day there were forty-seven samurai who became forty-seven ronin (and later, simply ‘The Forty Seven’) after the death of their master which they promptly avenged as a matter of honour. Here in the present, The Day The Sun Bled (download promo sampler HERE) is the debut album from hip-hop supergroup The Forty Seven (and trust me – there are nearly that many of them) numbered amongst whom are the following: Swiss Precise, Master Fuol, Monk Liverfish, Hochii, DJ Remode, Ill Naughty, Optimist, LD-Ransom, Obtuse, Specs, Expo, Dysposable Heroes, Jabba The Kut. Anyone who hasn’t yet clicked on the link above should probably just commit seppuku right now in disgrace! Don’t get any blood on the carpet.

The Forty Seven – Myspace

JAKE ONE – Interview

READ MONKEYBOXING.COM review of JAKE ONE – White Van Music
DJ/ Producer Jake One’s LP White Van Music drops on 27 October – listen HERE to taster track The Truth feat. Freeway and Brother Ali and read what happened when the Monkey caught up with him to ask about that LP title and more:

Monkeyboxing (MB): In the UK, the words White’ and ‘Van when put together have connotations of chauvinistic, working class males who reveal too much ass-crack, and demonstrate a spectacular lack of consideration for other road users. The phrase ‘White Van Music’ in particular would connote commercial radio (especially those stations playing mainstream hits from the 80s) played at noise-abatement order volumes. Does your LP’s title have a similar cultural significance in the U.S.?
Jake One (J): Naw not really. I actually came up with White Van Music in ’93 when I did my first song ever with my homie G Brown. I called my beat tape ‘White Van Beats’ and named my publishing ‘White Van Music’ on a whim 10 years ago and I’ve been running with it ever since. I used the title more to symbolize how long I’ve been doin this.
MB: I used to think that sampling would always keep hip hop fresh by allowing DJ/producers to have the jump on any new sound or genre by being able to chop it up, loop it or whatever. Despite that, the mainstream seems all played out and washed up with frequent references to hip-hop being dead while the underground is largely informed by retro styles. You’ve worked with a wealth of artists on both sides of the fence – how much life do you think is left in the old dog?
J: I think Hip Hop started to fall off with biting became acceptable. I try to not to make “retro” hip hop. I definitely create from the same foundation of the mid 90’s but I try to put different wrinkles in it to make it sound different. I think that’s how I’ve been able to work with a lot of commercial artists over the past couple years. The stuff I’m doing has a organic vibe but it sounds “big”.
MB: On your LP, you collaborate with both underground and mainstream MCs – was there anyone you wanted to work with but didn’t manage to and what made you want to work with that person?
J: I wanted to do something with Ghostface but I couldn’t quite pull it together. He’s one of my favorite artists because of his character. Dude has a book with him just talking that is entertaining. Not too many people can pull that off.
MB: The Cool Kids, Kidz In The Hall and The Knux (to name but a few) have all been listed as ones to watch but equally are often dismissed as ‘hipster rap’. Is this just the more conservative voices in hip-hop venting jealousy at a changing of the guard or is there some substance to this complaint about lack of substance?
J: The whole complaining about rap style can be just as grating as Soulja Boy to me personally. Make a good record about something instead of complaining about the radio. Most of the underground artists do want that mainstream success. There are very few who turn down that big major label deal.
MB: I read an article recently that speculated on the possibility that eventually we will be able to download any song from the internet for free and that artists would make more money depending on the popularity of their tracks with the royalties presumably raised from advertising revenue. Inevitably bootleg mp3s of artists’ work finds its way onto the net undermining legal sales and many artists are starting to release free downloads. Where do you think the future lies?
J: I don’t know. Clearly the money is shrinking for the artists and the labels. Its kinda crazy how people have this attitude now that they deserve the music for free. I still buy cd’s and records but it’s just something I’ve done my whole life. I’ve never thought that music really owes me anything, so if times get hard I’ll go back to regular life and get a job. Music isn’t the only thing I can do with my life. Its always going to be something I love to do though.
MB: Are you going to drop your LP on vinyl?
J: Yup.
MB: Good answer! Thanks for talking with Monkeyboxing and good luck with the LP – the last word is yours – anything you want to say?
J: If you downloaded the album and like it, please buy that shit! It’s that simple.

Jake One – Myspace

Rhymesayers Entertainments

READ MONKEYBOXING.COM review of JAKE ONE – White Van Music


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PUMA Suede Skate

Compared to Nike SB’s high profile publicity, the marketing of the Puma skate sideline seems to be conducted more like a covert operation – so you might have missed these. The skate suede – pictured here in black and white and also available in red and white seems to be pretty much the Scott Bourne shoe without the slightly tacky Scott Bourne logo on it and is thus a vast improvement. It’s also going for just less than fifty quid in the UK, which for a quality skate shoe is pretty much unbeatable.