Mothballed source of funk LP DLs strictly “intended for review/evaluation purposes only.”
Blog for the funk, groove and b-boy breaks heads. Gets the monkey’s vote.
Long running source of info on all things UK and hip-hop, number one.
Long running source of info on all things UK and hip-hop, number two.
craig charles funk & soul show
Long running source of all things funk and soul, old and new.
Skateboards. Music. What more do you need…?
Funk and hip-hop – what you need when a skateboard’s not enough.
They dig. They’re grateful. So should you be. True school hip-hop y’all.
Bristol bass music don.
Well-sarky source of smug commentary on hip-hop for aging b-boys
Funk, soul, hip-hop, reggae – wait a minute – I heard that somewhere before. Man knows his shit.
Heavy, heavy funk and sweet, sweet soul. What’s not to like?
It’s like this: they blog about breaks that are free. Tin. Does what it says on…
Is it a label? Is it a genre? It’s the source for 99% of all things ghetto funk.
Want Salt N Pepa on that mate? “The plaice to be” for hip-hop comedy on the web
‘Urban’ new release schedules.
Web home of Bristol funk and soul vinyl diggers ‘Hot Buttered Soul’.
Blog where PR Agency I AM PR big themselves up.
Solid breaks blog.
Hilariously sweary go-to for all things dance music and how to get blogged if you’re a producer.
meme magazine
Currently mothballed funk, soul, electronica online mag.
Blog for Bristol funk, hip-hop, breaks beat selector, Mr Soulsbury.
The monkey’s reggae homies. The go-to for reggae riddim and mash-up action.
Source for all things nufunk.
Now mothballed dayglo rival of the above.
‘International music bureau’ and source of reggae, afro and soul – podcasts and freebies.
Another source of the funk.
Big-ass left field hip-hop blog.
Funk, soul, hip-hop, electronica, clothing…
Beat detective Ohms is always on the case with funk, soul, hiphop, reggae and breaks.
Home of the sleazy sound of ‘tittyshakers’.
Now mothballed source of 80s and 90s hip-hop DLs strictly “intended for review/evaluation purposes only.”
UK hip-hop blog.
UK breaks and electro blog.
Does what it says on the tin.
They plug good music.
will c. blog
He makes good music. Rapper/ producer Will C – the monkey’s Boston hip-hop connect.

The monkey’s local.
Stateside source of dope on plastic.
UK source of mod, punk, rockabilly and psychobilly.
The monkey’s primary go-to for wax.
London wax.
Hip-hop and funk wax specifically.
More London wax.
UK hip-hop wax
US hip-hop wax.

Spanish blog for good new music. Don’t go there if you like Coldplay. And don’t come to MB either.
Motor mouth blogger’s blog motor-home.
“The piss stain on pop’s shiny new trainers.” Wordsmith music blog.
The monkey’s first ever link. Gotta rep your homies.
Surf/ skate/ style/ art legend.
MB homie got main drawing skills.
Funky link dumpin’. Says it all.

UK style blog.
For your dopest sneaks needs.
Dope UK skate co.
Upcoming sneaks for sneak freaks.
The monkey’s local skate store.
Best t-shirt designs. Ever. Don’t argue.
Clothing for participators in the sport of kings no. 1.
Like, fashion and shit.
More links for sneaker freakers.
Clothing for participators in the sport of kings no. 2.
Clothing for participators in the sport of kings no. 3.
Music, culture, clothing.
The original site for sneaker freakers.
Like, more fashion and shit.