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Feature Breaks Vol. 4: CMC & SILENTA Remixed 2 (2013)

It’s a game of two halves for Roca Records label owners CMC & Silenta on this fourth volume of Feature Breaks where they first soften you up with three cuts off last October’s album Get It On Now and then go in for the kill with three album track guest remixes. Things kick off with moody dancefloor botherer Yeah That’s Right, the skankin Ragga Twins-featuring This Is How We’re Rollin’ and

CMC & SILENTA: Get It On Now (2012)

The trickle becomes a stream and the stream is shortly to become a flood. I’m on about albums that broadly (let’s not get bogged down in genre politics) fall under the ‘ghetto funk’ heading. The proto ghetto funk LPs were arguably Badboe’s bass wobble free Break The Funk from 2009 and Basement Freaks’ second LP Something Freaky from early 2011. Then young upstarts Morlack and

CMC & SILENTA: Feature Breaks Vol. 3 ‘The Night Is Mine’ (2012) + video

CMC & Silenta take funky breaks to Ibiza in their house-friendly latest cut The Night Is Mine. By rights, the video to this should have revolved around a large gang of half-dressed pretty young things on “party patrol” in the centre of some Balearic-looking town and move towards either a floodlit pool or a speedboat. Probably both. Maybe it’s the non-breakbeat intro, maybe it’s Vanessa

THE GEMINI BROS: Trump Skyscrapers (2012)

BigM’s latest drop sees The Gemini Bros deliver four-tracker Trump Skyscrapers. When I was a kid ‘trump’ was the word one of my mates dad’s used as a euphemism for a fart (bear with me – this is going somewhere) so you can imagine my amusement when I discovered there was an obscenely rich bloke called Donald Trump. Somehow it was appropriate. Anyway

THE BAKER BROTHERS: Snap Back Loopmasters EP (2012)

The Snap Back Loopmasters EP presents the top results from the Record Kicks label’s recent competition to remix single Snap Back by funky jazzbos The Baker Brothers. Winning entries come from Funky Bijou, Maleka and Tomasz Betka but the stand out has to be German ghetto funkers CMC & Silenta with their chunky re-visit. It all starts out innocently enough

CMC & SILENTA: Feature Breaks Vol 1 (2011) + ‘Blue Brothers’ free download

Feature Breaks Volume 1 sees Manmade Records label owners CMC & Silenta inaugurate the new vinyl series on their other label Roca Records and they’re so excited they’re giving away an EXCLUSIVE FREE DOWNLOAD of their huge good-time funky breaks club classic BLUE BROTHERS via monkeyboxing HERE. As with other Roca releases the emphasis is on sample-free music

CMC & SILENTA: Funky Town (2011)

Manmade Records’ big boss men, CMC and Silenta have just dropped this party cut on their other label Roca which revolves around the old Banbarra Shack Up beat made famous by (among others) Stetsasonic on Talkin’ All That Jazz. This is the fastest I’ve ever heard it used though and it triggers the bpm radar at a nu funkin 127 bpm or thereabouts. Keeping up is MC Penny wryly observing

MANMADE RECORDS: Feature Funk Vol. 7 – 2011

A game of two halves this one. The A side consists of label bosses CMC & Silenta continuing to sidestep predictability with an disco-breaks/ wobbly-bassed/ big female vox-powered cut that seems to have been formulated solely for the purpose of convincing those formerly enamoured of house music that, yes, the nu/ ghetto funk scene has something for them. I certainly didn’t expect that.

MANMADE RECORDS: Gold Edition – 2010

Old funk, nufunk, ghettofunk, blue funk – Dr Seuss would have a field day as we live through the most amusing genre-name wars since the old trip-hop versus ‘blunted beats’ conflict of the mid-nineties. All that aside, Manmade celebrate their tenth release with some 24 carat action in the form of a double vinyl EP – which you just know is going to be cut loud.

BIG M PRODUCTIONS: Banging Artists Vol. 6

Rating: ★★★½☆

It’s ‘Volume 6’ o’clock in Nufunk land at the minute and Big M beat Manmade Records to the draw by dint of fact that this is already out. Funnily enough Manmade label bosses CMC & Silenta turn up on the first track on which they give Papa Was A Rolling Stone a disco-breakin makeover. Then you’ve got Breakbeat Junkie throwing a multitude of ingredients into the nufunk melting pot and Hayz feeding beat steroids to the Happy Mondays. So far, so nufunk by numbers. Happily Ewan Hoozami rocks up at the end with the beefy Drinking Song, a collision of hefty scattershot drums, chopped up ancient scratchy vocal and a cheeky little homage to Rage Against The Machine after a ridiculously long breakdown. Watch this man!
(Out now on Big M Productions)

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