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DJ MONEYSHOT VS MR CRITICAL: Inbox Soundclash Vol. 2 (2017) Audio premiere

Rating: ★★★★★ If you’re reading this, it means you’ve got yourself a ringside seat to the audio premiere of Inbox Soundclash Vol. 2 on which the UK’s super Solid Steel selectah DJ Moneyshot goes mano a mano with Belgian legend Mr Critical once again! Oh shit! As Moneyshot himself puts it, “each DJ gets ten minute turns to cold rock the spot with the illest selections and call out his

DJ MAARS vs TOM SHOWTIME: Let Me Clear My Dub/ Loose Juice (2017 Re-bake) Ltd. 7″(2017)

Loose Juice DJ Maars Tom ShowtimeRating: ★★★★★ This is what is known in the trade as a sureshot or one that ‘never leaves the bag’. It is, in short, an essential purchase. Yes, it’s the long overdue seven inch vinyl release of a pair of gigantic DJ Maars and Tom Showtime reggae-hiphop booties. On the A-side is the pair’s brand new roof-raising reggae re-version of DJ Kool’s evergreen Let Me Clear My Throat while B-side

MONKEYBOXING.COM presents: Filthy Rhythm, Dirty Soul Vol. 7 (2017) Free download

Filthy Rhythm Dirty Soul Vol 7 monkeyboxingIt’s been a crazy-ass last six months here at MB and Monkeyboxing’s free annual funk, soul, hip-hop, reggae and breaks LP extravaganza very nearly didn’t happen this year. Primarily because MB was nearly permanently lost in the autumn. Happily, disaster was averted which means you lucky people get the mighty, mighty Filthy Rhythm, Dirty Soul Vol. 7 bursting at the

CUT LA VIS feat. LOTEK: Rinse And Repeat (Boom Bap Remix)(2017) Free download

Rinse And Repeat Boom Bap Cut La Vis LotekRinsing and repeating eh? A deejay’s prerogative and the one thing cutmasters everywhere have in common with hairdressers and Dot Cotton. Step forward Cut La Vis in a blue tabard – but wait! What is he doing? That’s not the normal wash program for his One Step Forward album cut Rinse And Repeat featuring Lotek! Indeed not since for this freebie he’s selected the Boom Bap Remix

JSTAR feat. RANKING JOE: Bad Boy Stepping (2017)

Bad Boy Stepping Ranking JoeJStar’s current LP Stand To Order yields another single then – in this case the digi-dub vibes of the Ranking Joe-featuring Bad Boy Stepping. So far so good – are there any remixes though? Does a rasta smoke reefer? Freedo is bleepy/wobbly stepping in a manner described on the PR I’ve got as ‘post-trap’ (I shit you not), Dreadsquad are breaks stepping with piano-trimmings and Mo

BLACK MASALA: I Love You Madly Remixed Vol. 2 (2017)

i-love-you-madly-black-masala-remixed-vol-2DC-based and world-music-influenced crew Black Masala love you so madly they’re following I Love You Madly Remixed Vol. 1 with a Vol. 2 towards the end of the month. This time it’s the turn of Sammy ‘you don’t hear from him in ages and suddenly he’s everywhere’ Senior, Brazilian bad boy Trotter and Thievery Corporation drummer Congo Sanchez to get their mitts on the

BOCA 45: Boca Beats The Blues 45 Mix (2017)

boca-beats-the-blues-boca-45-mixThe weather’s terrible, you’ve been back at work a day but it feels like you never left and the year’s most depressing day is still a fortnight away. Whatever is going on? Oh. You’ve got the blues haven’t you? What you need is something to beat the blues. Something to send them back where they came from with a big bloody flea in the ear. Something like…er….like…ah!! Like Boca 45‘s new

MONKEYBOXING.COM – Top 10 Albums 2016

Based on a highly complex algorithm derived from how often shit gets played on the MB sound system, this chart details the biggest albums of 2016!
(See Monkeyboxing.com – Top 10 Tracks – 2016 HERE)

1. Smoove & Turrell – Crown Posada

Epic blue collar amalgam of Chic-style disco and northern soul on Smoove & Turrell’s fourth LP

MONKEYBOXING.COM – Top 10 Tracks 2016

Based on a highly complex algorithm derived from how often shit gets played on the MB sound system, this chart details the biggest tracks of 2016!
(See Monkeyboxing.com – Top 10 Albums – 2016 HERE)

1. Eli Paperboy Reed – Cut Ya Down

Mighty, mighty funked-up cover of a gospel traditional


NICE UP!: 12 Dubs Of Xmas (2016) Free download

badman-dub-mr-benn“On the fou-rthh day of Christmas, my true love sent to me…” – wait – no – that’s not how it goes! Let me see now…ah yes – “On the fourth dub of Xmas, Nice Up! continued to release for me the next one in this year’s seasonal set of Xmas riddims!” Hmm – well – maybe it doesn’t scan so well – but who cares about that when the bass is this rude! And so it is that today’s triplet of