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MR BRISTOW: Ringooh (2015) Free download

Ring Oooh Mr BristowAbout fifteen years ago De La Soul dropped the Redman-featuring Oooh which was accompanied by a video featuring an extended and apparently Oz-inspired dream sequence. Fast forward to now and Mr Bristow‘s lifted the ‘pella for some new booty action. But where to chop out a beat from? Who in the pantheon of pop might have a suitably psychedelic cv and extended experience in

MR BRISTOW: Ragga Rainbow (2015) Free download

Ragga Rainbow Mr BristowZIPPY (off 70s/ 80s UK kids’ TV show Rainbow – for it is he – peeling a banana): One skin, two skin, three skin – er – four-
GEORGE (loveable camp hippo off same): Zippy – wh-wh-wh-where’s Bungle?
ZIPPY: I think Geoffrey’s trying to get him up!
No prizes for guessing what a track called Ragga Rainbow is about for surely it features a comedy

MR BRISTOW: Beastie Bam (2015) Free download

Beastie Bam Mr BristowI thought it had been too quiet in the Mr Bristow camp recently, but that’s all ok now because he’s back with a bam. A Beastie Bam no less. And for pure booty fun it’s hard to top as he crafts a beat out of a song originally intended as an anti-war protest and negotiates (see what I did there) the tricky task of matching classic Beastie rhyme business over that. There’s really very little else to

MR BRISTOW: Breathe & Sob (2015) Free download

Breathe  Sob Mr BristowIt pretty much wouldn’t be a month without a free download from Mr Bristow and here he is with Breathe & Sob which is likely to be the reaction of any mods who hear this, a typically Bristow-ish wobble blend of Q-Tip’s biggest solo hit and Question Mark & The Mysterians’ biggest hit. Not only is it free but the title’s also a fantastic bit of tabloid-style punning that manages a semi-

MR BRISTOW: Funky Fresh Xmas Mix (2014) Free download

Funky Fresh Xmas Mix Mr BristowMr Bristow gives the phrase “Ho, ho, ho” a completely different meaning with this, his Funky Fresh Xmas Mix. For some people, Christmas hip-hop may mean Run DMC’s Christmas In Hollis (no, that’s not on here – this isn’t a fucking Argos advert) and – er – that’s it. Yet Kurtis Blow, Soul Saints, Scoopy, Spyder D, Los Busy Boys and Cold Chillin Juice Crew are all among many acts to have

MR BRISTOW: Just Walk (2014)

Fused Funk 5 Mr BristowRating: ★★★★★ Just Walk is the latest from master of many styles, Mr Bristow, who kicks off the latest Funk Fusion offering, Fused Funk Vol. 5 with a gloriously massive swing-tinged ghetto-glitch-funk banger. It’s got all the right junk in all the right places – a funky crashing breaks, heavy on the cymbals, frequency-bending mutant bass wobble that can level a city block, furious scratching when

MR BRISTOW: ‘Soft Smoke’ (2014) free download

Soft Smoke Mr BristowRating: ★★★★★ Soft Smoke sees Mr Bristow find a way to unite Queen Latifah’s furious haranguing of the politically apathetic on a guest turn she did for Coldcut with a wobbled-up beat and hook derived from Cockney Rebel’s unhinged classic Mr Soft. The result might be construed as a metaphor for the current political climate in the UK where public anger with Westminster and City


Funk Blasters SquadGiven how much material Morlack puts out in the average year, it’s hardly surprising that he hasn’t put out a compilation on his Funk Blasters label until now. What is surprising is that not only has he picked probably his most prolific year ever to do it, he’s also managed to find an impressive team (including two other label bosses) with whom to do it. And while the members of this hand


Get Lively EP Mr Bristow Benny SilverRating: ★★★★★ Further excellence from Mr Bristow as he is rejoined by partner in crime Benny Silver to trump their My Life EP from earlier in the year. The pair manage this with the Get Lively EP which skips around the intersection between boom-bap Brit-hop, swing-hop, recent rap adventures in the land of ghetto funk and the faintest hint of bashment, crackling, as it does so

MR BRISTOW: Borrowed Wobble (2014) Free download

Borrowed Wobble Mr BristowFortuitous that John Lennon raised the issue of borrowing on a track from his rudely curtailed career in 1980 since Mr Bristow‘s made a moonlight requisition of the whole song for sterling new ghetto breaks effort Borrowed Wobble. Lennon’s Borrowed Time was never completed in his lifetime and only released posthumously without the intended horn overdubs because his