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MORLACK: You Know My Name (2015)

You Know My Name MorlackYou Know My Name? I should bloody coco, Morlack, you cheeky monkey. You’ve been hard to avoid in the last few years haven’t you? Always a release around the corner – like some kind of relentless breaks generator. And here you are again, never one to skimp on the money, ready to put it on the breaks bitches and the brothers in the ghetto with a fourteen tracker, no less. Once

KATAKANA EDITS: Vol. 22 & 23 (2015)

Vol 22 23 Katakana EditsLee Zamah‘s The Castor Groove takes Jimmy Castor’s words A Groove Will Make You Move as its guiding tenet on Katakana Edits 22. Words, beat and quite a lot else in fact since, this is bootleg city and nothing is sacred. On the flip, Trotter pops round to help make Ginga the chunky slice of electro boogie that it undoubtedly is. Vol. 23 is however the sole province of Morlack who takes a

TRU FUNK: Tasty Beats Vol. 6 (2015)

Tasty Beats Vol. 6 Tru FunkSee. I told you Tru Funk wasn’t dead. Here’s Tasty Beats Vol. 6 to prove it. Max Revolt‘s got a chunky party breaks Funky Feelin’, Warson beats Chris Brown (it’s only fair) into disco-shape onto Funky Kiss and Morlack‘s got an electro-ish Hot Sheila. Also present and correct are Freethinker Funk Essence who brings the spacey but again electro-flavoured The Ballad Of Acid Joe &

TRU FUNK: Tru Hop (2015)

Tru Hop Tru Funk360 questions to ask a Tru Funka and here are just seven of them:

Yo Tru Funk – is it true that Bialson Hajsy digs Biggie Sky’s The Limit?
Hey Tru Funk – could Morlack be more smooth than he is on this rework of Neyo and Ghostface’s Back Like That?

MORLACK: Fly To Paris EP (2014) + video

Fly To Paris EP MorlackStuck for ideas during the Christmas break? Why not Fly To Paris with Morlack? You’ll experience premium electro boogie breaks for the duration of your flight and cruise at varied musical altitudes. Initially, you’ll enjoy the nuances of the Daft Punk-inflected title track for that high altitude calm then, there’s a sudden (ass) drop into the turbulence of the JT Money-adorned Funky Hoe to

MORLACK: 14/3 (2014)

14 3 MorlackMorlack continues his all-out attempt to release more on his own than the entire rest of the party breaks community put together this year with 14/3 a.k.a. his 3rd album (album not release) in 2014. Having left assorted rivals and remixers gasping for breath like sixty-a-day smokers our man sprints indefatiguably for the end of the year finish line with a twenty-seven track (!) package of

MORLACK: Refunkafized (2014)

Refunkafized MorlackSee? I told you Morlack ate, slept and shat breakbeat music. Yes, it’s yet another release from a man whose productivity is starting to make a Korean sweatshop look slack and the second album-length one in a month alone. Perhaps Juno should just pop a new sub-genre link under their breakbeat section called ‘Morlack-funk’ or something? Mind you, strictly speaking this one is

MORLACK: Loose Booty (2014)

Loose Booty MorlackJesus – Morlack must eat, sleep and shit breakbeat music. By my reckoning he has a release out on average once a month and that’s not even taking into account the odd freebie he puts out as well or remix packages like next month’s massive Morlack Refunkafized offering from BBP. And we’re not talking about singles either – it’s usually a multi-track EP if it’s not

MORLACK: The Bodyrock EP (2014)

The Bodyrock EP MorlackHere he is again then, the producer that never sleeps. But with quite what style does Morlack invite us to ‘bodyrock to it’ on an EP with the same name as a 1984 break dancing feature? Let’s just say that you can blame it on the boogie on this cut from forthcoming LP Loose Booty. Relative Dimensions stalwarts Leygo and Kenny Beeper are on remix duty with the former drifting off into

MORLACK: Girl Movin’ Like (2014) + video

Girl Movin' Like Morlack…and the girl be movin’ like…she just heard Fabolous and Pharrell and Kumbia Kings (nobody mention Pitbull) rapping over a bit of Trouble Funk. Which in fact is precisely what is going on on the title track of Morlack’s new one – Girl Be Movin’ Like as our man indulges his taste for all things go-go once more. Time to get out the hairspray and your batwing-sleeve chunky knits! Sons Of Satin remix it