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Resense 040 Dedy Dread Panama CardoonIt’ll be all-star party breaks action from a certain mighty edits label very shortly when they drop double slice of latin breaks – Resense 040. On A-side Mambo Perez, Dedy Dread and occasional cohort DJ Rebel indulge in Cuban fury of the kind to prompt much dancefloor parading (or even Prado-ing) while on the flip Panama Cardoon hooks up

BEATNIK CITY: The Latin Leaks Vol. 1 (2015)

Latin Leaks Vol. 1 Beatnik CityLatin breaks haven’t exactly been flooding the market this year so here’s another welcome summer release as 60s-obsessed booty edit label Beatnik City drops the album-length, twelve-track Latin Leaks Vol. 1 featuring cuts from the usual party breaks suspects as The Captain, Ursula 1000, Dedy Dred & DJ Rebel, Andy Taylor, Clairvo, Ree Keen, Waggles, The Fritz, Daytoner, Stabfinger

QUARTER STREET: Fantasia (2015) + Video + title track ltd. free download

Fantasia Quarter StreetWhat do you reckon the chances are of an Australian group in 2015 being able to get anywhere close to sounding like the Fania giants of yore in a way that hitherto few aside from Ray Lugo have? The answer is pretty damn close as it happens – say ‘hello’ to Quarter Street, the Melbourne-based four-piece core of Latin-American heritage whose full-length debut

DR K: Swing Samba Lounge (2015)

SWing Samba Lounge Dr KRating: ★★★★★ Now here’s a drop that’s long overdue some monkey love and would have got some on time if everyone hadn’t decided to release everything in then last month. Christ – it’s not like people don’t have any festivals to go to is it? Anyway – we digress. What we have here is the latest drop from a label which has set the bar high with all it’s releases in the last twelve months

VAMPISOUL: Big Box Of Afrosound 10 X 7″ box set (2015)

Big Box Afrosound VampisoulRating: ★★★★★ If you like vintage latin beats and afrobeat, all your birthdays are about to come at once because Vampisoul are soon to release their Big Box Of Afrosound. Flip the lid back on that baby and you’ll be greeted by a stack (vertical rather than horizontal, of course) of seven inch wax platters (ten of them) featuring the finest in rare 1960s and 70s afrobeat from the vaults of

THE NITTY GRITTY SEXTET: The Nitty Gritty Sextet (2015)

Nitty Gritty SextetRating: ★★★★★ Ten tracks of boogaloo, mambo and latin jazz and a cover adorned by a retro Latina beauty? It’s not a new Ray Lugo LP already is it? No – something even more amazing and a massive coup for Spanish label Rocafort Records. It’s a 1967 LP believed to have been utterly lost and featuring the Nitty Gritty Sextet – a latin soul supergroup numbering among their personnel: the

MO’ HORIZONS: The Banana Remixes (2015)

The Banana Remixes Mo' HorizonsPurveyors of jazzy-bossa-boogaloo-breaks Mo’ Horizons are ‘between albums’ at the minute, so to keep everyone happy until a new one becomes ripe they’re putting out The Banana Remixes at the start of June. Basically it’s a bunch their stuff that’s been remixed along with another bunch of remixes they’ve done of other people. At the moment there are only six tracks available for

MATAHARI SONS: Resense 039 (2015)

Resense 39 Matahari SonsGood lord! Has it really been over a year since Resense 038? Never mind, Matahari Sons are here with a touch of the exotic to make amends for the edit imprint’s prolonged absence. For which read a drum n bass look at The Doors’ My Wild Love and a latin-psych-rock version of Wayne G’s pumping house anthem featuring Stewart Who. I never thought I’d say this but I’ve never been so

TOPPA BLING feat. QUINCY JOINTZ & LOS CHICOS ALTOS: Straight Representing EP (2015)

Straight Representing Toppa Bling Quincy JointzLatin music and dancehall music are both notoriously steamy but – good lord! – what might happen were latin fire to meet Jamaican raunch? Is it possible for anything to be that sexy? Maybe we should ask Toppa Bling who hooks up with Los Chicos Altos for just that sort of action and even gets Quincy Jointz along for one track to make it a threesome. This one’s all about opener

LOS HERMANOS FLORES: Enfermera (EMPRESARIOS Dubplate especial) (2015) Exclusive free download

Enfermera Los Empresarios“Enfermera…Enfermera!…Enfermera!!”
“Yo no voy a cambiar las sábanas de nuevo, Señor Hastings.”

…and if you got that – you might even be old enough to remember seventies cumbia outfit La Orquesta Los Hermanos Flores! Fear not if you didn’t though, for DC-based, Fort Knox Recordings signings, Empresarios, have