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CHART – June 2012

(1) 1. Hidden Jazz Quartet feat. Omar – High Heels (Lack Of Afro remix)

CHART – May 2012

(NEW) 1. Hidden Jazz Quartet feat. Omar – High Heels (Lack Of Afro remix)

Lack Of Afro produces dancefloor gold through remix alchemy

HIDDEN JAZZ QUARTET feat. OMAR: ‘High Heels’ (+ Lack Of Afro remix) (2012)

Rating: ★★★★★
This one’s called High Heels by Hidden Jazz Quartet and features Omar – (here sounding a little bit like Alison Moyet) fretting about where his chick is at 3 in the morning. But enough about that – let’s talk about the important bit which is the B-side rerub where Lack Of Afro produces dancefloor gold through remix alchemy – check it below. Out go the jazzy percussion, sax-wanking

LACK OF AFRO: Remixes & Rarities (2012)

It was the sampler last month, this time round it’s the full twenty-seven track odyssey that is Lack Of Afro’s Remixes & Rarities LP. What is there that can possibly be said that hasn’t been said already? Well…quite a lot really since there’s another twenty-two tracks on here that weren’t on the sampler. As with its harbinger, anyone into funk-related beats should be kept happy whether it’s

LACK OF AFRO: ‘One Way – Remixes & Rarities’ sampler (2012)

One way – Remixes & Rarities – Sampler is the five track taster for the full One way – Remixes & Rarities LP out at the end of next month. With it Lack Of Afro flies in the face of music tradition whereby instead of releasing the shitsack of filler which constitutes most artists’ idea of ‘remixes and rarities’ as they ‘fulfil contractual obligations’, he drops some of the best stuff I’ve ever heard off

LACK OF AFRO: Holding my Breath (2011)

Holding my Breath is the second single from Lack Of Afro’s latest LP This Time. Like its predecessor, it rocks the kind of smooth soul vibe to be found all over Smoove & Turrell’s second LP so if you’re down with that, you’ll be down with this as singer Jake Morley gets his mood on over clattery floor friendly percussion. LOA homies Unity Sextet rework this on the flip, uncomplicating the break and have fun with various bits and bobs out of their little bag of jazz

FROOTFUL feat. Angeline Morrison: Slowtime (2011)

Ever wondered what Bebel Gilberto would sound like if she sang in English? Now’s your chance to found out as Nick Radford, a.k.a. Frootful, hooks up with Ambassadors Of Sorrow vocalist Angeline Morrison for a latin makeover of Colours album track Slowtime. It’s the very thing for a sunny, lazy afternoon, spent getting slowly drunk as you ponder life, love and all its complexities

FREESTYLE RECORDS launch new website with Lack Of Afro ‘A Time For’ free download (2011)

Freestyle Records have a new website and they’re so excited about it that they are giving away an mp3 of laid-back soul groove A Time For – the debut single off Lack Of Afro’s forthcoming album This Time. Madness! All you have to do is sign up for their newsletter which will ensure you receive an occasional digital missive detailing forthcoming funk, soul, latin delights and the like

LACK OF AFRO: This Time (2011) + ‘A Time For’ video

It seems Lack Of Afro’s recent single was a spot-on indicator of what to expect from Adam Gibbons on his new full length effort This Time which supplies things catering for all needs broadly soul/ funky from the coffee-table to the dancefloor – or from the atmospheric to the banging if you’re sensitive to the term ‘coffee table’ – some people are you know – it’s all the espresso – makes them uptight. Anyway – let’s see how he did on his ‘difficult third’ album.

LACK OF AFRO: A Time For (feat. Wayne Gidden) b/w Numero Seenko (2011)

READ Lack Of Afro – This Time album review HERE.
If 6 was 9…if the mountains fell into the sea…if A on this was B…None of those things are so but it is true that Adam ‘Lack Of Afro’ Gibbons’ has actually done something I really like. Unfortunately it’s the B-side though, so I will do my level best to see that Numero Seenko gets its dues right here. It’s not that the Wayne Gidden-featuring A-side, A Time For is bad. Gidden’s Jay Kay meets Marvin Gaye vibe teamed with Gibbons’